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Gmc Service Brakes, Hydraulic Antilock Abs Warning Light Reports

22 Mar

GMC SAFARI 1990 Abs Brakes; Warning Light illuminated w/cause suppose to have been corrected. problem keeps reoccuring. please describe details. tt
GMC SAFARI 1991 Abs Anti-lock Brake Warning Light keep come on . tt

GMC JIMMY 1992 Abs Brake Light Came On, dealer said. tt
GMC C1500 1995 While Driving, Anti-lock Brake light comes on and stays on, dealer can't correct after seven times. tt
GMC JIMMY 1994 Abs Braking System Failure; abs indicator light came on. tt
GMC SUBURBAN 1993 Abs System Failure, Indicator light comes on. tt
GMC YUKON 1993 Abs Brake Light Won't Go off .
GMC SAFARI 1990 Antilock Brake Light Comes On.
GMC ACADIA 2007 2007 Gmc Acadia. Consumer expresses discontent in regards to several repairs and malfunctions with the vehicle *tgw the heater core leaked, the
GMC SIERRA 1500 2001 On Our Sierra Gmc 01 the abs brake light has been turning on for 2 months and have had no usage of our emergency brake,
GMC SONOMA 1994 Abs Light Is On And dealer claims my 1994 gmc sonoma needs a $2,200 abs computer replaced. there was recall on the abs
GMC SIERRA DENALI 2004 Abs Brake Activates At Slow speeds. wheel hub bearing problem. *tr
GMC SAFARI (GMC) 2003 On Vacation Abs Light Would come on during driving. when braking, just before coming to a stop, more travel in the pedal
GMC SIERRA 1500 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 gmc sierra 1500. the contact received a recall notice for the service brakes wheel speed sensor.
GMC ENVOY 2002 When Having My 02' Envoy serviced and state inspection by my gmc dealer the service manager called and told me, i would need to
GMC JIMMY 1996 Abs Brake Failure. Abs led lit on dashboard, brakes failed approaching red light. dealership stated brakes were fine when taken in to
GMC SIERRA 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated That the abs was unwarrantable activating, causing increased stopping distances during low speed brake applications. there is a
GMC SIERRA 1999 Anti-lock Brake System Defective; still not repaired
GMC SIERRA 2000 Dt: Abs Light Is coming on. took vehicle to the mechanic who told the consumer there was a recall, when consumer called
GMC SIERRA 2000 Dt: The Brake Light and anti- lock brake light on the dash comes on and the brakes are spongy. the consumer has not
GMC CANYON 2004 Had Abs And Emergency Brake lights on already. *jb
GMC JIMMY 1999 A Few Weeks Ago, my abs light kept coming on, and on my way to take it in for a check up,
GMC SIERRA 2002 While Driving On Dry Surfaces abs system engaged, fresulting in extended stopping distance. the part was replaced twice. however,
GMC SONOMA 2002 Abs Light Comes On When coming to a full stop. the vehicle performs as normal until the first full stop after starting engine.
GMC SONOMA 2002 Noticed A Pull On the vehicle and noticed engine had stopped i was driving on the interstate going 285 north about 60 miles
GMC SIERRA 1999 While Traveling Consumer Noticed Abs indicator illuminated, resulting in abs motor running while vehicle was turn off. dealer has been contacted. *ak
GMC YUKON XL DENALI 2002 Consumer Complained About Vehicle Hesitation. dealer was contacted, and had replaced the throttle body sensor. also abs light turned on dash,
GMC JIMMY 1996 Abs Warning Light Came On a few months ago, when i press on the brakes you can hear the air pushing through then they
GMC SAFARI 1995 Abs Malfunction ( Antilock Brake light stays on ) eacu is bad cost $1300.00 dollars at the dealer . *ak
GMC YUKON 1998 Nar 05/28/2003 *mr the consumer brakes locked in a major traffic jam due to sensor failure and the cost of repairs were
GMC SONOMA 1994 Every Time The Brakes Were applied, the vehicle would not stop immediately. *tt
GMC JIMMY 2000 Wheel Bearings On The Front left and right side. they both failed, plus the abs light illuminated. the whole wheel bearing assembly
GMC SAFARI 1994 Vehicle Has Abs Failure when driving in hazardous condition/weather. ex., snow, ice or rain. there is a recall for

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