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Gmc Engine And Engine Cooling Exhaust System Emission Control Reports

22 Mar

GMC C SERIES 2000 Fuel Over Flow Is Located above the fuel tank. when refueling the excess would spill out of overflow onto the fuel tank next
GMC JIMMY 1996 Motor For The Rear Winshield wipers has failed, causing poor visibility, also, oxygen sensor has failed , tsb

GMC JIMMY 1996 Metal Chafing Sound Coming from engine, causing the vehicle to stall. dealer has replaced injector /fuel pump/oxygen sensor, and purge valve,
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Upon Appying The Abs Brakes in low speeds, the brakes failed 3three times to stop the vehicle. once resulting in a crash/injuries.
GMC JIMMY 1996 Engine Light Illuminated, Dealer replaced the oxygen sensor. consumer states teh vehicle idles too fast, throttle position sensor replaced. *tt
GMC SAFARI 1995 Map Sensor And Fuel Injection asembly failed.
GMC SIERRA 1998 Problem With Fuel System Evac canister. the canister, located in left front of engine compartment has a fresh air vent opening for partial
GMC JIMMY 1995 O2 Sensor Replaced Three Times cleaned once. manufacturer unable to advs us why it keeps failing. *ak
GMC SIERRA 1997 Loose Body Bolts;repaired By dealer. had evo sensor replaced at a chevy dealer since they knew about the problem that affected this new
GMC S15 1991 1) Oxygen Sensor Failed At 37k miles & wouldn't pass state emission inspection, whole system rewired. oxygen sensor failed again at 73k
GMC JIMMY 1995 Numerous Problems Have Arisen Since the purchase of the car. the egr valve was replaced at 34000 miles, the o2 sensor was
GMC JIMMY 1997 Engine Sensor Failed Causing Service engine light to illuminate. mjs
GMC SONOMA 1996 Oxygen Sensor Failed Twice.
GMC SUBURBAN 1989 Exhaust Mainfold To Cylinder Head bolts have broken due to heat stress exhaust leakage is apparent.
GMC SONOMA 1996 Poor Gas Mileage.
GMC GMC 9999 Three Oxygen Sensors Replaced. *sd
GMC ENVOY 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 gmc envoy. the contact stated that he was experiencing issues with the headlights. when his wife
GMC ENVOY 2005 Emissions Light Would Come On for a day or two and then go off for weeks. when having vehicle 50,000 mile service
GMC SONOMA 2001 2001 Gmc Sonoma Sls. started in may 2006 with 52,449 miles on vehicle: service engine soon light came on.
GMC YUKON XL 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated while having recall work completed under recall 05v155000 concerning the fuel system, the evaporative emission hose was broken by
GMC ENVOY XL 2002 Air Conditioning System Failure At 7,000 miles : vehicle computer related emission control system failure / damaged components at 12,000 miles stabilizer bar
GMC YUKON 2001 On Three Separate Occasions My check engine light came on and all three times the sai (emissions) valves were rusted causing them to fail.
GMC JIMMY 1997 Windshield Wipers Do Not Work all the time. i was in a bad rainstorm last night and had to pull off the road because
GMC JIMMY 1994 Egr Valve Continually Fails (opens) , the engine looses vacume and brakes fail to function. since 1999 the egr has been replaced seven
GMC JIMMY 2001 Service Engine Light Has Come on a total of 7 times in 8 weeks (all with in 2 months). i was told by
GMC SAFARI 1995 Raw Gas Odor In Exhaust, sometimes exhaust has foul odor, engine runs rough at times. was taken to dealer in april
GMC PICKUP 2000 Evaporation Emission Canister Malfunctioned. the fuel tank was unable to fill up. *ak *jb
GMC SAFARI 1995 Has Been Repossesed By Becu and will be sold by collatoral recovery services inc located at: 621 37th at wa auburn, wa 98002.
GMC JIMMY 1999 The Engine Light Illuminated Several times, because the air pump froze, the right front wheel bearing, fuel pump, and rear differential

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