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Ford Seats Front Assembly Power Adjust Reports

16 Mar

FORD THUNDERBIRD 1988 The Driver's Power Adjustable Seat shorted out and caused a fire. *ak
FORD F 150 1994 Dlr Fixed The Problem And later vehicle caught on fire in the front power adjusting seat. *ak

FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 Electrical Short, Driver's Power seat, cauisng the vehicle to catch on fire under the seat *ak
FORD TAURUS 1989 Experienced Electrical Fire In Wiring in drivers side seat. *ak
FORD RANGER 1989 Driver's Side Seat Will Occasionally release automatically from locked position/thrown to position furthest from steering wheel. *ak
FORD PROBE 1990 Drivers Side Passive Restraint Motor has burned out (3) times and passenger once. remedy was to replace passive restriant track assembly.
FORD TAURUS 1988 Drivers Power Seat 60/40 Bench has cracked at attachment. this allows occupant to fall backwards. please describe details. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1986 While Driving, When Even accelerating, driver's power seat rocks backwards, due to power seat track bracket malfunction. *ak
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1989 While Driving Vehicle Smelled Smoke and the passenger seat caught on fire. tt
FORD ESCORT 1991 Wiring Under Rear Seat Caught fire. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Consumer Was Driving Car And the driver seat caught on fire. tt
FORD TAURUS 1987 The Driver Seat Automatic The rail crack the seat rock back and forth. tt
FORD MUSTANG 1991 Driver Side Power Seat Caught fire. tt
FORD MUSTANG 2000 While Driving And When Stepping on brakes power seat will automatically release itself. power seat will either go forward or backward,
FORD ESCORT 1995 Vehicle Was Parked In Off position when it suddenly ignited due to an electrical short, which sparked under driver's side seat, burning
FORD WINDSTAR 2001 Electrical Slidding Door Is Inoperable , door will slide intermittently. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 A Fire Had Developed Under driver's seat. manufacturer was notified. please provide any further details on this matter.
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Bolts Holding Back Of front driver's seat have sheared off. this caused seat to recline backwards. driver's view
FORD RANGER 1996 Vehicle Was Hit From The rear at a stop light and seatback automatically reclined, falling back upon impact. defect caused consumer to
FORD WINDSTAR 1996 Driver's Leather Power Seat, on the left side vertical seat frame which ends at the seat, has a very sharp edge,
FORD F 250 1997 Metal On The Bolt That holds the seat to the track has deteriorated, causing driver's seat to rock back and foward. dealer
FORD ECONOLINE 1992 Wife Hit The Knob To adjust the seats. smoke was coming 30amp fuse, all wiring on the driver's seat caught on fire.
FORD TAURUS 1990 Power Seats Shorted Out, causing a fire.vehicle was totaled. dealer has not been contacted. *ak
FORD E 150 1997 Electrical Drivers Seat Is not stable, when adjusting, it slip off track and into the lowest position. dealer has been
FORD TAURUS 1989 Driver's Power Adjusted Seat Frame broke, causing the seat to release from the upright position. *ak
FORD ECONOLINE 1996 3-year Old Son Went into vehicle without knowledge of his parents. he wa sfollowed by the 2-year old son. 3-year old son
FORD F 150 1997 When Truck Was Rearended, the driver's and the passenger's side seats automatically reclined about 3/4 quarters. the seats were not broken. the
FORD MUSTANG 1993 When Vehicle Accelerates The Seats would wobble. this happens when getting in or out of vehicle. mechanic checked seats & notice electrical
FORD ESCORT 1993 Consumer's Motor Seat Gets Stuck in the middle of the track, consumer had experienced this problem beginning in 93, it has since gotten
FORD CONTOUR 1995 The Driver's Power Seat Moves back and forth while driving without being tampered with. dealer replaced seat track mechanism and problem still exists.
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1992 Because Of The Hinges In door it will not shut properly. seat also will not lock *ak.
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1993 Motorized Seats Do Not work when door on driver'spassenger 's sides is opened or closed. dealer informed. will not repair due to
FORD TAURUS 1988 Front Power Seat On Driver's side left bracket that holds seat to the floor of vehicle broke at weld, allowing front of seat
FORD EXPLORER 1994 While Driving Experienced Fire Underneath driver's power seat due to short in electrical systems wiring harness.*ak
FORD TAURUS 1989 While Driving Power Bucket Seat somehow detached from frame/floor? seat is wobbling around, making it difficult to drive vehicle due to
FORD EXPLORER 1996 While Removing Child From Car seat on second row of vehicle driver's side seat reclines back on top of consumer's leg .
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1995 Parked Vehicle Suddenly It Was filled with smoke due to a short in power seat motor, resulting in vehicle fire.*ak
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1995 Vehicle Parked, Was filled with smoke due to a short in power seat, resulting in vehicle fire.*ak
FORD F 150 2002 Vehicle Was Parked Outside And consumer smelled smoke coming from underneath driver's power adjusting seat. dealership was aware of problem.
FORD ESCORT 1994 Electircal Short In The Driver's side seat motor , causing the seat to catch on fire.*ak
FORD MUSTANG 2000 When Clutch Disengages Rpms Drop too low and vehicle stalls. loses all power steering and brakes. dealer can not identify cause.
FORD WINDSTAR 2001 While Traveling On The Highway, the door will unexpectedly open without prior warning, dealership is aware of problem. *ak. *jb.
FORD F250 2000 Vehicle Was At Dealership For warranty work. while parked driver's power seat shorted out and caught fire, causing $ 17000.00
FORD EXPLORER 1992 Car In Parking Lot -fire in driver seat from faulty motor under seat. *ak
FORD E150 1991 We Have Spent Money Trying to fix the same problemson our van over and over we have a handicap child that his life depends on
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Wire Under Power Seat Came loose, shorted against seat track, seat cushion caught fire. driver barely escaped without serious injury or
FORD WINDSTAR 1999 18 Visits To Service Dept since we bought van; 6 in the last 5 weeks for power sliding doors not shutting.*ak
FORD MUSTANG 1999 Pre-accident Conditions: Daylight, Raining, car stopped at red light. a few minutes prior to arriving at the red light the driver's power
FORD TAURUS 1994 Fuse Failure From Seat Causes loss of function to power locks on the same circuit. *ak
FORD TAURUS 1993 I Brought My Car To sarasota ford on fri. sept. 8, 2000 to diagnose a fuel odor, clicking in the front
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Our Vehicle Has Just Started over heating without any kind of warning, the front driver seat electric switch to move seat forward and back
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 Clearcoat Of Paint Coming Off in blocks/strips,fly onto windshield while driving, paint rusting. brake pedal doesn't return up, pops up when
FORD TAURUS 1989 The Driver's Seat Caught On fire when the seat adjustment switch stuck in the 'rear-direction' position. the electric motor apparently overheated and caused
FORD EXPLORER 1999 When Either Accelerating Or Decelerating the driver's side seat will make a popping sound and move (short distances). the manufacturer has claimed it
FORD EXPLORER 1993 The Passanger Seat Motor Was burning with the car off. the fuse didn't blow. if this was in a persons garage,
FORD TAURUS 1987 The Bracket That Anchors The left front 6-way power seat to the chasis has broken for the second time. the previous occurrence was about
FORD MUSTANG 1996 Front Drivers Side Power Seat adjustment switch failed.
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Power Seat Controls Failed.
FORD RANGER 1996 Smoke Came From The Drivers side electric seat while adjusting, also seat is not able to go forward as far as it should.
FORD PROBE 1995 Power Seat Failure. *ak
FORD ECONOLINE 9999 The Automatic Reclining Seat Came down and pinned a small child against a stat8ionary bench seat suffocating him, the seat works without a key
FORD ECONOLINE 9999 The Automatic Reclining Seat Came down and pinned a small child against a stationary bench seat suffocating him, the seat works without a key
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Left Front Seat Rocks In full elevated position, dealer said it was normal play in the power seat track. nlm
FORD TAURUS 1993 Power Seats And Power Locks repaired. *mjs
FORD FORD TRUCK AND VAN 9999 Consumers Child Was Killed In conversion van when the automatic reclining sofa seat (which was activated by another child) came down and pinned him against
FORD TAURUS 1993 Power Seat Chafed Wire To motor assembly to seat and door locks. mjs
FORD TAURUS 1993 Power Seat Switch Failed Causing seat to lock up. mjs
FORD TAURUS 1993 Unbrella Came In Contact With unprotected power seat wiring causing fire.
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 During Minor Rear End Collision driver seat ended up in far back position. the electric rail assembl had to be replaced.
FORD E 150 1992 Wiring For Driver's Power Seat incorrectly routed, allowing seat springs to cut into wiring shorting, resulting in fire.
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Driver's Seat Caught On Fire while parking car in garage. replaced front brake rotors due to warping. also, air bag sensor has
FORD TAURUS 1987 Power Seat Motor Caught Fire.
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1991 Automatic Seat Belt Is Stuck in position, cannot be used at all.
FORD PROBE 1994 Hatch Latch/striker Failure; Also, right front seatback locks failed. *ak
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1992 Power Seat Inoperative.
FORD TAURUS 1988 Driver's Power Seat Bracket Broke.
FORD TAURUS 1991 Power Seat Motor Continously Ran, causing motor to overheat. *sd
FORD THUNDERBIRD 1989 Electrical Short In Driver's Power seat, causing a fire from underneath. *sd
FORD TEMPO 1988 While Checking Fuses Underneath Dash, driver accidentally hit power seat control, causing seat to move forward pinning him to firewall, causing injuries.
FORD TAURUS 1987 Left Track Of Drivers Power seat broke twice within 20,000 miles.
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Power Seat Switch Failure. *aw
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Electronic Seat Controls Were Activated when driver's door was hit and pushed inward, resulting in driver being pushed into steering wheel/ injuries.
FORD EXPLORER SPORT 1997 1997 Ford Explorer And Began to back out of my parents driveway on the way to work. i used the electrical seat mover
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 ford crown victoria. the cruise control would not work. on several occasions, after driving 14
FORD EXPLORER 1997 My 1997 Ford Explorer Was parked outside a local restaurant when i was alerted that the interior of my vehicle was on fire and that
FORD EXPLORER 2003 Tl* - The Contact Called about the 2003 ford explorer xlt. the contact stated that the air bag light stayed on,
FORD FUSION 2006 The Lombard Support Band In the driver seat fractured without any kind of warning. i will need to use ford warranty for. *jb
FORD EXPLORER 2006 2006 Ford Explorer Limited Driver seat would not retain memory on #2 setting. when exiting the vehicle the seat wont glide back until
FORD EXPLORER 2006 2006 Ford Explorer Ltd. memory seat not working properly. *kb the consumer stated the seat would place him up against the steering
FORD EXPLORER 2003 Hello. I Have several complaints regarding my 2003 ford explorer including several safety issues. the first complaint is regarding the driver's
FORD EXPEDITION 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated The driver's side power seat mechanism does not work properly, resulting in driver's inability to view the road.
FORD TAURUS 2003 Dt: The Contact States There is a nhtsa recall campaign 04v330000 concerning power adjustable seat.. this vehicle has the same
FORD MUSTANG 2005 Dt: Contact Stated That There was a small amount of brake fluid that was leaking from the cap on the master cylinder. the
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Dt: On Feburary 20 2005 the owner was moving the seat forward and there was a smell of smoke coming from under the seat.
FORD EXPLORER 2000 The Left Front Seat Bracket weld broke free and caused my seat to lean to the right. i had brought the vehicle in for
FORD FORD 2003 I Have An Eddie Bauer edition expedition (2003) . this unit came with outside rear view mirrors that tilt down and inward when you
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Dt: The Driver's Seats broke from the metal part by where one adjusts seat forward and backward. was sitting in the
FORD EXPLORER 2000 Left Front Driver's Side Seat bracket weld broke free and caused me to lean forward unexpetedly while making a turn. i had complained about
FORD ESCAPE 2005 The Front Driver Side Seat in my 2005 ford escape xlt is leaning and pointing to left. after speaking with the dealer,
FORD TAURUS 2004 Power Control Seat Did Not work. when coming back to the vehicle after being off consumer got into vehicle and tried to move seat
FORD FORD 2003 Power Fold Rear Seat In the ford expidition has its control in the rear of the 3rd row seats and a person cannot view if
FORD TAURUS 9999 The Strap Has Not Been received for the nhtsa recall 04c002000. *ak
FORD THUNDERBIRD 9999 After Receiving A Recall In july, the consumer took the vehicle in after making an appointment. the dealer kept the vehicle for
FORD TAURUS 2004 Ford Is Not Addressing Costomer problems on any of there products my taurus according to ford meets the requirments of being recalled for the power
FORD MUSTANG 2003 While Driving Down Road I went to adjust drivers seat up, heard clicking sound and seat would not go up. stopped for red
FORD ESCAPE 2002 Drivers Seat Moves Foward Approx 1/2" on acceleration and stopping. vehicle has noise possible bearing, transmission, or driveshaft like a lope as
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Driver Seat Fell Into The back seat. there was a recall for the seat. vehicle was picked up and the
FORD EXPLORER SPORT 2000 Auto Accident, Rear Ended at a red light, substained surious injuries, my car 000 ford explore driver seat broke after the
FORD WINDSTAR 2001 Numerous Things Have Gone Wrong since we bought the vehicle. items covered under warranty: electric seat stopped working twice, and transmission
FORD EXPLORER 1996 My Family Drove To A store (6/21/04) and left our 1996 ford explorer in the parking lot for approximately one hour. when we returned
FORD EXPEDITION 2003 Consumer Complained About Front brake rotors. the front brake rotors were checked on three separate occasions but problem recurred. *ak
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Front Drivers Power Seat Caughtv on fire when i adjusted the seat. *nm
FORD ESCORT 2001 Consumer Complained About A Problem with driver's side seat. the bolts that secured the seat position broke. since the 36,000 miles
FORD WINDSTAR 2003 Drivers Side Seat Moves When parked and left alone. this veries from 1/2 inch to several inces. problem is inconsistant. also seat
FORD RANGER 1994 While Adjusting The Driver Seat seat track welds broke. this caused the seat to be unstable. *ak
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 The Drivers Seat In My 2000 windstar became an issue on february 22, 2001, which was repaired for the first time on march
FORD MUSTANG GT 2003 While Driving, The Drivers seat began to move forward. i don't know if it did it automatically or if it was bumped.
FORD MUSTANG 1994 Consumer States That Driver's seat does not move backwards. dealer notified.*ak
FORD MUSTANG 2001 While The Consumer Sat In the drivers seat the drivers chest somehow hit the automatic seat adjustment button and caused the driver to become pinned
FORD MUSTANG 1994 While Making A Turn, the power rail under the driver seat had broken. *jb scc
FORD EXPLORER 2002 I Bought A 2002 Explorer on may 23,2002. in the past 8 months, the vehicle has been towed in because it
FORD EXCURSION 2000 I Own A 2000 Ford excursion and have had problems with the rotors warping since new. the dealers have said i was the only
FORD TAURUS 1988 Subject Vehicle: 1988 Ford Taurus, vin no. 1fabp53u8ja1522609 the drivers side power seat switch wiring insulation become abraded,or punctured,