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Dodge Power Train Driveline Center Support Bearing Reports

16 Mar

DODGE CARAVAN 1992 Recall 97v079000/730; Recall notice was received, and the consumer's work schedule does not permit the repair work to be done, chrysler
DODGE RAM 1996 Drive Shaft Center Support Came loose from its mounting bracket.

DODGE RAM 1994 Drive Shaft Bolt Came Loose due to nuts being cross threaded.
DODGE RAM 2500 2004 My Wife And I Bought a 2004 dodge 2500 hemi quad cab pick-up last march. we took is back to the dealership every month
DODGE INTREPID 2000 The Car Started Making A kind of clacking noise, and after a few minutes it felt like it dropped into a low gear and
DODGE DURANGO 2001 Transmission Tends To Slip, blowers for the front panel air and heat have not worked for almost a year. i went to

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power windows won't work pushing window buttons causes the water in fuel lite to come on along with the brake indicator lite and wait to start lite also turning on the a/c heater causes the same thing soon as you release the switches lites go out

Our 2001 Dodge Caravan is nothing but a PROBLEM! It's one big lemon, from the transmission module, power locks, and heater blower to the gasline, gas tank fill issues, and door.  Trouble lights randlomly appear and disappear (apparently as a warn

2011 Durango stud where liftgate power strut (left side) connects on body broke while opening one morning. There was no extra weight on liftgate. This required a special welder (Williams Welding, Alameda, CA) to try to extract bolt part that rema

Dodge Dakota 2002 driver side bucket seat with 6way power seat. Casting broken in the front.  This causing the entire seat to fall backwards.   Potential loss of control. 

My 2001 viper has only 10k miles and has never been raced or even driven hard. the serpentine belt smells like burning rubber the minute I try to use the power steering. When I try to turn the steering wheel, it grabs then turns then grabs again e

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