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Chrysler Parking Brake Indicator Light Reports

29 Jun

CHRYSLER 300 2005 The New 300's Are Having a problem with the emergency brake. the pedal to set the emergency brake sits too close to the door

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head light switch working backwards and parking lights wont go out on 2000 concorde. we've already replaced bcm with no change

Having the same problem 300C hemi 2005  If you find out what it is please let me know.  I fill the car and drive around the mall parking lot.  It stall at least 3 times.   Then it drive fine.

April 9, 2011
After parking our 2010 Chrysler town and country rental van at the mall in Laredo Texas it spontaneously started on fire. The fire started in the engine and caused the front windshield to blow out n the van engulfed in flames. Th

Well I just have to say that I will never purchase another Chrysler product. We brought a 2005 300 HEMI, the horn sounds daily on its own, the airbag lights go on and off, the parking break comes on while driving, the engine knocks loudly. These p

ANYONE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A 1999 CIRRUS LXi, 2.5L, 6 CYL. EXCELLERATOR STICKING? Husband was parking when the gas pedal floored and it resulted in a lot of property damage. Luckily, no injuries. Mileage was 64K, vehicle 14 years old, FWD, Auto Tr

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