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Buick Engine And Engine Cooling Exhaust System Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe Reports

15 Mar

BUICK SKYLARK 1990 The Alternator Went Out On the car at 19,000 miles purchase car new and the muffler had rough out was replaced .
BUICK SKYLARK 1991 Parked Car In Front Of house, observed wisp of smoke, opened hood, engine engulfed with flames;nest made by unknown creature(s) ignited

BUICK CENTURY 1992 The Exhaust Gasket Is Defective. it bulges out it leaks and causes exhaust to come into the passenger compartment. please describe.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Crack In Plastic Cover Of the manifold/emission system. there was a pop and the parking area filled with black/blue smoke. car
BUICK SKYLARK 1996 Engine Runs 30-40mph With Foot off gas, due to coolant leaking in engine into oil. put coolant (dex cool) in car, paid
BUICK CENTURY 1993 Exhaust Manifold Cracked Within 18,000 miles. *ak
BUICK CENTURY 1995 The Consumer Has Been Experiencing problems with engine manifold. when driving over a bump, vehicle makes a loud of noise and the
BUICK REGAL 1993 Exhaust Pipe Leaks Where Attaches to manifold, caused by defective parts, system need replacing. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Nhtsa# 7843-96-v-116-000 Single Manifold Intake. backfire during starting can cause breakage of the upper intake manifold. consumer states while driving the vehicle the
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Consumer Noticed Persistant Loss Of coolant but the leak could not be discovered. the problem was a cracked intake manifold that destroyed the
BUICK LESABRE 1999 While Traveling On The Highway, and without prior warning, there were gasoline fumes coming though the vents and the vehicle overheated.
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Vehicle Completely Stalls While Driving without warning. dealer stated engine manifold that is made of plastic is cracked and sending fluid through engine,
BUICK LESABRE 9999 Exhaust Manifold Burned, Allowing water to get into cylinder and oil. please provide any further information.*ak
BUICK REGAL 1991 My 70-year-old Mothers 1991 Buick regal caught fire from the original exhaust pipe gases blowing against the rear bumper cavity. the plastic parts caught
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Engine Coolant Dex Cool Leaked into engine through defect in upper manifold, destroying entire engine, requiring complete new engine. *ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Engine Would Not Start. car had to be towed to dealership for repair. r&r upper intake, clean water of of
BUICK BUICK 1996 To Start The Engine , and the car was pushed into st stall by.the ss tube under the car and the ss manifold
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Is There A Problem With the in engine manifold warping and causing over heating and premature engine failure?*ak
BUICK ROADMASTER 1994 Engine Began Puffing And The smell of exhaust was detected in the cabin. upon examination by the dealer two bolts on the left
BUICK ROADMASTER 1994 Two Bolts On The Left exhaust manifold failed (broke)allowing exhaust to leak into the passenger compartment. exact date of and milage of bolts
BUICK CENTURY 1986 Muffler Failed. Mjs
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Stopped For Gas, the vehicle smelled hot. the mechanic checked under the hood, and informed consumer that all the water and
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 The Vehicle Has A Problem with the design of the manifold system which cracks and can causes the release of noxious gases.
BUICK LESABRE 1994 Exhaust Pipe Fell Down.
BUICK CENTURY 1991 Muffler Failed.
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Smoke From Tail Pipe.
BUICK SKYLARK 1989 Exhaust Pipe Replaced. *sd
BUICK SKYLARK 1989 Muffler Replaced. *sd
BUICK CENTURY 1986 Replaced Muffler.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 2003 2003 Park Avenue S10 Appropriate handling-letter from regarding buick problems *tgw the consumer stated the vehicle needs a new muffler at a cost of
BUICK REGAL 1996 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1996 buick regal le. the contact stated there was an unusual loud explosion immediately after the vehicle was started.
BUICK LESABRE 1996 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1996 buick lesabre. upon starting the vehicle, the contact could hear the vehicle back fire. the vehicle
BUICK PARK AVENUE 2003 S10 Appropriate Handling Re Problems with 2003 buick park avenue possible safety recall issue for intake manifold and gasket. *kb the consumer
BUICK PARK AVENUE 2003 2003 Buick Park Avenue. consumer states possible safety defect with the intake manifold and gasket. *tgw the consumer received a call
BUICK LESABRE 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 buick lesabre. she noticed that both rear windows had fallen inside of the door.
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 buick lesabre. while attempting to start the vehicle, it exhibited a no-start condition. she replaced the
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 buick rendezvous. the contact stated that the intake manifold gasket was leaking coolant. after she placed
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 buick lesabre. the contact attempted to start the vehicle, but was unsuccessful. the vehicle was
BUICK REGAL 2001 Dealer Says Lower Intake Manifold leaking. repaired at 61,549 mi. dealer says lower intake coolant bypass is leaking, as is,
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 buick rendezvous. while driving between 40-45 mph, the vehicle stalled. the contact was able to
BUICK CENTURY 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 buick century. the contact took her vehicle to the dealer for regularly scheduled maintenance. she was
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 buick rendezvous. while driving 10 mph, the instrument panel lights illuminated. when the contact depressed
BUICK LESABRE 1998 1998 Buick Lesabre With Cracked intake manifold. consumer states that the manufacturer has no intention of sending out a recall for this problem or
BUICK SKYLARK 1996 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1996 buick skylark. the contact stated that the vehicle leaked antifreeze onto the motor, which then leaked onto
BUICK LESABRE 1998 My 1998 Buick Lesabre Ltd, 73,943 mi,started to require water to be added to the overflow tank. the car
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 buick rendezvous. the contact began experiencing failure with the heater and noticed that the coolant reservoir was always
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 My Car Has A Gas leak from the fuel tank. the intake manifold gaskets are leaking. i have an musty odor in the
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 I Bought My 02 Buick rendezvous in oct of 05. it had 53k. i just hit 90k the largest part is highway miles
BUICK CENTURY 2002 Intake Manifold Gasket Leak At 61,233 miles,719 dollar repair. *jb updated 12-12-07. *kb the lower intake maifold gasket,
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 Wheel Bearings Need Replacement. fuel pump was bad. replaced tires and brakes 3 times since i hav e owned the
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2003 Engine Ran Hot. service repaired the intake manifold gasket. all coolent was lost, but no leak was found under
BUICK REGAL 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 buick regal. on april 26, 2007 the contact took the car to a ford dealer
BUICK CENTURY 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 buick century. the vehicle's intake manifold gasket failed at less than 100,000 miles on a brand new
BUICK LESABRE 2003 Upper Intake Manifold Leaking Externally at 50,400 miles on 2003 buick lesabre. same occurred on my 1997 buick lesabre at 85,000 miles.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1996 1996 Park Avenue With Manifold gasket issues**nar**cc *jb
BUICK LESABRE 2002 Tl*- The Contact Stated That upon checking the oil on the 2002 buick lesabre with 46000 failure mileage he discovered that the manifold gaskets
BUICK LESABRE 2002 Tl* - The Contact owns a 2002 buick lesabre. the contact stated that he he took the vehicle
BUICK LESABRE 1996 Tl* - The Contact has a 1996 buick lesabre which has a hole in the upper intake manifold. the general motors dealer stated
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2003 Intake-manifold Started Leaking At 69, 000 and will cost me $800.00. was told this is a common problem with 2002-2003 buick rendevouz's.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2003 Failure Of Manifold Intake Gaskets, and manifold cracked, both at 43,000 miles. *jb
BUICK CENTURY 2001 Manifold Gasket Needs To Be replaced due to a small leak which is causing considerable amount of problems. all mechanics that i have taken
BUICK REGAL 1999 I Have A 1999 Buick regal in which the intake manifold is leaking. this is not new and recalls have been issued by gm
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated the engine overheated several times and continuously required additional coolant fluid. this was always preceded by the check
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 60mph, the vehicle stalled and the heat indicator gauge dropped to zero. the vehicle was
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 @ 81,000 Mile The intake manifold, head gasket and front drivers side speed sensor needed replaced! recently the window has come off
BUICK SKYLARK 1994 I Own A 1994 Buick skylark. it developed a coolant leak. i had the heater core replaced on advise of a
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated In may 2003 the vehicle was hard to start at times. the dealership determined the plenum on the upper
BUICK LESABRE 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated antifreeze was leaking under the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to the dealership and the manifold gasket was
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated while attempting to start the vehicle, there was a loud back fire heard which appeared to be near the
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Defective Manifold Gasket. coolant degrades gasket causing coolant to leak into engine, catalytic converter and exhaust system. *jb
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Dt: The Contact Stated The antifreeze was low . he took the vehicle to shop the to have it checked. they found
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 Dt: The Contact Stated the dealership diagnosed that the intake gasket was leaking coolant. there have been no repairs made to the
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Started Car Heard Loud pop, white smoke, then flames - car caught fire - total loss. *jb
BUICK LESABRE 1999 Dt: The Contact Stated that when pressing on the gas pedal it hesitated. also, rear side window will not go
BUICK LESABRE 2000 Consumer Is Concerned With The intake manifold gasket has been replaced on two occasions. *ts when doing intake manifold gasket repair for the
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 Dt: The 1999 Buick Park avenue has a plastic plenum that fails while the vehicle is in motion unannounced, causing antifreeze to enter the
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Dt: When Started Vehicle and there was a backfire with a lot o smoke. care would not start. took
BUICK LESABRE 1997 There Was An Intake Back fire when starting the engine. when taken to get serviced it was determined that the fire was caused
BUICK REGAL 1998 Complaint Received Via E-mail. intake manifold was causing leakage of the antifreeze that eventually leaked out the exhaust pipe. this led to other
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Driving At Approximately 50 mph the plastic manifold burst without warning, causing the engine to lock up. owner contacted the dealer
BUICK REGAL 1996 After Turning The Ignition To start the vehicle there was an explosion, the engine was on fire. the fire department was called,
BUICK REGAL 1994 Car Running Poorly, Then strange sounds of air swishing and car won't stay running, smoke coming from floor, fire under car.
BUICK LESABRE 1997 I Have A 1997 Buick lesabre. i had to have over $1600 in repairs done on the upper intake manifold, which a
BUICK CENTURY 1999 The Intake Manifold Was Leaking antifreeze, which could cause the vehicle to overheat. manufacturer was contacted by consumer.*ak the engine locked
BUICK CENTURY 2000 While The Vehicle Was Parked driver noticed fluid leaking from underneath the vehicle. it was taken to the dealer for inspection,
BUICK LESABRE 1996 A Loud Clanking Noise Was coming from the front while driving, vehicle stalled. consumer was unable to restart vehicle, and had
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Driving Engine Light illuminated on the dashboard constantly. then, engine completely failed. the gaskets had been changed several times.
BUICK RIVIERA 1997 1997 Buick Rivera .. . driving down highway-hole worn into high pressure freon discharge hose-freon sprayed throughout engine compartment and onto drive belts-belt
BUICK CENTURY 2002 Manifold Intake Gasket Failure (leaking massive amounts of coolant/water into crankcase) with only 60,000 miles on the engine!*ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 The Intake Manifold Cover Is made out of plastic, and has become defective for a second time. the antifreeze is going
BUICK LESABRE 1998 The Vehicle Failed To Start after re-fueling. the engine cranked but wouldn't turn over. the dealership without inspecting the vehicle identified the intake
BUICK CENTURY 1999 Car Started To Leak Anti-freeze very slowly. has the dexcool antifreeze. i checked the radiator to see if it was low,
BUICK CENTURY 1998 The Gasket Has To Be replaced. anti-freeze leaked from the top, and dripped down onto the engine. however, took vehicle
BUICK REGAL 1996 While Attempting To Start The vehicle the consumer heard an explosion. *nm a hole was discovered blown through the intake manifold
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Placing The Vehicle In reverse a loud popping noise was heard coming from the rear. then, vehicle stalled. consumer was
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 The Consumer Stated The Intake manifold disintegrated. as a result anti- freeze leaked into the manifold and started to burn. please provide
BUICK LESABRE 1998 July 11, 2002: we had to have 5 injectors replaced by jordan oldsmobile-buick, hot springs, arkansas. cost: $709.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 I Noticed Coolant In Reservoir was disappearing with no visible exterior leaking. i filled it and watched it carefully over the next couple
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Driving,in Inclement Weather windshield wipers come on and off intermittently. the consumer was able to drive the vehicle to the dealer
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Attempting To Start The vehicle the consumer heard a load pop then smoke began to fill the cabin of the vehicle. shortly
BUICK LESABRE 1998 1998 Buick Lesabre- Check Engine light went on, stopped at gas station,car would not start after stopping, intake manifold had failed,
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 Intake Manifold Leaked Coolant Fluid all over the engine. this resulted in the vehicle stalling while driving . the manifold was replaced,
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Consumer Notice D White Smoke and loss of coolant while driving 30 mph. vehicle was taken to a repair shop, and mechanic
BUICK BUICK 9999 Problems Related To Fuel Pressure regulator diaphragm leak. *mr the consumer alleged that the manifold leaked coolant into cylinder causing
BUICK LESABRE 1998 On January 2004 An independent repair shop replaced the intake manifold at consumer's expense of $1, 1000, five months later,
BUICK REGAL 1999 The Plastic Intake Manifold Melted between egr port and water jacket. this allowed coolant to flood the motor. three weeks after
BUICK LESABRE 1999 There Is A Part Which is called the plenum. it causes a problem with the gasket, which messed up the intake
BUICK LESABRE 1997 While Driving Vehicle Commenced To run roughly. vehicle was pulled over, and found coolant missing because of design defect in part caused fluid
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Consumer Was Concerned About Reimbursement from the manufacturer. consumer received recall notice 96v116000 concerning intake manifold failure. consumer had recall repairs
BUICK LESABRE 2001 Vehicle Stalled Intermittently while driving. vehicle was towed to an independent shop, and mechanic indicated determined that intake
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 The Sevice Engine Light Came on and within a day or two my car kept needing coolant. i scheduled an appointment with a buick
BUICK LESABRE 1999 The Vehicle Was Takento Dealer on a recall and mechanic determined that there was a leak in the intake manifold.*ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 While Driving 30 Mph Consumer noticed white smoke coming from the vehicle. it was towed to the repair shop and then to the dealer
BUICK REGAL 1999 On July 31, 2004 i attempted to start my 1999 buick regal for the first time that day and immediately noticed a tapping noise
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Driving Vehicle Started To lose power. *mr the vehicle gradually lost more power and quit. the consumer
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 The Consumer Stated That Intake manifold failed, allowing coolant to get inside the engine. this cost $1200.00 to repair.
BUICK LESABRE 2000 Problems With 2000 Buick Lesabre's intake manifold gasket. *mr the consumer was told that he needed a new intake manifold.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1995 I'm Filing This Report After reading nhtsa action # ea02030, recall campaign # 03v473000. i had a 1995 buick park avenue
BUICK CENTURY 2001 Our Well Maintained 2001 Buick century with a 3.1 l v6 has developed an intake maniold leak at under 75,000 miles.
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Our 1998 Buick Lesabre Limited, april 2004 our upper & lower intake manifold's & gasket were replaced due to a leak and the car
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 While Driving At 50 Mph check engine light came on, showing that the coolant was low. dealer examined the vehicle,
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Pulling Out From A stop light the vehicle began to accelerate and suddenly the engine locked and stalled. the vehicle was towed
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Vehicle Failed To Start When the key was turned in the ignition. vehicle was towed to a mechanic. mechanic indicated that
BUICK CENTURY 1999 I Have A 1999 buick century , i took the vehicle to have a radiator flush and was advised that i couldn't have
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Intake Manifold Defect Causing Engine destruction and failure, resulting in replacement of engine. 1998 buick park avenue 88947 miles. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Driving 35 Mph Vehicle stalled. the driver was able to drift to the side of the road. consumer had the vehicle towed
BUICK LESABRE 1998 My 1998 Buick Lesabre Started to smell of anti-freeze earlier in the day on 4/27/04. the car was parked for most of the day,
BUICK LESABRE 1998 My 1998 Buick Lesabre Had a ruptured manifold in june 2003, causing engine to cease and smoke and minor fire. the smoke
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Plastic Upper Intake Manifold Melted causing the engine coolant to flood into the crankcase. engine subsequently locked up and had to be towed to
BUICK CENTURY 2000 Service Engine Light Came On and have been experiencing a clunking hesitation when accelerating anywhere from 10 to 45 mph. took car to dealer
BUICK LESABRE 1998 1998 Buick Lasabre... with plastic intake developed a crack and allow all coolant to pass thru engine and out exhaust...was
BUICK CENTURY 1999 Leaking Intake Manifold Gasket On 1999 buick century, 77,000 miles. *ak
BUICK CENTURY 1999 Intake Gasket On My 1999 buick century with 25,000 miles on the odometer failed.*ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 2000 While Turning The Key To start vehicle caught on fire, flames and heavy smoke came under the hood. fire department extinguished the
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Vehicle Was Parked In The garage and consumer noticed that coolant was leaking from underneath the vehicle. consumer was able to
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Driving Engine Check light came on. prior to this, there was an anti freeze odor within the cabin of the vehicle.
BUICK LESABRE 1998 I Am Upset That The gm recall # 03054b does not include the 1998 buick lesabre, only the park avenue, according to the
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Driving White Smoke Came from the rear . vehicle was taken to a repair shop, where the mechanic determined that intake
BUICK REGAL 1994 While Driving, The Consumer smelled an odor coming through the vents. the consumer pulled to the shoulder and noticed smoke coming from
BUICK LESABRE 2000 When The Consumer Started The vehicle it smoked from under the hood. consumer turned the vehicle off, opened the hood, and
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 While Enroute Home From Vacation low coolant warning light came on. within a few miles the engine temperature gauge went to hot.
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Coolant Leak At Upper Intake plenum on 1997 buick at 68000 miles dealer stated that gm is aware of this problem but are
BUICK CENTURY 1999 While Driving Intake Manifold leaked antifreeze. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
BUICK CENTURY 1998 The Intake Gasket Leaked antifreeze. dealership replaced the gasket, but problem recurred within 23,000 miles. gmc consumer representative informed the
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Vehicle Made A Grinding Noise when in motion. the vehicles vacuum hose, power steering pressure and intake manifold failed. *nm
BUICK LESABRE 1996 Engine Stopped Unexpectedly And Suddenly at 25 mph. vehicle had to be towed to the dealer. the dealer stated the
BUICK CENTURY 1999 Intake Manifold Coolant Leak Caused engine failure. *ak intakes manifold gasket was replaced. gasket now has a new part
BUICK LESABRE 1998 The Consumer Took The Vehicle to be inspected. the mechanic noticed that the plastic intake manifold was cracked and leaking fluid onto the
BUICK LESABRE 1997 While Driving The Vehicle It reached high temperatures due to the intake manifold failure. coolant seeped inside the engine.
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Vehicle Was Leaking Antifreeze. intake manifold was replaced to stop the leak as well as the transmission was replaced. dealer,
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Parts Where Made With Plastic, went bad and manufacturer is aware of problem. *la
BUICK REGAL 1996 My 1996 Buick Regal Has had two intake manifold gasket failures--one at 52,000 miles, and the most recent, at 111,000 miles.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 While I Was Driving I heard a pop & the service engine light came on i went another block and the car lost power &
BUICK LESABRE 2001 Technician Indicated The Original Antifreeze which gm used in the buick lesabre damaged the intake manifold and the head gasket. both needed to be
BUICK LESABRE 2001 Leaks Coolant. Dealer Said it needed an intake valve rebuild kit, approx. $600. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1998 While Driving Reached High Temperatures due to intake manifold failure. coolant leaked inside the engine. dealer notified. sorry no recall,
BUICK LESABRE 1998 1998 Buick Lesabre - Engine backfire upon starting - blew off vacume hose at intake manifold, cracked plastic intake manifold. engine hydrolocked,
BUICK CENTURY 1999 The Vehicle Experienced Premature Failure of the intake manifold. *nlm
BUICK LESABRE 1997 The Vehicle Is Leaking Coolant. the dealer determined that upper intake manifold was fractured. the dealer recommends replacing it with a
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Consumer Took Vehicle to dealer for inspection, and mechanic noticed that the plastic intake manifold cracked, causing fluid to
BUICK LESABRE 1996 Consumer Took Vehicle to dealer for inspection, and mechanic noticed that the plastic intake manifold cracked, causing fluid to leak onto
BUICK LESABRE 1998 The Check Engine Indicator Light illuminated. while driving the vehicle engine stalled. the vehicle was towed to the dealer, and they replaced
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Initiation Of Problem Started 19 sept 2003 while on a roundtrip, tx to ca. after approximately $3,200 in repairs,
BUICK RIVIERA 1997 1997 Buick Riviera With 3800 engine has a plastic intake manifold that degrades and leaks coolant into the engine and causes hydrolock, thereby rendering
BUICK LESABRE 1997 While Starting And Without Prior warning vehicle blew up due to the plastic manifold attached to the top of the engine, overheating.,
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Water Was Leaking From The intake manifold into the engine. this could cause the engine to blow out. intake manifold was deteriorating
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Intake Manifold Melting. Loss of coolant. replace plastic intake, plugs, starter, oil and filter, pcv valve, coolant.
BUICK LESABRE 2003 Vehicle's Intake Manifold Failed.*mr consumer received a recall notice for problems with intake manifold failure on 2003 buick lesabre. consumer stated
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Failure Of The Upper Intake manifold permitted coolant to mix with engine lubricant and caused engine to seize. engine must be
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Consumer Had Manifold System Repairs done on 98 buick lesabre. the manifold system was replaced twice. after the second repair,
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Engine Coolant Leak, Into the engine manifold,of my vehicle, resulted from defective upper intake manifold composite material degrading around the egr stove
BUICK LESABRE 2000 Multiple Defects With Transmission, cruise control, fuel system, engine cooling, etc.*mr vehicle leaked coolant so the upper
BUICK CENTURY 1999 Cooling System Full Of Gunk, uses dex*cool. overheating, leaking coolant, constantly refilling. mechanic advised dex-cool is the problem, as
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Intake Manifold Failed On My 1998 buick lesabre at 77,000 miles. plastic manifold perforated due to exhaust gas impinging from
BUICK LESABRE 1998 The Upper Intake Manifold Gasket corroded and caused coolant to leak from the vehicle. this leakages occurred while driving or parking. the
BUICK LESABRE 1996 Consumer States Vehicle got overheated and coolant went inside the engine due to plastic intake manifold. dealer changed twice
BUICK LESABRE 1997 I Would Like To Complain about the fact that the nhtsa has so little concern for safety that you charge $38.73 per hour and
BUICK LESABRE 1998 The Vehicle Experienced The Same problem as the recall that was issued regarding the manifold, however the vehicle identification number was not included in
BUICK LESABRE 1999 While Driving At 35 Mph, the vehicle over heated due to a plastic intake manifold. the consumer was forced to pull over.
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Vehicle's "plenium" Intake Valve (part no. 506cgm4) cracked causing coolant to leak into engine resulting in engine failure.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Consumer Stated That Vehicle Overheated and broke down on highway. dealer diagnosed that the plastick intake manifold cracked, causing failure.*ak
BUICK CENTURY 1999 Dealer Replaced Intake Manifold Gasket. consumer stated it was premature to replace the manifold. *ak when the consumers first purchased
BUICK LESABRE 1998 The Manifold And Gasket Had to be replaced. i was told coolant was improperly mixing with my oil causing black smoke to be
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 While Driving The Vehicle Stalled and the check engine light illuminated. the vehicle was taken tot eh dealer where it was determined that
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Intake Manifold Has Malfunctioned. dealer notified. *ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Intake Manifold Developed A Crack or hole. coolant leaked into cylinders and oil causing engine not to run. repair cost over $900.00.
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Consumer Having Problems With the intake manifold. while driving the vehicle stalled and lost complete p[ower of the steering and brakes. manufacture
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Engine Coolant Destroyed Engine Due to the degradation of upper intake mainifold materials around the egr stove pipe. without warning(no warning lights went
BUICK LESABRE 1999 Had A New 1998 Buick park ave and the intake manifold plenium went out almost ruining the engine. bought a used 1999 buick
BUICK REGAL 1999 There Were Loud Noises Coming from the engine. the plastic connecting tube which carried the antifreeze broke and allowed coolant to flow into engine,
BUICK REGAL 1999 While Traveling At 25 Mph the vehicles engine light illuminated and the temperature gauge went to hot. the consumer was able to
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 The Vehicle Was Started While in the garage when without warning the vehicle "exploded" underneath the hood. the dealer indicated that the intake
BUICK LESABRE 1998 There Was A Loud Bang, then the engine would not start. the independent shop stated that the problem was the plastic intake
BUICK LESABRE 1998 The Plastic Intake Manifold On my 1998 buick lesabre went bad last fall, which cost me over $1,000 to repair. there
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 The Plastic Intake Manifold Melted, and caused coolant to leak onto the engine. *jb scc
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 The Intake Manifold Exploded, which caused a loud noise and smoke to appear.*jb
BUICK LESABRE 1997 The Upper And Lower Intake manifold cracked. *ak *nlm
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Upper Intake Manifold Fractured. this is the second one in five years. the first was replaced under a recall per buick
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 The Intake Manifold Was A defect from the manufacture. the manifold allowed water to leak into the engine causing the engine to stall.
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Vehicle's Upper Manifold Cracked Causing coolant to run completely out of vehicle. dealer advised that part is on national back order.

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I have a 2002 century and the speedometer doesn't work no. 18 fuse is missing in the engine fuse box would this be the problem.

2010 Buick Lacrosse has had the rotten egg smell coming out of the exhaust since day one.  vehicle now has 17,000 miles and dealer has had me switch to a Top tier type gasoline such as Mobil, Shell, BP.  NOT Costco, Sams Club or bargain brands.�

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2004 Century - the speed increased without my foot on the throttle, I put the car in park, the engine was running at about 2000 rpm, I turned it off and restarted the car and it has been normal since- not sure if it is safe to drive now.

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