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Mon, 21 Feb 2011

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I have a 1991 Buick Century I ran out of gas. ...

I have a 1991 Buick Century I ran out of gas. I added 4 gallons of gas and still could not get it started.
I had power back at the fuel pump but could not hear the fuel pump run. I replaced the fuel pump car ran great for about three days and on my way home from work it started to act like it was not getting fuel. the engine died I got it started again but 1-2 miles later it did the same thing. I had replaced the fuel filter when I replaced the fuel pump but thought that maybe with the new pump I may have plugged up the new filter. So I replaced it again, did not help. I can hear the fuel pump run all fuses seem to be ok. I bought a fuel relay and changed it out it ran for about 1/2 mile and still acts the same hard to start and wont stay running. I'm lost and don't want to keep putting money out if it does not fix the problem. any advise would be helpful.

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my century when in driving surges and hesitates real bad. on freeway other drivers are honking at me. i think it may not be shifting properly

2005 buick century.
key and steering wheel locked up . Could put they key in and out, but absolutely could not turn and unlock to drive. Had to have it towed home !! what causes this?

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I have a 2002 century and the speedometer doesn't work no. 18 fuse is missing in the engine fuse box would this be the problem.

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i have a 1987 buick century and it wasnt starting i thought it was the fuel pump then the filter then the injector after all this turns out the injector is not getting power any suggestions

my friend has a 96 buick roadmaster and after she has started it and moves a few feet but then when foot pushes on gas it completely dies and can not start up again. 

what might be causing strong raw gas smell when i first start my 2000buick century with 63000 miles??????

radio wont light up or catch signal, my dome light, horn, and the sound to let me know that my keys are still in ignition doesn't seem to work either in my 91 buick century

where to replace a dimmer switgh on a 2004 buick century

high beams go off intermittently, low beams work when I flick dimmer switch, high beam seems to stay on if I firmly click dimmer switch when going from low beams to high beams. On line search seems to indicate that problem is quite common though B

rear seatblet passsinger side is locked how do you unlock it

crank signal bcm clusters is not getting no power

2002 buick century--when making a sharp left turn or circle the right front tire rubs in the wheel well---what goes?  Just bought the car and only 36800 miles on it. (to make it clear--the front of he right tire rubs the wheel well when making th

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I had the same problem with my 2004 Buick Regal--I found if I pull the headlight knob out when night driving the headlights don't go out anymore--but I did have the same problem when I took it to the Buick garage and they couldn't get it to repe