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30 Jun

BMW 325 1992 Was Struck From Rear At 20mph, drivers side seat track pulled up from floor. tt
BMW 318 1991 Frontal Collision Impact 11:00 Position, lost control hit again on 1:00 position speed 40 mph, air bag did not deploy, and driver

BMW 318 1991 Frontal Collision, Impact 11:00 p0sition, drivrer,s side seat broke. *ak
BMW 323I 2000 A Sharp Metal Bracket Underneath front of passenger's seat causes severe cut on consumer arm by reaching from front of
BMW 328I 1997 Thermostat Malfunctioned, Causing Vehicle to overheat, and radiator to blow. *ak the battery light illuminated and trim under the rear
BMW 528 1986 Driver Seat Is Loose From the anchors and causing seat to move back and forth. dealer / manufacturer were notified, and
BMW 735 1992 While Driving 50 Mph driver's seat tilted to right and fell backwards part of the way. now stuck in that position.*ak
BMW 525 1990 Driver's Seat Belt Failed To unlock after use. locking mechanism broke. also, seat adjuster rail had collapsed, causing
BMW M COUPE 1999 When Brakes Are Applied The front seats slide forward approximately one half inch, when brake pressure is released seats slide back into place.
BMW Z3 1998 Vehicle Driver And Passenger Side seat will launch forward when brakes are applied. please provide more details. ts
BMW 318 1995 Driver's Side Seat Shifts Around while driving, making driver lose pedal, and steering control.*ak *mj
BMW 530I 2001 While Driving Driver's Seat Is not properly attached to vehicle due to movements and shifting. could happen while driving or stopping, dealer
BMW Z3 1997 While Driving, The Air bag light illuminateed on the dashboard, the airbag sensor was replaced. *ak. consumer stated the seat
BMW Z3 2001 This Defect Was Not Caused by an accident, however the potential danger to the passengers in the vehicle is an open question.
BMW Z3 2000 The Consumer States Per Invoice the engine(non specific), abs(non specific), and service lights(popped on). also the dashboard is loud and rattles
BMW Z3 1997 The Seat Does Not Lock on the track, it shifts back and forth while accelerating or braking, it was a defect when manfured
BMW 530I 1995 Front Seats Rock On The rails. *ak
BMW 325 1994 All Four Doors And Driver seat rattle constantly. after numerous visits to the dealer, the bmw area rep finally ordered that tape be
BMW 540I 1995 The Front Seats Cables malfunction. as a result, the seats twist. dealer contacted. they confirmed that "this is a standard
BMW Z3 1997 Passenger Seat Belt Tightens Around passengers neck and chest, causing pain and shortness of breath. i have informed my dealership and was
BMW 530I 1994 Seat Rocks On Rails Noticeably. *ak
BMW 540 1995 Driver's Seat Rocks Back And forth on its rails and feels loose. seat belt is anchored to seat. seems like seat
BMW 530I 1995 Seat Rails Cause Seat To rock. *ak
BMW 540I 1995 The Drivers Seat Rail Frame becomes loose due to elongated bolt holes, subsequently, the seat rocks during normal use. seems this
BMW Z3 1997 Seats Jump Out Of Guides causing them to jump both drivers and passenger dealer says they will not fix and is a problem with all
BMW 325 1994 Driver's Side Seat Broke From the base. no clips. *ak
BMW 328I 1998 Seats Are Squeaking And Rattling. yh
BMW 525 1990 Brake Lights Malfunctioned; Also could not open unlocked door from inside/driver's seat wobbled and sea theater overheated, burning driver. *ak
BMW 325 1995 Rear Passenger Seat Broke.
BMW 735I 1988 Driver And Passenger Seats Were tilting and required replacement. mjs
BMW Z3 1997 Both Seats Come Off Track and move when stopping, can not be repaired, normal operation. mjs
BMW 530IA 1994 Engine Vibrates Hard When Idle - dealer replaced engine, but vehicle now emits gas fumes as if not burning fuel efficiently. additionally,
BMW 325 1989 Driver's Seat Broke/leaning To The right side. it is also not very sturdy but wobbly. *ak
BMW 525I 1990 Driver's Seat Wobbles.
BMW 325 1987 The Driver's Seat Wobbles.
BMW 525I 1990 Driver's Seat Wobbles In Track.
BMW BMW 9999 Driver's Seat Wobbles, Seat heaters burned through the seat and burned consumer.
BMW BMW 9999 The Brake Lights Have Failed multiple times, the rear door cannot open from the inside, the driver's seat is unstable, and the
BMW 325 1990 Brake Lights Were Inoperative; in addition, cannot open the unlocked door from inside/ driver's seat wobbles and seat heater overheated,
BMW 320 1996 Driver's Right Knee Bolster Uncomfortable.
BMW 325 1992 Driver's Side And Pasenger's Side front seats rock about 2 inches play when added force. *ak
BMW Z4 2004 Passenger's Airbag Indication Light Is malfunctioned. the indication light of passenger's airbag shows always off. therefore it can't tell the airbag is on
BMW 335I 2008 My 2008 Bmw 335i Has the same issue for which the below recall was issued. the recall needs to be extended to 2008
BMW 5 SERIES 2006 One Day While Driving, my car had an alert come on the i drive saying the passenger restraint system was malfunctioning. it stayed
BMW 740 1997 I Contacted Bmw Customer Relations after receiving notice of "recall campaign no. 13v-564: front passenger air bag seat occupancy sensor mat" which applies to
BMW 525I 2003 Driver Seat And Passeenger power motor of seat not working, and can i asking if i buy this car from
BMW 525I 2004 I Started My Car And turned the seat heater on low. approx 5 mins later, smoke started coming out of the dash
BMW Z3 2001 2001 Bmw Z3. consumer writes in regards to several vehicle problems and unsatisfactory customer service from dealership. *smd the
BMW X3 2006 I Was Driving When I smelled smoke and realized that the driver's side seat had caught fire. i stopped the car, jumped
BMW 525I 2005 A Passenger Entered My Car and sat in the front passenger seat. approximately 30 seconds later, a warning came up on my dashboard
BMW X3 2005 Upon Turning On My Driver side heated seat within 2 minutes of driving started to smell a burning and then a burn/shocking sensation on left
BMW 525I 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw 525i. the contact stated that a burning odor was emitted from the driver's side heated seat while
BMW X3 2004 Approximately 1 Year Ago I purchased for my daughter a 2004 used bmw x3 2.5i. the car has run fine so
BMW 530I 2004 My Vehicle Is A 530i with a production date in march 2004, it is my contention that the vehicle should be subject to
BMW X5 2006 Drivers Side Heated Seat Burned through leather seats on right side of seat at rib cage. slightly burned driver. had a electrical burning
BMW 325XI 2006 Front Seat Occupant Protection Mat.
BMW 330XI 2006 My Airbag Warning Light Illuminated indicating that my passenger airbag system was offline. i brought it into my mechanic and they informed me
BMW 525I 2004 There Is A Faulty Restraint malfunction on the front passenger side seat. regardless of whether or not a passenger is in the seat at
BMW Z3 1997 The Seat Tracks Of Both the driver and passenger side of the vehicle allowed the seats to move at least 10mm forward and rearward under
BMW 330I 2006 I Found Vehicle Recall Via internet and consumer reports. i took my car to bmw of fairfax and explained that my bmw 330i 2006
BMW 525I 2007 2007 Bmw Seat Mat Sensor for activation of air bag, failed. the consumer stated the problem he experienced, is now
BMW 330I 2006 My Passenger Side Airbag Light and seatbelt light stay on. i own a 2006 bmw 330i sport. i have found numerous notices that
BMW X5 2006 Started X5 Up And Turned on driver 's seat warmer. let car warm up for 5 minutes and commenced to drive away. one
BMW 325I 2006 I Purchased The Vehicle One week ago with the airbag and seatbelt lights on the dash, after pelenty of research there was a recall
BMW X5 2004 Driver Side Seat Heater Gets very hot, even at the lowest setting. will burn my leg if left on. for this
BMW 525I 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw 525i. the contact stated that a burning odor was emitted from the driver's side seat as the
BMW X3 2007 The Heater Element In The heated seats driver's side burned through the leather and my clothes.
BMW X3 2008 Passenger Seat Alarm Would Activate for no apparent reason on a daily use. under warranty seat pad was replaced. reported same
BMW X5 2003 The Seat Heater Was Turned on to the highest setting. while driving with my 4-year old son in the back, i smelled
BMW X3 2006 Driver Side Heated Seat Caught on fire
BMW 330I 2006 The Nhtsa Has Issued Multiple recalls for the airbag sensor mat problem in bmw cars however my car continues to be excluded from the recall
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 I Own A Bmw 3 series 2007 that i purchased 3 years ago with a dealer. six weeks ago a dash board light came
BMW X3 2008 Passenger Seat Alarm Would Go off constantly without anyone or anything in the seat. bmw replaced sensor under warranty. problem appeared
BMW X5 2006 Driver's Side Heated Seat Turned on and thereafter became dangerously hot and burned through the driver's coat.
BMW 325I 2006 Front Passenger Occupancy Seat Sensor mat/pad failure. initial inquire with dealer resulted in no coverage of repairs due to vin break. as
BMW 530I 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 530i. the contact stated while driving various speeds the brake pedal extended all the way down to
BMW X5 2006 Passenger Occupancy Sensor Fails, causing air bag to become inoperative and airbag light to appear on dash. in case of accident,
BMW 530I 2006 Ref Nhtsa Campaign Number: 08v384000 while my vehicle is the same model year, model and specification listed in the recall,
BMW X3 2005 While Driving To Work (approx. 2 mile trip) on a cold morning (outside temp 18 deg f) turned on driver's side heated car seat
BMW 325XIT 2006 Airbag Light Went On And idrive said there was a malfunction with the passenger side safety restraint system. bmw is saying that my
BMW 525I 2004 The Restraint Light Came On in my car and for some unknown reason the light will not reset. i know for a fact the
BMW 645CI 2004 Passenger Restraint System Failure Fault light has started showing on my bmw. there has been a recall reported on the same component "statement on
BMW X3 2005 Driver Seat Heat Mat Got too hot causing smoke, damage to clothing, and skin injury in less than a minute after turning the
BMW X3 2007 While Riding In Car, passenger (my wife) turned on seat heat and it got very hot, began to smoke and burned 2 holes
BMW X3 2006 Seat Heating System Issue: Without any earlier warning signs the driver seat overheated very quickly (within one minute of turning on the seat heaters) to
BMW X3 2006 I Had A Problem With the driver's side seat warmer in my 2006 bmw x3 starting on about october 21, 2013. while i
BMW X3 2005 Driver's Seat At Left Leg bolster area heats up when seat heater element is activated. shocking or burning sensation is felt due to
BMW X3 2007 The Passenger Seat Heating Element got so hot that it started to smoke, burnt through the leather and burnt my wife's coat and leg.
BMW X3 2005 I Turned On The Heated seat feature on my 2005 bmw x3 and about 5 minutes later my leg started to get very hot.
BMW X3 2004 As I Was Driving On the freeway with the driver's side heated seat on the low setting, i felt a sudden burning sensation on
BMW X5 2006 After Experiencing The Same Issue for which bmw issued this recall nhtsa action number: ea08001 i learned that because
BMW 330XI 2006 Passenger Side Air Bag Error consistent with front passenger seat pressure mat recall notice. bmw online recall check revealed that this vehicle identification number
BMW 740I 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 bmw 740i. the contact stated that when resting his left knee on the driver┐s side door, he
BMW 335I 2008 Fault In Passenger Restraint System error is being consistently displayed. front passenger seat mat sensor was recalled for prior model years but not
BMW Z4 2006 Reference Defect Investigation Ea08001, nhtsa campaign id number: 08v384000; passenger seat occupancy pad cracked causing air bag light that remains on.
BMW X5 SAV 2006 Production Date 03/2006 Front Passenger seat occupant detection mat malfunction. vehicle was brought to independent shop for code reading to verify that 'airbag light
BMW 330XI 2006 Passenger Side Air Bag Error consistent with front passenger seat pressure mat recall notice. bmw online recall check revealed that this vehicle identification number
BMW 750LI 2006 2006 Bmw 750. consumer writes in regards to vehicle front passenger seat separation in the back. *smd
BMW 330I 2006 When My Car Reached ~75, 000 miles, the passenger restraint system malfunction notification started to appear on the center console. the message seems
BMW 545I 2004 Bmw Has Refused To Fix the issue under recall of the passenger restraint dealing with the seat mat/sensor that develops cracks over time from repeated
BMW 525I 2007 Started The Engine. passenger sat in vehicle. the passenger restraint system failure light appeared on screen. i thought it
BMW 530I 2006 While I Was Driving, i received an error message on my computer display. the error message read: "passenger seat restraint malfunction",
BMW 330XI 2006 Passenger Side Air Bag Error consistent with front passenger seat pressure mat recall notice. bmw online recall check revealed that this vehicle identification number
BMW 325XI 2006 Air Bag And Passenger Seat belt indicator on center dash cluster lit up during normal driving. took car to dealership for repair and was
BMW 330I 2006 After ~50,00 Miles The passenger restraint system malfunction notification started to appear on the center console. the message continued to appear randomly,
BMW X3 2006 When Testing The Heated Seats in this vehicle, after 5-10 secs, i felt a strong heat sensation on my left thigh. the
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 Passenger Sat In The Front passenger seat. warning light appeared on dashboard indicating the airbag has been turned off. this issue is similar
BMW 530XI 2006 The Airbag And Seatbelt warning lights are illuminated for the passenger side front seat and non functional , was told there is no
BMW X3 2005 When I Use The Heated seat on the drivers side, there is a hot spot that gets so hot if you don't roll onto
BMW X3 2004 Short Circuit In Heating Element for driver's side seat. shocks occur through leather when heater is active. turned off heat and
BMW 330I 2006 My Vehicle Has An Airbag/seatbelt light eliminated on the dash. bmw has diagnosed it as a failed passenger seat mat sensor.
BMW 330I 2006 My Car Began Displaying A "passenger restraint failure" identical to the recall in 2008 (bmw id#57362 nhtsa id# 08v384000). i have the
BMW X3 2007 Heated Seat Was On "medium" setting, within one minute i noticed a burning smell then felt pain in left leg. heated seat element
BMW 328I 2007 I Purchased My Bmw In germany!!! there was a recall for 2006 (i drive a 2007) models of this vehicle for the passenger seat occupancy
BMW 328I 2007 The Passenger Side Occupancy Sensor is a known problem and i believe that the warranty extension has not covered all affected vehicles. my
BMW X3 2006 I Felt A Burning Sensation under my left leg and pulled the car over. noticed that the seat had cracked and there was a
BMW 525I 2007 Warning Message For Passenger Side air bag malfunction. took to dealer and told it was the seat sensor. i did not replace it
BMW 328I 2012 April 2013, A Warning signal on my vehicle notified me there was a need for coolant. i scheduled maintenance for 4/18/13.
BMW 325I 2006 1. Seat Occupancy Sensors are broken. the indicator shows up on the dashboard even when the driver and the passenger have their seat
BMW X3 2007 My Husband And I Had just gotten in the car and turned on the seat heaters and not even 2 minutes later, he started
BMW 325I 2003 Srs Warning Lamp Illuminated. passenger discriminating sensor defective, replacement required to eliminate mil and restore srs to operating condition. *tr
BMW 530I 2006 Hello Nhtsa, recall regarding my issue has already been well documented / investigated with both nhtsa and bmw.
BMW X3 2005 While Using The Heating Device for the seats i smelled something burning and felt heat on my pants. i turned the heating device
BMW X3 2007 Driving Vehicle Noticed A Burning smell, at first thought it was coming from outside of car, then while in heavy traffic and unable
BMW X5 2006 Driver's Side Heated Seat shorted while driving. it caused a small fire and burned a hole through the leather seat when heated seat
BMW X3 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw x3. the contact stated that the driver's seat emitted a strong burning odor. the contact found
BMW X3 2005 Upon Driving My X3 I turned on my drivers side seat heater and within a few minutes it started getting so hot that it began
BMW 525XI 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 525xi. the contact stated that the air bag light illuminated stating that the passenger side air bag
BMW 330I 2006 I Have A Passenger Restraint system malfunction problem. i went to bmw dealership last week. but they told me my car is not
BMW X3 2007 On Monday, February 25, 2013 my wife turned on the driver's-side seat heater and approximately one minute later she smelled smoke.
BMW X3 2004 Felt A Burning Under My leg and smelled burning plastic. parked the car and my scarf was melted to the seat and smoke
BMW 645CI 2005 As I Was Driving My 2005 bmw 645 ci yesterday, i noticed a strong burn smell in my car. i thought it was
BMW 745LI 2004 On The Dash Board The loud warning light comes on: driver restraint system fault and passenger restraint system fault. i know that several 2002-2008
BMW 328I 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 328i. the contact stated that the front driver seat was not positioned properly and caused the driver
BMW X5 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw x5. the contact stated that he started to smell something burning from under the driver┐s seat.
BMW 525I 2004 The Drivers Side Heated Seat was turned on and it became very hot, burned a hole in the seat and began to smoke.
BMW X3 2006 Turning Into A Driveway With a boulder on the edge/corner. with the drivers side seat heater on, the seat burned a hole thru
BMW X3 2005 I Had Just Started The car and the airbag light came on in the instrument cluster. the passenger air bag on/off light was
BMW X3 2005 I Was Driving The Vehicle and turned on the driver side heated seat. i turned it on to the first setting which is
BMW 3 SERIES 2004 No In Passenger Seat When starting the car and the passenger air bag lamp was illuminated on dashboard. turned car off and then
BMW X3 2005 On Christmas Morning, December 25, 2012, the driver of the vehicle started the car, activated the seat warmer, and we
BMW 328I 2007 There Was A Recall For 2006 (i drive a 2007) models of this vehicle for the passenger seat occupancy sensor mat in the passenger seat.
BMW X3 2006 Started The Car In My driveway this morning and let the engine idle for a minute or two before driving off, i energized the
BMW X3 2005 The Drivers Seat Warmer Caught fire and burned on the left hand side of the seat. the seat warmer wires were exposed and burned
BMW 325I 2006 The Passenger Side Occupancy Seat mat for the airbag failed. bmw has bulletin sib 65 75 06, airbag warning lamp for oc3 seat
BMW 325I 2006 I Have A Faulty Passenger side seat occupancy sensor failure, as diagnosed by the local bmw dealership. the failure code is 93c3,
BMW 528I 2008 Upon Turning The Seat Heater on i noticed a burning smell and smoke inside the car. the seat was unusually hot. i felt
BMW 530XI 2006 Bmw Is Recalling 200,000 my 2006 3 series sport seat, my 2004-2006 5 series standard and sport seat, and my 2004-2006 x3
BMW 650I 2006 The Passenger Seat Mat Sensor is defective and cannot tell when a passenger is seated, therefore, not allowing a passenger air bag to
BMW X3 2005 I Used The Heated Seat function for the drivers seat in my 2005 bmw x3 and it rapidly heated up becoming unbearable to sit on.
BMW 530I 2003 I Was Driving To Work on a very cold day at approximately 6am. i turned the driver seat heater on. after 5-10 minutes,
BMW X3 2007 I Had Car Heating System on and felt some thing very hot under my thigh. i got down to inspect and found a hole
BMW 545I 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw 545i. the contact stated that the driver engaged the driver's side seat warmer. several moments later,
BMW X3 2007 While Driving Last Night , i started to feel something hot in the seat, and within a few moments there was a burning
BMW X3 2007 Turned On Heated Seat On driver's side. after approximately 2 minutes, felt burning on left side of seat. turned off the heated
BMW 525I 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 bmw 525i. the contact stated that the driver seat heating system failed. the contact smelled smoke while
BMW 328I 2012 Passenger Side Air Bag Disengages if passenger sits on any type cushion. passenger side air bag disengaged light is on if passenger is
BMW X3 2006 The Heated Seat Device In the passenger seat becomes hot enough to burn your leg, primarily on the left side. a burning sensation
BMW X5 2006 Just Purchased The Certified Pre owned bmw x5. 2006 model and had it 1 day and the passenger side airbag light came on and
BMW 5 SERIES 2004 My Front Passenger Seat Occupant detection mat has cracks in it and does not function properly. my front airbag may not deploy in case
BMW 750LI 2008 Passenger Detection Mat Faulty Causing the passenger-side airbag to deactivate and the airbag warning light to illuminate. in 2008 these detection mats were recalled
BMW 750LI 2006 The Seat Sensor Is Failing on the driver side reporting a driver restraint system fault. causing error of airbag system. possibly due to
BMW 330I 2006 The Passenger Occupancy Mat Sensor is faulty. *tr
BMW 328I 1999 Car Parked In The Garage over 24hrs ignited and resulted into fire. no known issue before the incident occur, from the looks of
BMW X3 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 bmw x3. the contact stated that while driving approximately 65 mph with the heated seat warmer in activation
BMW X3 2006 Front Seat Heaters Become Too hot on outside bolster ( left side on driver's seat, right side on passenger seat), burning hole in
BMW 325I 2006 My Car Started Displaying A warning that there was a malfunction in the passenger restraint system. took it to dealer who said that there
BMW 330XI 2006 Randomly While There Is Either weight from a bag or a person in the front passenger seat, the seatbelt light will appear on the
BMW 540IA 2002 I Went Out To My bmw 540i and found the driver's power seat all the way back in the horizontal position. i did
BMW M5 2006 Passenger Occupancy Sensor Is Bad. this causes a warning message to occur that states that the restraint system is malfunctioning. after
BMW X3 2007 I Was Driving To Work early in the morning and since it was a bit chilly, turned on the seat warmer. within
BMW 330I 2006 For The Listed 2006 Bmw e90 330i, the following error message was displayed in the idrive interface. "pass.
BMW 330CI 2002 The Driver's Side Seat, an electric sport seat upgrade, will no longer move forward or reverse. the seat will still recline but
BMW 325I 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 bmw 325i (n/a). the contact stated that the vehicle was parked when he folded the front driver┐s seat
BMW 530I 2004 The Front Passenger Air Bags is deactivated and the air bag warning lamp as well as the passenger air bag "on-off" lamp is illuminated.
BMW 525I 2004 Driver Seat Caught On Fire. *tr
BMW 3 SERIES 2012 When I Purchased 328i Someone accidentally pull up the driver-side headrest from down position. but i am short and my head is protected when
BMW 330XI 2003 Drivers Seat Has Seat Warmers and the seat overheats when turned on. it has burned a small hole in my seat and probably would
BMW X3 2006 Heating Element For Front Driver seat shorted, causing it to burn through the leather. fortunately, i caught it in time before fire
BMW 5 SERIES 2004 My Car Has The Passenger restraint system malfunction message on the navigation screen and also the seatbelt light and the airbag light are illuminated on
BMW 325I 2001 Purchased The Car Used, in january 2011, with approximately 110,000 miles. vehicle had several stored engine codes, po0300,171,174,
BMW M5 2006 The Passenger Restraint System, airbag, seat belt, belt tensioner warning showed up in the car computer. went to the dealer
BMW 330I 2006 Nhtsa Campaign Number 08v384000 Does not cover this particular vin vehicle, but i think it should. i have same symptoms and the
BMW X3 2004 Drivers Side Seat Over Heats and burns your butt and a hole in the leather as well as clothes. very dangerous. *tr
BMW X5 2003 Starting Smelling A Burning Odor in car. shortly after, noticed (felt) a "hot spot" on the left side of the driver's seat
BMW X3 2004 Drivers Side Seat Warmer Overheats and burns seat and causes burns on legs. do not use seat warmers when driving. called
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 When A Passenger Sits In the front passenger seat the airbag failure light illuminates, the seat belt light illuminates and remains lit, and
BMW 325I 2001 The Seat Heater Caught Fire burning a hole in the seat, singing my jeans and my leg (minor burn, not medically treated),
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 The Oc3 Mat (passenger Occupancy sensor mat) has failed. this issue, as described in more detail below (4.), involves the front
BMW X3 2004 Driver's Seat Back Heater Grid shorted causing damage to the insulation and leather seat cover. it was hot enough to cause physical burns.
BMW X3 2007 usa from and exported to belarus via lithuania (port of klaipeda). let me
BMW 325XI 2006 The Passenger Seat Occupancy Detection module is faulty in our car. it was officially diagnosed by a bmw dealer on 20 feb 2012.
BMW 5 SERIES 2004 The Front Passenger Seat Sensor triggers the safety warning light on all the time. it may affect the airbag operable. this is a
BMW X3 2004 The Driver Side Seat Heating element is burning through the seat and burning leg. *tr
BMW X3 2007 Driving Through Residential Area I fell a little pain on my buttocks, pull over and there is a hole the size of a pea
BMW 325XI 2006 At First, It Was intermittant, the passanger seat belt/air bay signal would display even though no one was in the passenger seat.
BMW X3 2006 Driver Seat Caught Fire When seat warmer was engaged. leather seat has visible burn mark. fire burned driver. when seat warmer was
BMW 5 SERIES 2004 Seat-warmer Overheated, Burning Holes through the leather driver's seat, causing minor skin burns before terminating use of unit. over the past
BMW X3 2004 I Have A 2004 Bmw that has a serious safety issue. the driver's seat has a seat warmer that burns through the leather and
BMW 325I 2006 The Airbag Warning Comes On indicating that the passenger seat airbag is off and the. belt tension sensor is malfunctioning. only