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Bmw Seats Front Assembly Recliner Reports

30 Jun

BMW 525I 1989 Back End Of The Driver's side seat will not stay in place. pins that actuate the back of the seat broke and allowed
BMW 735 1991 While Driving The Driver's Side seat moves backwards and seat back reclines backwards. cause unknown. *ak

BMW 530I 1994 When Transporting Cargo Behind Rear seats, if cargo hits back of seats, seats fly forward, happens when suddenly applying brakes, dealer
BMW R1200C 2002 While Riding Back Rest fell off.*ak outside scope of recall_id 11776 (00v-289)
BMW R1200C 2002 While Riding, Back Rest fell off.*ak *yh
BMW R1200C 2002 While Riding Backrest Fell Off. *ak
BMW Z3 1997 While Driving, The Air bag light illuminateed on the dashboard, the airbag sensor was replaced. *ak. consumer stated the seat
BMW 740IL 1993 I Set Memory Seat Position 1 and it worked fine. i was driving home at 70 mph and wondered if i should set
BMW Z3 1996 Dealer Representative Said This A common problem & requires replacement. when braking, the seat slides forward on the rails 1 to 2
BMW 323I 1999 Vehicle Was Struck From Rear by another vehicle traveling approximately 30 mph. driver's side seatback failed into fully reclined position.*ak
BMW 528I 2000 My Vehicle Was Rear Ended on freeway at about 30-40 mph. my vehicle was pushed into the vehicle in front of mine.
BMW Z3 1997 Both Driver And Passenger Seats move and shift out of place during normal operation at any speed all of the time. reported
BMW 540I 1994 Drivers Seat "rocks". If in an accident i fear the seat will detatch and driver will die. new seat rails will fix but
BMW 530 1995 Front Seats Are Loose, will rock slightly while driving. *ak
BMW 735I 1992 The Drivers Side Power Seat recline cable slips out of its motor allowing the seat back to sudderly fall back untill it rests on the
BMW 530 1995 Driver's Seat Is Loose, it will rock back and forth while driving. *ak
BMW 318 1991 Driver's Seat Back Broke During accident, resulting in driver being tossed into back seat.
BMW 325I 1988 My Anti-lock Brake Light Just came on one day, then i started feeling and hearing like a thump or bounce in the right
BMW 525I 1991 While Sitting In My 1991 bmw 525i the seat suddenly fell backward,and sideways. after removing the seat, and almost completely dissassembling it
BMW 740I 1993 Driver's Seat On My 1993 bmw 740i reclined while car was in motion. seat back went all the way down and will not
BMW 528I 1999 While Driving At 70 Mph the driver's seat collapsed backwards. *jb

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