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Bmw Electrical System Wiring Interior/under Dash Reports

30 Jun

BMW 535 1990 Interior Vehicle Fire Caused By the electrical system underneath the power seats. *ak
BMW 525 1992 Purchased Car New, Consumer was driving and smoke started to come from the dash, pulled over and car caught on fire. please

BMW 525 1992 Brake Light/circuit Light Came On, 1 min after light came on noticed smoke coming from underneath the dash near the steering area, resulting
BMW 525 1991 While Driving Everything On The dash went out. after an hour everything came back on. then went out again. dealer has not
BMW 318IS 1993 The Vehicle's Electronic Command control box was flooded due to water entering the box. dealer contacted and aware of the problem.
BMW Z3 1996 Electrical Type Smoke Is Seen underneath steering column. dealer noted problem was a fuse. problem has not stopped. dealer then noted a
BMW 325I 1992 While Vehicle Was Parked, a fire started inside of vehicle. local fire department arrived, extinguished the fire, and informed consumer
BMW 740I 1995 Consumer Was Traveling 65mph On highway, and while driving he started smelling smoke. smoke was coming from the ceiling and
BMW Z3 1998 I Have Had This Vehicle serviced 4 times ... they are unable to fix the problem, i lose
BMW R1100RSL 1996 Wiring Harness Shorted Out Causing a failure to continue operating. other owners of the same model bmw motorcycle (r1100gs and r1150gs, 1995-2001)
BMW BMW 2001 Bmw Has Issued A Bulletin on the computer failure which causes the suv to stall at 10-20mph. very dangerous at intersections.
BMW 323I 1999 On The Morning Of March 22 my bmw model 323i caught fire immediatly after turning on the high beams. black smoke started coming into
BMW 525I 1992 Smoke Came From Air Vents while driving. car cabin ignited in flames after getting out of car.
BMW 325 1994 The Speedometer Of The Car suddenly went all the way to the end, passing the maximum number, 160 mph, but the car
BMW 318I 1985 Smoke Comming From Dash Interior and then flames burst out consumed car in 15 minutes, car totaled out
BMW 528I 1998 Electrical Harness Shorted For Driver seat and steering wheel. yh
BMW 850 1997 Electrical Short Under The Dash resulted in fire.yh
BMW 325IA 1992 Vehicle Was Taken To The car wash, vehicle would not start due to water going into the computer system causing failure.
BMW 328I 1996 Engine Failure Due To Computer controls. all check lights come on, engine stalls and runs rough and cylinders misfire.
BMW 525I 1994 Computer Command Control Module Failed, locking consumer in vehicle.
BMW 325 1989 Circuit Board Needs To Be replaced due to failure of service indicator light/tachometer. *sd
BMW 525 1989 Instrument Cluster Failed, Causing failure of dashboard and engine safety warning systems. *skd
BMW 6 SERIES 2005 I Bought A New 2005 bmw 645i.and it had computer problems. the dealer said the manufacturer usually fixed problems in 60-90 days.
BMW 328IC 2000 Cabin Heater Blower Fan Is sporadic (runs high then low then high again on its own) due to defective final stage resistor. *jb
BMW 528E 1983 1983 Bmw 528e Caught On fire underneath the dash.*mr the consumer stated the only other problem the vehicle had was an inoperative electric
BMW X5 2001 Failure Of Passenger Door Wiring harness, connections were corroded, causing the door to stop functioning i.e. door opening, door lock,
BMW 325I 1989 Engine Temperature Gauge, Tachometer, mpg gauge batteries on si board failed causing engine temperature gauge, tachometer, mpg gauge to stop working.
BMW 750ILA 1989 On July 13th 2003, my 1989 750 il with only 84000 miles suddenly caught on f i

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