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Bmw Electrical System Wiring Front Underhood Reports

30 Jun

BMW 750 1990 Parked Vehicle, Saw Smoke coming from underhood, no warning indication, 5 or 6 minutes later, left side underhood engulfed in flames;
BMW 740 1994 Underhood Fire; Turned On ignition; shifted to reverse; motor died;attemped to restart;noticed smoke coming from underhood;within minutes, engulfed

BMW 323I 2001 While Driving 55 To 60 mph consumer noticed smoke coming from under hood of vehicle. also, vehicle caught on fire.
BMW 735I 1992 While Parked Vehicle Caught fire under the hood. this has happened twice, harness was replaced the first time. dealer can't find
BMW 740 2001 Smelled Smoke In Car Before starting engine. got out/ opened passenger side door, and saw fire coming out down near the seat
BMW 740I 1993 While Traveling On Highway without prior warning smoke was coming from rear tire, and vehicle caught on fire. dealership
BMW 328I 1999 About 6 A.m., there was a big boom; fire spread to garage (two car), burning it to the ground and
BMW 740I 1993 Vehicle Caugt Fire And Burned completely up with in minutes after leaving bmw dealership.*ak
BMW 530IA 2001 Car Caught Fire While Parked in garage. *ak
BMW 320 2001 Vehicle Overheated And Then Engine compartment caught fire. car was a total loss
BMW R1100 RT 2000 I Had Started Up Motorcycle to take out for a ride, it was cold, i had walked to my office and picked up
BMW 735I 1995 This Mustard Colored Relay Went bad and caused me to be pulled over and warned, this is very dangerous and can cause an accident.
BMW 325IS 1994 I Am Told That This is an ongoing problem for 3 series bmws where the water backs up under the windshield and it gets into
BMW Z3 1998 A Fire Started Under The hood while driving, no indicator lights displayed and no odor of raw fuel was apparent possible engine failure,
BMW 325 1987 Wiring Harness Under Hood Shorted, causing fire.
BMW 540I 2000 I Have A 2000 Bmw 540i (e39). my car was in a pristine condition, and all of sudden, the "engine failsafe
BMW 740ILA 1998 My Car Stumbled Less Than a mile from my house. a few hundred feet later it stalled completely. at first the
BMW 740IL 1997 Car Was Running Fine, was at a stop light and the car shut off had a really strong electrical smell coming from the engine
BMW 740I 2001 Smoke From Engine And Burning wires and electrical connectors at the plug to the engine cooling thermostat small fire extinguished with a small amount of
BMW 323I 2000 Ltr From (ca) Re 2000 bmw 323i, defective engine wiring harness and throttle body malfunction cause computer failure with sudden loss of power &
BMW 318IC 1995 I Purchased A 318ic From a used car lot and the vehicle caught fire. i have obtained information on the vehicle which the dealer
BMW X5 2001 Dt: Contact Statd Bmw X5 2001 caught on fire on july 21, 2005. the temperature gauge was at hot, the car
BMW 540I 1997 While Driving On The Freeway, the electronic coolant thermostat shorted out and caused engine wiring harness the burn up. this caused the

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