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Bmw Electrical System Fuses And Circuit Breakers Reports

30 Jun

BMW 323I 1999 While Consumer Has Been inside of vehicle trying to turn headlights to high beam vehicle caught on fire without prior warning. *ak
BMW 530I 1994 When Turning Steering Wheel, the fuse would blow. no interior lighting or windshield wipers, if raining. the dashboard lights would be

BMW 525 1985 The Defective Rear Brake Light circuit malfucntioned, causing the tail lights to go out while driving, which almost caused an accident.
BMW Z3 1996 Electrical Type Smoke Is Seen underneath steering column. dealer noted problem was a fuse. problem has not stopped. dealer then noted a
BMW 540 1994 An Electrical Short In the brake light, caused the vehicle to catch on fire in the brake pedal. *ak *jb
BMW 750 1989 A Fuse Overheated In The driver's side seat, causing an electrical melt down in the wiring .*ak
BMW 318 1995 The Vehicle Began Blowing fuses causing many of the systems to quite functioning. we replace with fuses the same size as it
BMW 740I 1995 I Have Pruchased A Pre owned - certified bmw from tisher auto. the car was purchased 6/23/01. it has been less than 90
BMW 750IL 1990 The Failed Component Was The parking light relay, bmw part #61-31-1-378-052 - the failure manifested itself by the parking lights
BMW 735I 1990 This Mustard Colored Module Causes the computer to warn the driver of a failed parking light and/or tail light when the headlights are turned on.
BMW 320 1998 Fuse Blew Causing The Headlights / tail lights / rear side light bulb to fail. *yc
BMW 318 1994 Water Leaking Into The E-box on several occasions. bulletin 410393.
BMW 525I 1995 Door Failed To Open Properly. in addition, electrical problems caused windows and seat belts to malfunction. finally, short in fuses,
BMW 525 1994 A Short Inside The Fuse box caused a meltdown of the wiring harness. *ak
BMW 325 1987 Fuse Box Caught On Fire.
BMW 318 1991 Fuses Keep Blowing Out When windows are put down, causing windows to become stuck until new fuses are put in.
BMW 328I 2007 Steering Wheel Locked Wile Driving - very similar to nhtsa case # 10194169. my daughter was turning right into a parking
BMW 525I 2004 I Believe Moisture Collected In the bottom of the "spare tire well" in the trunk- due to changing flat tire and opening trunk in the
BMW E46 1995 Fault In The Contacts On lighting. a continuing fault on the brake circuit causes the warning lights to come on at different intervals
BMW 323I 1999 I Believe That Carmax Sold me a lemon. it is a 1999 bmw 323ci, was purchased used at the independence boulevard store

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