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30 Jun

ACURA INTEGRA 1994 While Driving Or When Vehicle is parked experience flat tire on each wheel replacement 6 times, no wear on tires. tt
ACURA INTEGRA 1995 Purchase Car New Consumer Was driving on the highway and a michelin tire blew out almost caused an accident . tt

ACURA INTEGRA 2000 Three Michelin Tires, size: p195/55r15, dot: unknown experienced problems which dealership attributed to road hazard conditions. 1) while traveling
ACURA MDX 2001 While Traveling Approximatley 40 Mph in a 2001, acura mdx right/front goodyear integrity tire, size: 235/65r17, dot: 4b87 experienced a blowout.
ACURA TL 2001 Since Feb 6 2001 When this car was delievered to consumer front passenger's tire had to be replaced because of bubbles on side
ACURA INTEGRA 2000 Personal Inspection And Noticed that assenger's side tire had bubbles on inner side of tire. there were no injuries reported.
ACURA TL 1999 Consumer Was Traveling About 10mph and hit a curb several times while making a right turn. in the process, passenger's side
ACURA LEGEND 1995 The Left Rear Tire Experienced a blowout, which caused consumer to lose control of the vehicle, consumer contacted the manufacturer and was instructed
ACURA INTEGRA 1994 There Were Some Cracks On the side of front tire, there is air leaking from that tire. p195/65/14, replacement tires, 25000
ACURA INTEGRA 1996 While Driving Left Front Tire separated, causing major damage to vehicle. performa gt radial.,tire size p19560r14.*ak *jb
ACURA CL 2003 Chunks Of Tread Missing From the centers of tires both front tires. *ak
ACURA ACURA 2002 At Purchase, Car Seemed to pull to the left when accelerating. after about 3500 miles, the rear driver's side tire blew
ACURA SLX 1999 Tires Were In Good Shape, complete seperation of tire wall without any warning. outside temp. approx . 53 degrees. (dot
ACURA INTEGRA 1999 I Own A 1999 Acura integra with michelin tires (p 195/55 r15 84v xgt v4). in august, 2000, the left front tire
ACURA LEGEND 1990 1 Year Ago While I was driving i noticed that the car was unsteady. i was close to home, about 20 feet,
ACURA SLX 1998 Unable To Steer Straight Line at 70 mph 95 degrees, wanders over road, okay when tires cold. *ak( dot number: cll417
ACURA ACURA 1999 Right Front Tire Was Cut 1sq inch on 6/12 and on 8/15 left rear was torn similer way( dot number: tire size: p205/60r16
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 I Purchased Four New Toyo tires app. one year ago. this sept. my mechanic informed me that 3 of the 4 tires
ACURA CL 1998 One Tire Had Defect And leaked air slowly. (michelin) yh
ACURA CL 1997 Tire Failed (michelin). yh
ACURA TL 2001 Consumer States That The Vehicle is experiencing a very serious tire deficiency problem and that the tires are proprietary and cannot be exchanged with other
ACURA CL 1999 The Michelin Radial Xse 205/55r16 tire developed bubble on the side, one of the two remaining micheliin tires also developed bubbles on the side,
ACURA RL 2002 Consumer States After Parking Vehicle in garage, he noticed an air leak, consumer took vehicle in to be inspected and was advised that
ACURA INTEGRA 1993 Consumers Tires Experienced Two Blowouts and two sidewall cracks (goodyear eagles ga bsl 0e195/60r14). nlm
ACURA INTEGRA 1994 Vehicles Left Front Wheel Came off. (ohio traffic report).
ACURA LEGEND 1988 Replaced 3 Out Of 4 michelin tires due to bubbles on side.
ACURA INTEGRA 1994 Bridgestone Tire Blowout.
ACURA NSX 1991 Tires Wear Prematurely. *skd
ACURA NSX 1991 Premature Wear/baldness Of Tires, resulted in loss of control/accident. *skd
ACURA RLX 2014 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2014 acura rlx equipped with michelin radio x tubeless tires, size 245/40r19, and dot number hn1c00lx4312.
ACURA INTEGRA 1999 Five Months (3000 Mi) After i purchased a yokohama envigor tire for my 1999 acura i had a flat tire. upon inspection i noticed
ACURA ILX 2013 While Driving On The Highway, the "check tire pressure" light came on. i then proceeded to slow down in order to
ACURA TL 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 acura tl with yokohama avid tires, size: 205/60/r16. the contact stated that while driving 50 mph,
ACURA TL 2010 Defective Passenger Side Front Tire. a bubble has emerged with the sidewall coming apart from the treads. tires have only been
ACURA RSX 2005 On 11/20/12, I Drove my 2005 acura rsx to acura of manhattan (aom) in ny, ny. the service included 4 new tires
ACURA RDX 2008 On February 12, 2013 i was driving my 2008 acura rdx on a side road when my tire pressure indicator light came on.
ACURA TL 2006 Tread Has Separated From Tire carcass on one tire, imminent on other three tires according to dealer. suspect defective adhesive or application
ACURA MDX 2007 The Sidewalls Are Cracking And peeling off of these tires. my car was purchased in july 2007 and these are the original tires.
ACURA TSX 2004 Goodyear Eagle Responseedge Tires Wore down to the wear bars in less than 32000 miles. seems the tire rating for this tires is
ACURA MDX 2009 Acura Mdx (2009) Vibration Issues: since purchasing the vehicle new, there is a vibration driving at speeds exceeding 70 mph. the
ACURA CL 1999 Brand New Goodyear Rs-a, 205-55-16 have no traction at all in wet conditions my car (acura cl 1999) is all over the road i
ACURA MDX 2002 I Purchased A 2002 Acura mdx in january 2011 with 145,000 miles and less than a week after my purchase i had it back
ACURA RDX 2008 Yokohama Avid Trz S316 31631 tires p255/55r-18 97t bsw with 13,000 miles on 2008 acura rdx. tires purchased 10-30-2010
ACURA TL 2004 On Returning From Mpls. to milw. i stopped at a rest stop half way. when continuing the
ACURA TL 2000 Bought Four New Uniroyal Tiger paw tires from bj's on november 1, 2010. tire size was 205 60 116 for a 2000 acura
ACURA TSX 2008 Purchased 4 Hankook Optimo H418b/wv tires two out of the 4 have developed bubbles on the sidewalls with no apparent damage to the outside of
ACURA TL 2002 I Had 4 Bridgestone Potenza re960as pole position size 215/50r17 tires installed in may of 2008 on my 2002 acura tl type s vehicle.
ACURA RL 2006 2006 Acura Rl Was Eastbound, when its right rear tire blew out. the consumer slid off the left side of the roadway
ACURA TL 2000 Bridgestone Potenza G009 205/60r16. catastrophic tire / sidewall failure. tread/belts separated from sidewall. tire pressure properly maintained. treadware
ACURA TL 2005 I Have A Major Safety concern with my 2005 acura tl. in april, 2010, the acura dealer replaced broken compliance bushings during
ACURA MDX 2004 I Was Driving To Work on the capital beltway when my low tire pressure indicator came on and within minutes, my tire was completely
ACURA TSX 2010 Michelin Pilot Hx Mxm4 Came installed on my 2010 acura tsx. at 220 miles tire developed a bubble, and at 280 miles went
ACURA TSX 2009 I Have Had Two Michelin pilot hxmxm4 size 225r17 93v tires fail on my 2009 acura tsx, these were the original tires. both
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 1991 Acura Integra, Right side tire blewout. * bf the consumer lost control of the vehicle after the tire blew
ACURA RL 2006 Michelin Recently Discontinued The Manufacturing of the pax system worldwide and will no longer offer it. there is also special training, certifications and
ACURA TL 2005 Consumer's Dad Purchased A 2005 acura tl that have faulty tires and other problems. *nj within two weeks of purchasing the vehicle,
ACURA INTEGRA 1992 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1992 acura integra. the vehicle has fts westlake tires, size 195/60/r14 (na). while driving 45 mph,
ACURA RL 2006 Honda/michelin Pax Tires (no Flat) are design for only about 20-30k miles. this information was not disclosed at the time of the purchase
ACURA TL 2005 I Bought A Set Of dunlop 235/45r17 sp sport signature tires in febraury, 2008 -- and replaced one of them in september 2008 due
ACURA CL 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 acura 3.0cl. the vehicle has goodride model sp06 tires (na), which were purchased at tire discounter.
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 At 8:15pm Thursday, March 26, 2009 i was traveling south bound on route 124 also known as woodfield rd. when i hit
ACURA TL 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 acura tl. the vehicle has sunny sun 3800 tires, size 225/40/zr18 (na). while driving approximately
ACURA TL 2008 I Am The Owner Of 2008 acura tl which i purchased back in late november of 2008 i have about 3000 miles on the vehicle
ACURA RDX 2007 Purchased New 2007 Acura Rdx in july 2007 with michelin pilot tires. on 5/5/08 with less than 14,000 miles, experienced
ACURA TL 2003 Pulling Out Of My Garage this morning, i noticed my car was making a clunking sound on the passenger side. it disappeared
ACURA TSX 2005 Little Tiny Cracks Have Appeared on the sidewall of the tires near the rim, which i believe are created due to the tires being
ACURA TL 2004 Forty Eight Days After Purchasing a new set of pirelli p6 four season tires p235/45r17 for our 2004 acura, my husband and i
ACURA INTEGRA 1994 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1994 acura integra. the vehicle has kelly springfield tires, size 195-60r14h (na). the contact purchased a
ACURA TL 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 acura tl. the vehicle has goodyear eagle tires. the contact stated that there was a tsb
ACURA TL 2003 Bought New Michelin Tires in feb 2008 from costco stores, hackscross road, memphis tire: size 205/60r16 92v made in 2007.
ACURA TSX 2008 Brand New Acura Tl 2008 model. the rear left tire went flat without cause. i called the manufacturer they told me to go
ACURA TL 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 acura tl. after the vehicle was purchased, the tire pressure began to fail. the warning
ACURA RL 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 acura rl. the vehicle has michelin radial x tires. while driving approximately 35 mph, the
ACURA MDX 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 acura mdx. while driving 55-60 mph and when the brake pedal is depressed, the steering wheel shakes
ACURA RSX 2004 My Tire Michelin Pilot Hx mxm4 blew while driving. there was no reason for it to blow like it did. it seems that
ACURA TL 2005 Tire Specs -goodyear Eagle 235/45zr17 94y s2 eagle response edge vsb on 2005 acura tl with variable assist steering. i
ACURA RL 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 acura rl. while driving 70 mph, the contact drove over a pothole and nothing happened.
ACURA TL 2002 My Trans. Was Replaced in 2003 because of a shifting problem. my car was still under warranty, however, i was
ACURA TL 2005 I Recently Purchased A Dealer-certified used 2005 acura tl with new, dealer-installed bridgestone turanza el42 tires. in my first experience driving the
ACURA MDX 2002 Michelin Tires P235-65r17103t Customer States that the tires have enough rubber on them but are cracking on the tread**cc the consumer was told the
ACURA INTEGRA 2001 Discount Tires Provided Me Tires with a 195/50-15 size, when my vehicle calls for a 195/55-15 size. i had been driving it
ACURA TL 2005 Tl* - The Contact owns a 2005 acura, and complained about the tires. the contact had 3 incidents with the tires
ACURA TL 2004 Tl*- The Contact Stated that when the 2004 acura tl, was at the dealership on 01/18/07 for regular maintenance she was informed
ACURA TL 2005 Michelin Pilot Hx Mxm4 Tire failure complaint against acura and michelin tire corporations**cc the right front tire dislodged completely off of the rim.
ACURA TL 2004 Complete Failure Of Right Rear tire purchased new in a set of four approximately one month before (november 16, 2006). tire failure occurred
ACURA RSX 2005 Tire Blew Out While Driving approximately 55 mph on highway resulting in loss of control of vehicle, and a crash. the crash caused
ACURA TL 2003 The Carelessness Of The Workers completing construction on interstate 275. i have had to replace two high performance tires; due to a screw
ACURA RSX 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 50 mph on the interstate, the driver's side front tire blew out. the condition of the
ACURA RL 1997 I Was Driving On The interstate at about 75 mph, when one half of my tire expanded, causing the car to shake violently,
ACURA TL 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated The original rear tires were replaced at 15,000 miles due to baldness two-thirds from the outside to the inside.
ACURA TL 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 65 mph, the sidewall separated from the tread on the front passenger tire. the contact
ACURA TL 2003 Premature Tire Tread Wear. *jb
ACURA TL 2004 This Complaint Refers To The original equipment tires (bridgestone el-42, 235/45-17 93w ) supplied on the 2004 acura tl with 6 speed manual transmission.
ACURA TL 2005 In Spring 2004 I Purchased an acura tl with bridgestone turanza el 42 high performance tires. after 6,500 miles one of the
ACURA TL 2004 Bridgestone Turanza E42 Oem Tire on 2004 acura tl have flat spotting issues and were worn out after 15,000 miles. very poor traction
ACURA RSX 2004 The Acura Rsx 2004 Has very poor traction on icy surfaces, even with good winter tires. first noticed last year when we put
ACURA TL 2004 Dt: The Contact Stated when hitting a bump the rear end the vehicle skidded out. causing abnormal tire wear. he
ACURA TL 2005 I Purchased A New 2005 acura tl in august 2005. my car is a non-navigation 6 speed manual transmission model delivered with bridgestone el42
ACURA TL 2004 My 2004 Acura 3.2 tl uses bridgestone turanza el42 tires (235/45r17), w speed-rated. the el 42 tires had a so called "flat
ACURA TL 2005 I'm Very Upset About The oem tires on my 2005 acura. i've had it since march of this year and complained from the beginning
ACURA TL 2004 I Have Called The Acura customer service number and did not get through with anyone. my 2004 acura tl has a consistent vibration problem
ACURA TL 2005 The Rear Tires On A 2005 acura tl lost all thir tread with only 8000 mile on the odometer. the tires supplied by the
ACURA TL 2005 Dt: The Rear Passenger side tire went flat. there was no indication that it was flat. consumer could not feel
ACURA TL 2005 Dt: There Were Original tires on the vehicle. the rear passenger tire was smoking and went completely flat while driving at 60-65
ACURA TL 2004 In My Opinion The Manufacturer is knowingly was selling the 2004 acura tl with the bridgestone/firestone el-42 tires knowing that these tires had a design
ACURA INTEGRA 2001 2001 Acura Integra Developed Problems with the michelin xgt v4 tire equipment. the vehicle skidded out of control on wet pavement.***no answer
ACURA TL 2004 Oem Tires (bridgestone El42) Completely worn out after 10,000 miles. from very beginning, "all season" tires would routinely hydroplane at speeds
ACURA TL 2004 My 2004tl Came With Bridgestone turanza el-42 tires. the dealer stated tires would be acceptable when i stated concerns with what i had read
ACURA TSX 2004 While Traveling On The Interstate at approximately 65 mph, i ran over some road debris which caused my tire to blow out.
ACURA TL 2005 Oem Tires On 05 acura tl's at 5000 wet weather driving is downright dangerous. driving in snow even when new was impossible.
ACURA TL 2004 During Light Rain My 2004 acura tl with bridgestone turanza el-42 tires hydroplaned and lost control. it hit the center divider and spun and
ACURA TL 2004 I Own A 2004 Acura tl with original equipment bridgestone el-42 tires. while the tire preformed acceptably during the summer the preformance on
ACURA TL 2004 Brand New Acura Tl 2004 (vibration )bridgestone teranza tires el42 flat spotting. acura national customer service notified ,has had several complaints fail
ACURA TL 2004 Due To Vibration Dealer Dealer balanced tires on 7/21/04. vibration did not go away. dealer replaced all 4 tires on 8/26/04.
ACURA TL 2004 The Vibration In The Bridgestone el42 turanza tires on 2004 acura tl resulted in accident in february 2004 and $1500 worth of undercarriage damage.
ACURA TL 2004 Vibration And Shaking Of Steering wheel during normal driving. replacement of the tires and numerous rebalancing have had no effect. acura
ACURA TL 2004 Consumer Noticed That After Having the tires rotated at 10,000 miles and while driving at 60 mph vehicle vibrated uncontrollably. consumer was
ACURA LEGEND 1992 While Driving On The Highway rear tire came off the rim. when this occurred consumer was able to gain control of the vehicle,
ACURA TL 2004 El42 Bridgestones That Came With my new 2004 acura tl are unsafe. they flat spot and hydroplane in the rain. the
ACURA TL 2004 This Complaint Refers To The original equipment tires (bridgestone el-42, 235/45-17 93w ) supplied on the 2004 acura tl with 6 speed manual transmission.
ACURA TL 2004 This Complaint Referred To The original equipment tires (bridgestone el-42, 235/45-17 93w ) supplied on the 2004 acura tl with 5 speed automatic transmission.
ACURA TL 2004 Vibration And Shaking Of Steering wheel due to vibration and unbalanced feeling from front tires. it seems that the front wheels and/or suspension
ACURA TL 2004 Bridgestone Turanza El-42 Tires That are oem on my new 2004 acura tl have serious problems with "flat spotting". this perfect car runs like
ACURA INTEGRA 2000 I Bought Four Michelin Xgt-v4 tires. one tire did not have the four number dot stamp which indicates week and year of manufacture.
ACURA CL 2003 I Have A 2003 Acura cl s type at 400 miles a tire was michelin tire was replaced for a bubble in the tire wall,
ACURA TL 2004 Tire Vibration. At about 50 mph, the tires cause the entire car to vibrate. this continues at all highway speeds
ACURA TL 2004 Severe Vibration From The Factory installed bridgestone turanza el-42 tires on my new 2004 acura tl. the vehicle has only 1400 miles on it
ACURA RSX 2004 Vehicle Is Dangerous In Snow due to its tires. causing inability to control vehicle even with concentrated attention. *la (nar)
ACURA TL 2004 Acura 2004 Tl Vin 19uua66214a005588there is a problem with the bridgestone tire a vibration from flat spotting. acura is aware of this on a
ACURA CL 2003 Front Drivers Side Tire Came unseated from the rim and jerked the car off the road at 55 mph and into a ditch.
ACURA MDX 2001 Both Goodyear Integrity Front tires, size p235/65r17, dot#unknown lost air pressure every week. dealer stated nothing was found wrong.
ACURA INTEGRA 1995 Defective Firehawk Tires P195. *ak
ACURA ACURA 2003 The Vehicle Skidded, When the consumer changed lanes. dealer will be notified. *ak the vehicle skidded and turned
ACURA TL 2003 While Driving 10-15 Mph The passenger side front tire ruptured after it struck a shallow pothole. the replacement tire ruptured 2000 miles later
ACURA MDX 2001 The Front Right Tire Blew out. *nlm *scc
ACURA TL 2002 Michelin Tire Failed At Low mileage. consumer found front left tire was low on air. tire merchant not willing to do

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