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22 Mar

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1985 Shake In Front-end Continual Noise during sharp turns. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1995 Vehicle Pulls To The Left while driving at any speed, dealer informed owner of goodyear tire problem, goodyear said the problem is with

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1996 While Traveling 30mph, Vehicle overcame with smoke, impairing vision. driver lost control, resulting in an accident. air bags did deploy
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1993 The Wheels Are Out Of line have to replace the tires on the vehicle too often. tt
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1994 Vehicle Has Had Numerous Front end alignments, and front end is still not correct. tt
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Vehicle Has A Squeaking Noise coming from suspension when steering or going over bumps or braking. *ak consumer stated the
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 There Is A Creaking Sound when turning wheel in both directions.*ak consumer states that the creaks are also happening when going
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 Vehicle Was Involved In A frontal collision. upon impact, front end caught on fire. vehicle was totalled.*ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 When Coming Down A Hill or stopping hard sounds like front of car is going to collapse.*ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1995 While Traveling On Highway And without any indication front end had broken away from vehicle, causing engine to drop. please provide
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 While Driving, There Is a looseness in the front end, consumer could hear knocking noise like metal banging against something, took to
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 There Is A Noise In front, underneath vehicle while wheels are in motion. dealership is aware of problem.
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2002 While Driving 55-65 Mph Steering wheel started to shake and vehicle pulled to the right. *akthe dealer replaced the cu axle and related
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Steering Pulls To The Right and always has, mostly during braking, the rotors need to be replaced while the front brakes are at
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Front End Knocking Started At 35,000 worse when turning. brought to dealer front right and left lower control arms needed to be
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 The Boot Covering The Ball joint for the tie rod ends and both front and rear upper control arms has failed on both sides of
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 This Is The 2nd Time in less than 6 months that my control arms have failed. i have a stock car, with stock
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Bushing Failure On All 4 front lower control arms. these bushings gradually became loose and began squeaking, accompanied by clunking over low-speed
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 The Right Front Suspensions Is very noisy over bumps, including just pushing down on the right front fender. after taking this to
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Clunking Noise From Front Suspension. occurs when accelerating and braking. also general looseness in steering that was not there when car
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Several Suspension Components Have Required replacement within 70,000 miles. none have yet been catastrophic. but possibly because as a car
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Front Suspension Made Very Annoying creaking sound. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Sypmtoms Are Creaking, Groaning from front suspension
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 There Are A Large Number of these failures-check lots of these are being replaced out of pocket by owners. please
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 1)trunk Light Stopped Working Just past the warranty period, wiring problem, cost to repair $200. 2)abs light flashes continuously, about 1
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Have Contacted Vw Customer Service and requested for coverage since this is quite a common problem on passat. however, vw refused to cover,
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 The Handling Of The Vehicle became erratic and noisy. the dealership informed me that this was a common problem with these vehicles and with
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 No Description Given. nlm
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2001 Have Experienced Squeaking Sounds In car for months from the right side of car while going around corners. 2/26/02 went to dealership.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2001 All Major Problems Have Been taken care of quite well, however i have had a constant creaking noise in both driver's and passenger's door
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Very Common Problem. suggest investigation/ safety defect listed. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Suspension Clunking Noise - Taken to dealer 5+ times, no resolution. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 07/21/01 Scheduled Service For Clunking/rattling noise in front suspension over small road imperfections and secondly tie rod recall. mechanic replaced tie rods,
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Sun Roof Leaks - Drains cleaned by dealer twice - still leaking. driver's seat back moves forward when brake applied. dealer claims this
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Car Had Been Recalled For repairing defective tie rod - once fixed the entire front end and tires have gone bad and the dealer estiimates
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Dealer Has Failed Several Times to correct steering problem. car has constant vibration and steering wheel shake on turns. front end aligned (not
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 I Have Knowledge Of These parts failing on at least 100 vw passats 1998-2001. i'm sure there are more. there should
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Known Issue With Vwoa, also happens on audi a4/a6. vw refuses to repair problem, but they have a repair kit for the
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Cost Of Repairs = $729. 08. no safety defect mentioned. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Being A Member Of A vw passat forum, i know many other owners with the same failure. no safety defect. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 Vehicle Pulled To The Right on date of purchase,aftr 3 attempts to align front end with no remedy mfg replaced vehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 The Front Suspension Problem Has happened to many passat owners, vw has failed to issue a recall. this is a clear
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 30k Service, Reported To dealer that steering wheel shakes when applying brakes...asked dealer to check on alighment problems. dealer
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Quadra-link Suspension Produces Metalic Rubbing noise with vehicle motion. dealer has diagnosed problem as quadra-link suspension failure based on inspection and previous experience.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Squeaking Noise From Front End. out-of town vw dealer said "ball joints" $800 to repair. "dangerous to drive". contacted vw
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 This Car Was Purchased New in july 2000. it is the newly redesigned jetta. since it's purchase the car has been in the
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Vechicle Was At Dealer For 30 days on final attempt to repair the suspension noise. noise was duplicated by shop foreman, service advisor
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 Dealership Has Attempted To Fix creaking suspension noise 3 times. unable to diagnose problem, or fix it. problem is getting worse.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Heard Suspension Type Noise When exiting vehicle and pushing on front end. dealer only charged me 50% on parts since it shouldn't have failed
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 Front Bumper Has Been Pulled loose twice in less than two years while backing from driveway. there is also transmission guard scratches. first
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Suspension Now Makes Loud Noises, indicating imminent failure. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Vwofa Does Not Acknowledge That this is a widespread problem on both audi a4 and vw passats even though there is overwhelming evidence that there
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 This Issue Was A Recall for all audi a-4's (same as vw passat) as well as for many passats. my vin number did
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1995 Less Than 48hours After I bought the car - it shut down on me in brooklyn- it would not start or turnover, so i
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1992 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 The Car Bottoms In The front-right side out when 4 passengers are in the car and you travel over relatively small bumps in pavement.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 While Attempting To Make A 180-degree turn, coming from a parked position on the street, the front left wheel disconnected from the car
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 1999 While Traveling On I70w Through indiana, vehicle bottomed out extremely hard resulting in momentary loss of control. incident occurred during clear daylight
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 Front End Misaligned.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2000 Vehicle Pulled To The Side when hitting bumps and seemed to hit bumps harder, consumer took it to the dealer who tightened the front
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Consumer Went To The Dealership due to steering/suspension alignment problems, the dealership performed recall service without proper authorization which cost the consumer additional money
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1999 Vehicle Is Pulling To The right. *slc
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1990 Front End Vibration Caused The tire to wear out and wheels to bend. yh
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1996 Tires Worn Prematurely Due To alignment pulling.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 Intermittent Brake Failure. in addition, front end vibrates and vehicle pulls to the right/passenger's seat came off the track/ steeering wheel
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1994 Camber Out Of Alignment.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1995 Vehicle Makes Popping Noise When wheel turned, due to failed wheel bearings and front end being out of alignment.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1995 Vehicle Pulls To Right When accelerating, pulls to left when not accelerating. *dsh
VOLKSWAGEN CABRIOLET 1985 Premature Metal Fatigue Of Front end. *skd
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1992 Misalignment, Causing Steering Problems.
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2006 2006 Vw Golf Tdi 70k miles of normal driving conditions in illinois. failure of both driver and passenger side coil springs
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2002 My Right Front Coil Spring snapped due to a defective spring. i opened my car door and sat in my car and heard a
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Sub-frame Shifting Causing A Popping noise when turning. leads to loose steering, wander, and severe flexing of front end when going over
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 Broken Left Front Suspension Coil spring - spontaneously broken - car left undriven in closed private garage for ~2 weeks, found after ~2 weeks
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 Driving 2004 Touareg Equipped With air suspension. speed 55 starting right hand sweeping turn the right side air suspension blew out dropping the front
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2005 Car Was Driven On A highway, approx 60 mph when a clunk was heard from the front suspension and sound of metal falling on
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 Transmission Lurch Forward, Sometimes skip the shifts,also shifts are delayed or eng rev,too high and downshifthing it kicks 2 to 1and there's
VOLKSWAGEN PHAETON 2004 Control Arm Gaskets Corroded On all upper and lower control arms leading to metal on metal. *tr
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 I Am Writing To Complain about the control arms on the vw 2002 passat. i recently replaced an upper and lower control arm
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 I Own A 1999 Volkswagen passat in which the control arms, tie rod ends, ball joints, and bushings are failing.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Creaking, Groaning, Clunking, squeaking out of the front end, most notably at low speeds over broken pavement, speedbumps, coming
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Front Ball Joint Failure At approx. 35,000 miles. then a lower control arm failure at 95,000 miles. old control arm
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 Car Went In For Brake job at 39,000 miles. mechanic found that both front cv joints were cracked and front axles and
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2006 1. I Serviced My car at an authorized dealer who performed a lower suspension bushing replacement on the front strut suspension. this was
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 The Lower Control Arms On my 1998 vw passat are defective and dangerous according to my mechanic. vw refuses to replace them even though
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 volkswagen passat. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer for a recall repair. the technician
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 Screeching Brakes. The brakes were screeching for the past three months and the vw dealership replaced the pads and disc. after
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 On My Vehicle, The passenger front lower control arm is failing at the ball joint. there are loud screeches at low speeds
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 I Have A '01 Vw passat. i had to go to the vw dealer today since i was hearing a pinging noise when i
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2007 I Own A 2007 Gti which has what i believe and many other owners, a defective subframe of the vehicle. my incident began
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2002 I Was Driving Down The street at approximately 20 miles per hour when suddenly my car began to sound like i was dragging metal across
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Failure Of Multiple Front Control arms in 2001 vw passat. was given quote of nearly $2100 to repair control arms. was
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Tl*the Contact's Son Owns A 1999 volkswagen passat. while driving at an unknown speed, the contact's son heard metal rubbing near the
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 Message Reads "fault-running Gear-suspension-workshop" subsequent check at dealership revealed a leak in the right front air spring that needs total replacement. we
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 My 2004 Vw Touareg Has been diagnosed with premature failure of the front suspension bushings. the vehicle has never been used off-road.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 The Squeaking And Creaking Of the front end of my vw passat 2001 is horrendous. my local vw and the vw of a have
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2005 Tl*- The Contact Owns a 2005 volkswagen touareg. the contact explained that the vehiclewas constantly pulling to the right when driving
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2006 When Driving My New 06 passat 2.0t at 35 mph+, w/ passengers (avg. weights - approx 140 ea.) the car bottoms
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2002 Way To Many To List here. i have had problems from the start. more than $7000 worth of repair (plus more that was
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2001 While Driving Home From Work at about 12 am in the right hand lane on highway 217 in tigard oregon, just passed exit 4
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2007 Upon Receipt Of The Vehicle from the dealership, a shuttering or vibration has been noticed between 65 and 80 mph. original diagnostic
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2006 On 7/13/06 I Purchased A new 2006 vw passat from bert smith vw in st. petersburg, florida. i took delivery at
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 Volkswagen 2004 Touareg Sport Utility 4d has serious alignment problems resulting in premature tire wear on all 4 tires! front 2 tires are down
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006 I Recently Purchased A New vw jetta tdi. from day one, the car's front suspension felt and sounded "loose." at
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 Alignment: Since Its Purchase The car was not properly aligned. i took it to the dealer several times, at the 5,000 miles,
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2004 Door Handles Stick On All four doors. last year, my husband was in the passenger seat as i went around a corner,
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2003 Dt: The Contact Owns A 2003 volkswagen beetle. the contact stated while driving and making a left hand turn the consumer
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 Dt: On August 25 onwer was upset because he had to replace tie rods, and had the vehicle aligned. he said
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 I Own A 1999 Vw passat wagon. there have been some recalls about the front end. i did have it checked at least
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Normal Use Of '99 Vw passat with an odometer reading of 99,650 lead to the failure of ront contorl arms and tie rod ends.
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 I Have A 2003 Vw passat sw. about a year after i bought it i noticed when it started to get cold in
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Catastrophic Failure Of Front End parts (tie-rods, upper links) when car had 59,000 miles on it. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 Groaning And Moaning Noise Emanating from the front of the car when turning. *jb
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Over The Past Couple Of years i have noticed various noises coming from the front end of my vehicle. upon inspection, no
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Front Suspension Creaks Constantly While driving car. this appears to be common complaint by other owners, but volkswagen (vw) unwilling to admit
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 Front End/engine Protector Has Separated from vehicle while driving. *bf in both cases, the turn bolts on the left front
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 The Front End Is "creaky. " there is considerable noise, usually when turning. i suspect that the bushings in the multi-link
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 I Purchased A Pre-owned 1998 vw passat sedan with 36,000 miles on it in 2002 which was a great deal!! or so i thought.
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2000 Front Suspension Is Making A cranking noise while driving. this could result in lost of steering. there is a recall on this
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 The 1999 Passat Has Had a number of problems from excessive oil consumption, electrical problems,water pump defects, front end assembly and transmission
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1998 I Took My Car To jim ellis volkswagen of atlanta to get the tie rods replaced as part of the recall campaign on my 98
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1999 Recall Letter For Replacement Of tie rods on 1999 volkswagen passat. *mr the front end of the vehicle squeaked.
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1998 The Suspension Strut System Failed. the manufacturer redesigned the suspension strut but the consumer was not notified of this change.

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