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Volkswagen Seat Belts Front Buckle Assembly Reports

22 Mar

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1992 The Consumer Was Involved In a side impact collision and the driver side and the rear passenger/driving side seat belts came out the buckle.
VOLKSWAGEN FOX 1993 Passenger/driver Shoulder Belts Sticks W/poor retractors and both lap belts fail to release. please describe details. tt

VOLKSWAGEN VANAGON 1986 Shoulder Belt Buckle Attachments In last row of seats fail to release belt, which does not allow consumer to exit
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 Rear Middle Seatbelt Is In locked position, consumer unable to use it. *ak consumer states the racket mechanism whis is designed to
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 Middle Rear Lap Belt Buckle broke off after child safety seat was installed in middle. it did not properly hold css,
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 Consumer Was Involved In A collision in which seat belts did not lock up upon impact, and driver's/passenger's air bags did not
VOLKSWAGEN CABRIO 2000 Seat Belt On Passenger's side does not have a buckle. buckle on the passenger's side is missing. dealership has been
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 Driver Side Seat Belt Release button does not release, causing the driver to be trapped in the seat, consumer also having problems
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1997 Consumer Buckled Up And drove around, then parked vehicle. when she tried to buckle up again, she couldn't because the
VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN 1999 Rear Passenger Shoulder Belt Latch will not stay fastened while using a child safety seat. this causes the css to malfunction, and child
VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN 1999 Design Of Buckle Is Not safe. car seat became unbuckled from the seatbelt, and when the vehicle stopped quickly, the child
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 Vehicle Was Involved In A head-on collisi0n, impact at approximately 30 mph. abs brakes failed to operate,causing vehicle to slow
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 Consumer Was Involved In A collision in which the shoulder and lap belt disengaged or unbuckled, cause unknown. dealer replaced complete seat belt
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1995 Sometimes The Seat Belt On the driver's seat will not come out of the mechanism. also, the belt locks into position around the
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2000 Drivers Seat Belt Comes Unlatched intermittently, sunroof slider jambs/hard to slide. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 After I Put Down The rear seat (to open up the 60/40 split) the center seatbelt locks. i have loosened the seatbelt to
VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN 1999 The Rear Seat Female Buckle apparatus breaks when a car seat is installed. the base plate of the buckle breaks off, allowing
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1996 My Name Is Tonya M shears my brother patrick w rice purchased the car for me. on 12-1-99 i was on my way to
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1993 Ignition : For The Last 9 months, intermittently, car will continue to run after the ignition is turned off and key is removed.
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1996 The Rear Middle Seat Belt buckle completely fell apart. it was being used for an infant car seat carrier. when i
VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN 1997 Seat Belt Buckle Failed. yh
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1995 Passenger Seat Belt Buckle Locked up. *tt
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1989 Three Seat Belts Are Broken and the two front ones are splitting and will soon break.
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 volkswagen beetle. ever since the vehicle was purchased, it has been taken to the dealer several times
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2004 My 2004 Jetta Has 51, 000 miles and is only 3.5 years old. the air bag/ seat belt alert icon came on and
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2003 Routine Usage From Adjacent Seat mechanism caused wire to fail inside driver's side seat belt harness, causing air bag light to illuminate. was
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2001 Tl*-the Contact Stated That the 2001 volkswagen golf had problems with the airbag sensor. once she turned on the ignition and put
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2006 Air Bag Warning Light Came on, car was taken for service and driver's seat receptacle was replaced. electronic parking assist has suffered repeated
VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2002 "switches" Or Sensors In Both front seat belt latches failed at the same time requiring the replacement of both latch mechanisms. one of
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2002 Both Front Seat Belts Failed within 1 week of each other. the buckles no longer hold the belt. *nm
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 I Purchased My 2005 Volkswagen jetta in april 2005 from colonial volkswagen in feasterville, pa. on august 24th i brought it in because
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2005 Dt: The Consumer Stated The buckle assembly on front the passenger's seat belt was not locking. the seat belt can
VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN 1997 The Plastic Piece On The right front seat belt that latches and unlatches the belt buckle broke and the spring popped out. the
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 2003 While Driving At 20 Mph consumer's vehicle crashed into the rear end of another vehicle. consumer was wearing a seat belt that did
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2001 Dealership/mechanic Informed The Consumer That the advanced air bag light illumination was due to driver's seat belt latch failure. dealerships mechanic was
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999 I Own A 1999 1/2 volkswagen jetta. the seat belt mechanism on the driver side seat broke and had to be replaced at
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE 2001 Defective Driver's Side Seat Belt safety latch. *jb
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 Driver's Seat Belt Latch Failed at 4200 miles. seat belt would not buckle. *jb
VOLKSWAGEN FOX 1993 Automatic Seat Belt Upper Torso buckle sticks out, it is just a few inches from the head. *ak
VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2003 On The Morning Of February 25th, as i was leaving home and attempted to buckle the driver's side seatbelt on a 2003 volkswagen passat

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