Plymouth Grand Voyager 1995 Questions

Plymouth Grand Voyager 1995
Sat, 27 Oct 2012

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A 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE wth problems of cutting off while ...

A 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE wth problems of cutting off while in a slow turn or coming to a stop. Also lurches and lost of power while driving at normal hwy speeds (55mph). When it cuts off/looses power and lurches at 55 it still keeps running or while giving gas it is either starting on it's own or running again??
3 mechanics cannot figure it out from replacing fuel pump, fuel filter, etc. Last one said it is the computer and it was not the crank sensor?
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The brake pedal makes a click-release action evetytime I brake on my 1999 plymouth grand voyager. And the pressure is lost without pedal sinking and this has cause an accident.