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Plymouth Vehicle Speed Control Linkages Reports

15 Mar

PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1995 While Backing Out Of Parking space consumer heard a sound from back end of car. when putting it in drive vehicle accelerated
PLYMOUTH NEON 2000 Consumer Was Traveling 55-60mph Slid on some black ice, sliding almosts 550 feet, and accelerator got stuck and hit a light

PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 While Driving Cruise Control Kicked in, and the brakes had to have extreme pressure applied in order to slowdown. vehicle had to
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1993 When Put In Drive Vehicle accelerated suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in a collision. vehicle was totalled. *ak *ml
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1986 While Driving And Also When vehicle is in park, vehicle suddenly accelerates without warning. cause unknown. please give any further details.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1992 Accelerator Cable Touches The Exhaust manifold, causing the plastic to burn. *ak
PLYMOUTH NEON 1997 After Starting Vehicle Up and putting it into drive, vhicle took off and ran across the street, hitting 2 cars. driver
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1991 While Driving The Vehicle To school vehicle suddenly accelerated. shifted into second gear and it locked up. contacted dealer
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 While Backing Slowly Into a driveway vehicle suddenly accelerated, causing the vehicle to back spin over some private property and into another
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 Accelerator Cable And The Cruise control cable stripped, causing vehicle to engage in a forceful speed and hold. these are not typical wear
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1993 When Taking Vehicle Out Of park into reverse with foot on brake, the throttle stuck, causing vehicle to increase speed, resulting in
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1995 After Putting The Vehicle Into reverse, the throttle stuck, causing the vehicle to increase its speed. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1988 While Driving The Vehicle Suddenly accelerated due to trottle sticking. please describe. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Consumer States That After They brought their vehicle to the dealership to have the recall done for fuel leakage, the dealership stated that
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Parts Are Still On Back order since 3/25/02,for fuel rail. the latest contact was august. the owner has
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 Consumer States That After stopping the vehicle and then applied the accelerator pedal the vehicle would not move. *mr
PLYMOUTH NEON 1998 While Coming To A Stop with brakes applied vehicle surges forward. dealer contacted.*ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Throttle Linkage Cable Became Frayed and stuck within the sheath. engine remained at high rpm, making it difficult to stop or turn.
PLYMOUTH NEON 1996 Throttle Stuck Wide Open, vehicle went out of control, resulting in a crash/injuries. vehicle sustained extensive damage.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1987 Accidental Fire, Unspecified Fuel leak in either the carburetor or gasoline supply hose.

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