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Plymouth Exterior Lighting Headlights Concealment Devices Reports

15 Mar

PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1995 Consumer Stated That Headlight Lenses have become very "opague" greatly reducing visibility at night. problem is so severe that consumer can not tell
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Consumer Has Problems With Headlight design. please provide any further information. *mr

PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Headlights Are Dim, Can't see very far down the road, unsafe to drive at night. premature failure of fuel gauge sending unit.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 About Two Weeks Ago I reported that the headlight lenses on my plymouth voyager, 1992, have become so fogged over that it
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 For Several Years The Lenses covering my headlights are getting more and more hazed. this is not due to anything i have done
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager Se, headlamp lenses turn opaque when they age until they reach a point where it is dangerous to operate the
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1999 1999 Plymouth Voyager, Head light (clear plastic housing ) hazing badly. *bf *jb
PLYMOUTH NEON 1997 The Headlight Lens Cover Was discolored and deteriorated. the lens has become opaque to the point where it does not illuminate the highway
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 Letter Regarding Factory Inferior Headlights on 1997 plymouth grand voyager.*mr (nar) *cb the consumer stated the lenses contained a haze
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1996 The Headlights On The Vehicle had produced a thick film on the lenses, which impaired the consumer's visibility. *jb
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1998 The Headlights Lens Developed A yellowish color appearance. this decreased the lights illumination and resulted in poor visibility. the dealership was
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1998 Headlight Lens Covers. the lens covers seem to fade and pitt causing poor visibility when using head lights. i have noticed
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 The Inside Of The Headlight lens was clouded, which reduced visibility while driving.*ak *jb
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1995 The Headlight Lens Fogged Up. *jb

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