view Oldsmobile Fuel System, Other Storage Fuel Gauge System problem reportsOldsmobile Fuel System, Other Storage Fuel Gauge System OldsmobileOldsmobile Fuel System, Other Storage Fuel Gauge System

Oldsmobile Fuel System, Other Storage Fuel Gauge System Reports

Sunday 7th of June 2015 05:35:06 AM

OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Driver And Passgener Seat Belt and rear back seat do not retract. tt automatic door locks failed, left door lock switch
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Fuel Sending Unit Was Not registering the proper amount of fuel, and vehicle cut off while driving on highway. dealer notified. feel
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2002 1. No Event, just failed. windows, fuel sensor and a/c. 2 . front window on 1995 olds
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 2001 Gas Gauge Reads Erratically. *jb
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 2001 Olds Alero Fuel Sender gauge shows 1/2 tank when it's actually empty. when filled it goes to empty for days then jumps back
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 2001 I Bought A 2001 Oldsmobile aurora in 2003 being a single mother of 2 children i wanted a safe car with low repair i was
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1999 Sending Unit Malfunctioned. As a result, the reading of the gauge was incorrect. *ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Was Involved In A Frontal collision on 3/5/03 and the air bags failed to deploy in my 2001 oldsmobile alero. i was traveling 40-45
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1994 First Issue: The Windshield wipers fail to operate correctly. i replaced the blades and theres no improvement. they might go
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 2001 Consumer Had To Turn Key in the ignition several times before it turned over. also, gas gauge failed to read the
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Car Ran Out Of Gas while gas gauge still showed over 1/4 tank left. after adding 1 gallon of gas, gas gauge
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 2000 Lights Flicker, Gauges Flicker while driving, fuel pump will not always engage and now car will not start. *ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Several Problems On The 2001 oldsmobile alero that other owners seem to be having as well. turn signals went out/ gas gauge went
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1997 The Fuel Sensor Is No longer functioning. because of where it is located, i am choosing not to pull the fuel tank
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Fuel Gauge Does Not Work properly-have run out of gas twice when that meter says i have a quarter of a tank. no alarm.

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