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Nissan Structure Body Tailgate Hinge And Attachments Reports

30 Jun

NISSAN QUEST 2000 Tailgate Was In The Up position for a few minutes when it suddenly came crashing down. right side metal arm attached to
NISSAN D21 1995 Rear Bed Tailgate Bottom hinge pulled away from pivot, causing damage. *ak

NISSAN D21 1995 When Opening The Tailgate With one hand, the bottom hinge pulls awy from pivot. *ak
NISSAN FRONTIER 2005 My 2005 Nissan Frontier Tailgate hinges have repeatedly failed on me. the cables have been able to keep the tailgate from ending up
NISSAN FRONTIER 2006 Tail Gate Hinges Broken At 2007 miles after the 36,000 mile inspection of the nissan frontier. *tr
NISSAN FRONTIER 2006 2006 Nissan Frontier Had A complete fail of the tailgate hinges causing the tailgate to fall open with the danger of accidents caused by release
NISSAN FRONTIER 2007 '07 Nissan Frontier Se Cc poor design or defective weld. tailgate hinge (rt. side) started coming apart last week, then
NISSAN MURANO 2004 I Put The Back Tailgate up in my 2004 nissan murano to put my granddaughters' belongings in to take them home. i walked to
NISSAN FRONTIER 2005 2005 Nissan Frontier With Engineering defects customer states that the universal joint is subject to fail due to rust. **cc the consumer stated
NISSAN FRONTIER 2005 Poorly Designed U-joint To Front in 4 wheel drive. ,u-joint has no grease fitting will rust and disinterested. manufacturer has added fitting
NISSAN FRONTIER 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated While pulling into a driveway at low speeds, the tail gate which was locked in the upright position, fell
NISSAN FRONTIER 2005 Purchased Materials At Home Depot and loaded them in my 2005 nissan frontier. closed the tailgate and as i got on to the interstate
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 While Driving 50 Mph A loud explosion occurred. rear tailgate glass and sun roof glass shattered without any impact. then,

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