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Nissan Seats Front Assembly Recliner Reports

30 Jun

NISSAN SENTRA 1990 Failure On The Driver Side seat, when driving the seat moves forward. *ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1992 Failure Of The Driver's Side seat, the consumer was involved in a rearend collision and the driver's side seatback reclined to the back of

NISSAN SENTRA 1992 Driver Side Seatback Bolts On the right strip, causing the seat to fall backwards while driving. *ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1992 Left Part Of The Driver seat frame broke, resulting in the seat collapsing into the rear of the vehicle. *ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1991 Consumer Was Driving And The driver side seat fell backwards . tt
NISSAN MAXIMA 1990 Drivers Seat Has Fatigue Cracks on frame of back fell backwards while driving due to fatigue cracks. tt
NISSAN D21 1994 Upon Being Rear Ended The front bucket seat collapsed in the extended cab pickup truck. tt
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Inboard Seat Track Latch On manually adjustable seats may not fully engage. tt passenger seat belts back release suddenly, without warning
NISSAN MAXIMA 1991 Was Hit From Rear Drivers seat broke, hit vehicle in front, seat belt did not restrain. tt
NISSAN 240SX 1990 Driver Seat Back Is Reclining backward excessively. tt
NISSAN MAXIMA 1989 Driver And Passenger Seat Backs broke upon being rearend impact; vehicle at standstill; exact speed of other vehicle unknown. tt
NISSAN D21 1993 Truck Stopped And Was Rear ended by another truck, in turn, vehicle a hit truck in front, backrest failed upon impact,
NISSAN SENTRA 1990 During Rear Impact Passenger Seat collapsed. rear seat passenger sustained injuries in arm leg and neck. tt
NISSAN SENTRA 1988 Driver Bench Back Collapsed While driving at 55mph causing loss of vehicle control. back injuries. no accident. tt
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1991 While In A Car Crash rear driver's and passenger's seatbacks reclined upon impact. please provide further information.*ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1991 While Driving Front Driver's Seatback collasped, causing the driver to fall backwards. the dealer has been contacted. *ak
NISSAN ALTIMA 1999 Vehicle Was In A Collision where it was rear ended at 50 mph. vehicle was pushed into another vehicle, causing the driver's
NISSAN D21 1991 When Truck Was Rear Ended at a stop sign by a half ton pickup, the seat slipped out of place on the passenger's side
NISSAN FRONTIER 1998 The Right Side Of The driver's seatback, does not lock until weight is applied to the right side of the seat. please
NISSAN MAXIMA 1991 The Driver's Seatback Collapsed While driving. the frame of the seat ripped apart and scratched up the owner's back. *ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1989 Backing Vehicle Out Of A parking space and the driver's side seatback collapsed into the back seat. got out and checked the seat,
NISSAN SENTRA 1991 Seat Belt Assembly Did Not retract upon collision. driver hit steering and passenger's seat collapsed. *ak the seat belt
NISSAN MAXIMA 1991 Driver Seat: Metal Hinge sheared off, causing front seatback to fall backwards. took in for repairs and dealer said cause of
NISSAN MAXIMA 1990 While At An Intersection getting ready to make a left turn another vehicle, going about 30 mph, rearended nissan, driver's seat
NISSAN ALTIMA 1999 While Driving 30-35 Mph Vehicle was involved in a head-on collision, causing backseat to unlock and come forward.*ak there was one injury.
NISSAN QUEST 1999 Drivers Seat Broke And Collapsed backward due to a rear collision. dealer and manufacturer have been notified.*ak *slc
NISSAN SENTRA 1996 Drivers Side Seat Back Broke during a crash from behind. caused injury to drivers head, neck and back. left side of drivers
NISSAN D21 1997 Drivers Side Front Seat Backrests lower metal support broke which caused a sudden loss of support while driving at 60mph.*ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1991 While Driving At Approximately 25 mph not far from home, the back rest portion of the seat collapsed into the back seat area.
NISSAN SENTRA 1992 Brakes Whine Every Time Pedal is pressed. interior light stays on in automatic mode due to door being ajar, light not turning off.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Front Seat Recliner Failed Causing seat back to collapse.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1989 During Collision Seat Back Collapsed and broke in two places resulting in injuries to neck/back.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1991 Seat Back Collapsed Into Back seat, when rear ended by another vehicle, causing injury.
NISSAN ALTIMA 1998 Rear Seats Will Not Lock in the upright position.
NISSAN STANZA 1985 Consumer Complains That Seat Belt loops around seat latch, causing the seat to unexpectedly collapse.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1991 Driver's Seatback Failed Suddenly, causing the driver to unexpectedly fall backwards and slide completely onto rear seat. *ak
NISSAN 240SX 1990 Bolt Holding Seatback To Seat bottom broke loose, causing seatback to recline in an unsafe position. *ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Driver's Side Seat Does Not latch properly, causing intermittent movement of seat backwards/forwards. *ak
NISSAN MURANO 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 nissan murano. while the vehicle was parked as he set in the driver's seat the back left side
NISSAN MURANO 2005 While Driving Down The Highway i could hear what could best be described as a combination click and snap. at the same time
NISSAN MURANO 2003 2003 Nissan Murano Sl - failure of the driver's seat support. upon normal wear, the lifter link, part of the seat
NISSAN STANZA 1987 Hood Release Cables, Trunk release, gas release, and seat recline cables are all inoperable.*ak
NISSAN SENTRA 2005 Tl*- The Contact Owns A 2005 nissan sentra with a current and failure mileage of 14,000. the contact was stopped at a light
NISSAN ALTIMA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 nissan altima. at 20 mph the vehicle struck an ice patch and began to fishtail.
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Tl* - The Contact stated that on june 12 2006 while car was parked he attempted to lower the seat into the seat well,
NISSAN QUEST 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated without warning the driver side seat tilted forward. the driver was in the seat when the problem occurred
NISSAN MURANO 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated The driver's side seat is shaking lose from the frame due to a fracture in the frame. the seat
NISSAN ARMADA 2004 I Am Having Problems With the brakes . have taken vehicle to the dealer 4 times, and problems have not been
NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 I Was Rear-ended By A 2002 offset to driver side of car at an estimated 30-40mph. drivers seat in altima is 8-way electric
NISSAN TITAN 2004 The Passenger Seat Swerved And twisted. dealer inspected the vehicle, and stated that this was normal, since other vehicles on
NISSAN MAXIMA 2000 Driver's Seat Barried Itself In to the rear seat while driving 55 mph. knights nissan of west warwick, ri could not duplicate
NISSAN SENTRA 1998 Windshield Linkage Were Defective, and windshield wipers did not work. consumer contacted the manufacturer, and this vehicle was not included
NISSAN ARMADA 2004 While Driving At 35 Mph consumer applied the brakes and passenger who was seated on the front passenger seat almost hit the windshield.
NISSAN XTERRA 2002 I Have Been Complaining To bankston nissan of irving about the passenger side front seat shaking badly when driven. there first answer on 5/29/02
NISSAN D21 1997 During A Collision And without warning driver's seat fully reclined backward causing a distraction to consumer. dealer notified. ts...

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