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Kia Visibility Windshield Wiper/washer Motor Reports

15 Mar

KIA SEPHIA 1998 Windshield Wiper Motor Came Loose while consumer was driving and windshield wipers stopped working. contacted dealer . please provide more
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 While Using Windshield Wipers they will stop operating without prior warning.*ak

KIA SEPHIA 1998 Consumer Received Recall Letter 99v271000 for a windshield wiper motor. dealer has not received the correction parts. *ak
KIA SEPHIA 1997 Check Engine Light Comes On; intermittent problem. windshield wiper motor fails to work. intermittent problem. heater makes noises when turned on.
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Intermittently Windshield Wipers Become inoperable obstructing the driver's view. dealer has inspected the vehicle and could no correct the problem.
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Complete Lemon. Nothing but problems. replaced brakes, transmission, 2 axles, windshield wiper motor, flywheel, faulty wiring
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 The Trnamission Fail Twice Once after the car was checked before we left on vacation, the deeler will not help my and we have
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Windshield Wiper Motor Continuously has internal electrical short/abs indicator continually comes loose and "backs out of relay block/ power windows/mirrors switch contacts backing off,
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Windshield Washer Motor Failed. nlm
KIA SEPHIA 1998 Windshield Wipers Inoperative. nlm
KIA SEPHIA 1998 Windshield Wiper Inoperative. nlm
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Windshield Wiper Motor Failed Two times.
KIA SEDONA 2003 I Purchased My 2003 Kia sedona in november 2005. so far the following have been repaired or replaced: front hub assembly left side once,
KIA SPORTAGE 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 kia sportage. while driving 25 mph through a snow storm at night, the windshield wipers stopped operating.
KIA SEDONA 2005 2005 Kia Sedona Van With multiple defects customer states, motor and two freon units for the air conditioning were replaced, along with various
KIA SPORTAGE 2006 Windshield Wiper Motor Inoperative during a storm while i was driving my windshield wiper motor broke leaving me with no wipers the dealership has
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 Windshield Wipers Stopped Working With no warning. the cause of the failure wasn not identified to the consumer. dealership replaced the windshield
KIA SPECTRA 2003 While Driving Vehicle In The rain windshield wipers would work intermittently. dealer notified.*ak
KIA SPORTAGE 2001 While Driving The Windshield Wipers turned on and off intermittently which caused poor visibility and almost caused an accident. *ak *cb
KIA SPECTRA 2003 The Back Passenger Seat Belts were not long enough to hold a 135 pound passenger. *nlm the door was misaligned,
KIA SPECTRA 2003 Snow Entered The Vehicle, which caused the door not to open. *nlm the door was misaligned, rear lights were inoperative,
KIA SPECTRA 2003 The Engine Made A horrible noise. the dealer inspected the vehicle but could not duplicate the problem. *nlm the door

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