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Saturday 11th of July 2015 11:24:34 AM

KIA SEPHIA 2000 There's A Problem With Front end because vehicle pulls to the right. consumer has replaced 6 sets of tires in less than
KIA RIO 2001 When Driving And Without prior warning vehicle will shake and vibrate. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Was Driving Vehicle 75mph When front end locked up. transmission dropped to 2nd gear, and caused steering to lock up.
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 Had Taken Vehcle To Dealership, and was informed that left front tire had worn excessively due to strut end and being unbalanced.
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 While Driving 40-to 45 mph on highway vehicle locked up without prior warning. also, vehicle did 180 degree spin.
KIA SPORTAGE 2001 Vehicle Was Pulling To right. brand new vehicle. it was taken in at 20-30 miles. dealer replaced front end.
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Front End Disc Brakes keep wearing out. at approximately 12000 miles all four disc brakes and pads were replaced,
KIA SEPHIA 1998 When Driving Rear End slides from left to right. also, tires are bald. dealership is aware of
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 When Driving Consumer Noticed Vibration coming from front end, also, upon depressing brake pedal or when releasing brake pedal, consumer
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Engine Check Light Comes On, and the vehicle makes a vibrating/humming noise. also, vehicle does not shift into gear properly. dealer
KIA SEPHIA 1998 Ongoing Problem With Excessive Heat coming inside the vehicle. also, when applying the brakes a clicking noise would appear from the front
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Driving On Highway Travelling 75mph from ft lauderdale to brooksville, had problems with steering and keeping vehicle on the road. lost control of
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Vehicle Pulls To The Right while driving, aligned 4 times, pulling caused tires to be replaced twice due to wear on the outside
KIA SEPHIA 1998 While Driving And Making A left or right turn could hear noise coming from front of vehicle, like touching the sides.
KIA SEPHIA 1999 When Driving At Any Speed the front end is pulling to the left and the tires are bald. also, when applying the brakes,
KIA SEPHIA 1998 Transmission Would Make Funny Noises when shifting into gear. a new transmission was installed. vehicle still having problems. brakes: would squeal when
KIA SEPHIA 1998 When Applying Brakes The Entire vehicle shakes or vibrates and a noise occurs in the front end, cause unknown. vehicle has been
KIA SEPHIA 1998 The Floor Shifter Has A rattling noise. had shifter replaced several times. the dashboard rattles. glove compartment fell down. radio speakers
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 Consumer Has Been Experiencing Problems with front end suspension. while driving steering wheel started steering back and forth from left to right
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 When Driving Consumer Noticed A knocking sound coming from the front end of the vehicle, consumer is also having problem with leakage inside
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Vehicle Pulls To The Left when driving. dealer contacted two times, and cannot duplicate the problem. *ak
KIA SEPHIA 1998 Whenever Brakes Are Applied, they would start to make a popping noise. it would sound like metal rubbing. took to dealer &
KIA SEPHIA 1996 While Driving The Car's Front end and steering have a vibration. *ak
KIA RIO 2001 Airbag Light Has Been On since january 2002. dealer found no problem. then on may 15 2002 consumer hit a mailbox at
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Vehicle Started Shimmying Violently While going 60mph. vehicle made a grinding noise in front end and grdually coasted to a stop.
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 While Driving, 4 Wheel drive will kick in intermittently on its own. vehicle has been taken to dealer numerous times, cannot find
KIA SPORTAGE 2001 While Driving 60 Mph Vehicle would vibrate. took to dealer, and dealer balanced tires, but problem still exists. *ak
KIA SEPHIA 1999 While Driving At 30 mph front end support system on passenger's side of vehicle started to vibrate very hard and pulling to the
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 The Vehicle Pulls Slightly To the right and if the steering wheel is let go for a few seconds the vehicle travels to the right.
KIA SEPHIA 2001 No Summary. Dt
KIA SEPHIA 1999 This Car Has So Many problems they cant all be listed.the battery melted,the tires wont stay inflated properly, the a/c broke,the
KIA SPORTAGE 2001 Vehicle Pulls From Left To right 20-60 mph, especially on main hwy, pulls so hard at times that it feels like it could
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Continuation Part 3... very slowly, there was a terrible crunching or grinding metal on metal noise when the vehicle was slowed down
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 Front End Continuously Falling Off, brakes do not work properly, air bags do not work properly either
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 Front End Continuously Falling Off, brakes not working properly, air bags not working properly.
KIA SPECTRA 9999 Tires Failed Due To Mal alignment on all four wheels. when taken to be alighned, they could not be done with the
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 When This Front End System problem occurred while driving on the highway at approximately 60 miles per hour, i lost control of the vehicle
KIA SPORTAGE 2001 1. Vehicle Rocks Side-to-side when making turns. 2. vehicle has extra play in the steering wheel. 3. vehicle
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Main Concern Is 4 Wheel drive, could cause an accident if indicator lamp is on and 4 wheel drive is not engaging. causing
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Tires Was Replaced Feb.29th 2000 plus alignment and flywheel replaced in transmission . after that heard rubbing nioses when i turned wheel lt.
KIA SPORTAGE 1995 The Engine Will Start Up and stay at aprox 3000 rpm for at least 30 seconds. a few times it would not start
KIA SEPHIA 1998 On Friday May 12, 2000 my steering wheel began to shake very eraticallly. after making a three point turn and straighting the
KIA SEPHIA 1998 The Car Jerks As It is passing 20th mile. this problem has been worse with time for the last 8 months.
KIA SEPHIA 1998 We Have Had Repeated Recalls. we own two kias purchased at the same time . the dealership has made many attempts
KIA SPORTAGE 1995 Vehicle Rolled Over After Being struck by another vehicle at slow speed.
KIA SEPHIA 1996 Front End Pulls.
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 Consumer States Front Wheel Bearings failed, and hub was replaced. *tt
KIA SEPHIA 1998 The Vehicle Pulls To The right, the dealer performed 4 whell aligmnent and rotated the tires. nlm
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Front End Vibration Caused Excessive tire wear (alignment problems). mjs
KIA SEPHIA 1997 Front Suspension/brakes And Steering Failed.
KIA SEPHIA 1995 Vehicle Loss Control, resulting in an accident.
KIA SPORTAGE 1995 Consumer Complains That Vehicle Is unsaf, rolled over after being hit at 9 mph.
KIA SEPHIA 1996 Vehicle Vibrates When Driven 45-70 mph.
KIA SEPHIA 1995 Vehicle Pulls To Right.
KIA SPORTAGE 1995 Vehicle Pulls To The Right.
KIA OPTIMA 2001 2001 Kia Optima. consumer writes in regards to sub-frame recall. *smd the consumer believed he was treated unfairly and
KIA OPTIMA 2001 While Driving In A Neighborhood, my daughter heard a loud "pop" and then the car came to a stop and shuddered. i got
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 kia optima. the contact was driving approximately 30 mph when the front passenger tire bent inward abnormally.
KIA OPTIMA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 kia optima. the contact stated that the vehicle would make a loud noise and the steering wheel would
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 kia optima. the contact stated after having his vehicle aligned the front passenger side sub framed collapsed.
KIA OPTIMA 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 kia optima. while driving approximately 10 mph, an extremely loud sound of metal to metal emitted outside of
KIA SPECTRA 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 kia spectra. the contact stated while making a left turn the front end made a popping noise. the
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 kia optima. the contact stated that when driving various speeds, the steering wheel would become hard to
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns 2001 Kia optima. the contact stated that nhtsa campaign id number: 09v183000, suspension: front was related to the corrosion
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 kia optima. the vehicle was taken to an independent repair shop for routine maintenance when the contact was
KIA AMANTI 2008 Drivers' Mirror Adjustment/memory Setting: The drivers' mirror will start clicking/moving,when i hit the remote.when the mirrors tilt down after put in reverse,the
KIA FORTE 2010 Front Tires On 2010 Kia forte koup was worn so severely on the inside edge the cords was showing. took it back to
KIA SORENTO 2005 My 2005 Sorento, Suv, begun to shake on the front and later stopped. i had a mechanic check it for the main
KIA OPTIMA 2001 My 2001 Kia Optima With 102,350 miles started to pull to the right about 2 weeks ago. i took the car to a
KIA OPTIMA 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 kia optima. while the vehicle was being serviced, the contact was informed that the front subframe had corroded.
KIA OPTIMA 2004 As Described By Others Driver side lower ball joint on '04 kia optima broke with 1 sheared bolt and 1 bolt just falling out (rusted
KIA SORENTO 2011 Clunking Noise Coming From Right front of car when going over small bumps. seems like something is loose and banging around. car is
KIA OPTIMA 2002 I Have A 2002 Kia optima that the vin is not one of the vehicles that is covered by your recall nhtsa campaign id number:
KIA SORENTO 2011 Bought A 2011 Kia Sorento 4cyl standard package. noticed at around 200 miles the front right tire was making some clunking noises and felt
KIA SORENTO 2011 From Day 1 I Complained of a clunking/banging noise on the front passenger side of vehicle when going over small bumps. 3 attempts at
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 kia optima. the contact stated that while driving 35 mph he felt the vehicle vibrating and the steering wheel
KIA OPTIMA 2006 Immediately After Purchasing My 2006 kia optima, i noticed a distinct "clunking" sound emanating from the front suspension every time i encountered a sharp
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 kia optma. the front sub-frame rusted and cracked in half, and it collapsed the right front tire.
KIA OPTIMA 2004 I Have Been Refused The repair on my 2004 kia by no less than 3 dealerships about the rusting front end because of lack of
KIA OPTIMA 2001 While Driving My 2001 Kia optima on north interstate 65 to indiana, in four lane traffic my kia right front wheel nearly came
KIA OPTIMA 2001 While Driving My 2001 Kia optima on north interstate 65 to indiana, in four lane traffic my kia right front wheel nearly came
KIA OPTIMA 2002 My Son Was Driving Our 2002 kia optima and wheel assembly fell off. the whole frame rusted from inside out causing the lower control
KIA OPTIMA 2001 2001 Kia Optima Subframe Has a problem with corrosion. *nj the consumer received a recall notice regarding corrosion of the subframe,
KIA OPTIMA 2004 Wheel Misalignment And Other Noticeable stress in steering, or accelerated abnormal tire wear. rattling noise coming from left front end area, not
KIA OPTIMA 2007 Kia Optima 2006.5 From day of new car purchase in dec 2006, car has had a front end problem that results in excessive
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 kia optima. the contact stated that she received recall notice #09v183000, suspension, front. the contact
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 kia optima. the contact found nhtsa campaign id number 09v183000 (suspension:front) for his vehicle; however, the
KIA OPTIMA 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 kia optima. the contact received a recall notice for nhtsa campaign id number 09v183000 (suspension:front). the
KIA SORENTO 2006 Front End Began Excessive Shaking on interstate at 65mph. almost lost control, but managed to avoid a crash. the same shaking happens
KIA SEDONA 2006 The Vehicle Struts With Less then 75k miles (warranty covers only to 60k miles) have poor suspension. the cruise control will not set
KIA OPTIMA 2005 Stock Tires (on Stock Rims) rub against undercarriage until a band of cord are exposed and tires are considered to have failed (or potentially an
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 My Kia Began Having Electrical problems about 3 years ago. long story made short: the dealer wanted me to pay $3000 plus for it
KIA SPORTAGE 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 kia sportage. the contact has experienced several failures with the vehicle ever since its date of purchase.
KIA OPTIMA 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 kia optima. while driving 20 mph out of a parking lot, the front passenger side lower ball
KIA OPTIMA 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 kia optima. while attempting to make a turn around a bend at 45 mph, the contact overcorrected
KIA SEDONA 2005 Every 2-5 Thousand Miles The rotors become warped "excessive lateral run out" per kia the front tires wear excessively, and the vehicle does not
KIA OPTIMA 2006 Front Suspension Rattles, Bounces not absorbing bumps and road well for a new car. tires sound hollow over bumps, and ping
KIA SPORTAGE 2005 Front Suspension Problem; A lot of noise, kia dealer has replaced a lot of part of the front suspension, is practically new.
KIA SEDONA 2003 2003 Kia Sedona, Trouble with front end suspension making clunking noise. the dealer identified problem but can not fix it. they contacted
KIA SORENTO 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving various speeds a noise and a vibration was noticed. upon further inspection, unusual wear on
KIA SEDONA 2005 The Day I Purchased My 2005 kia sedona the radio stopped working. that was replaced, then the lighter went.
KIA SPECTRA 2005 2005 Spectra Front End Makes a rattling noise in the front end that could be heard inside the house when backing out of driveway.
KIA SEDONA 2002 One Of The Main Concerns/failure is a front end bobbling noise when driving on uneven pavement. the dealer states they know of the
KIA SEDONA 2004 Dt: The Contact Owns A 2004 kia sedona mini van. the contact stated their recall 03v158000 concerning abs brakes was issued
KIA SEDONA 2002 Loose Front Suspension. failure has not happened, yet. worried that the noises coming from the front of my vehicle will
KIA SEDONA 2004 Thumping Noise From Front End. .wheels or struts. usually occurs at slow speeds on uneven surfaces. not as noticable at
KIA SORENTO 2003 Dt: Front Axle Causes Tires to wear faster on the inside. significant wear differences between inside and outside of the tires. from the
KIA RIO 2003 My 2003 Kia Rio Has died out on me about six times so far. i have brought it into the dealer each time,
KIA AMANTI 2004 Front Suspension Producesd A Loud knocking sound. consumer was concerned that the front wheels will fall off while in motion. *ak
KIA RIO 2000 While Driving There Was Vibration in the front end. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
KIA RIO 2002 Vehicle Shakes When Driven, the tires were bald, and the rim was bent. *ak the front end
KIA RIO 2001 Problems With Vehicle's Engine. *mr when the consumer attempted to accelerate from slowing down, the vehicle jerked into gear.
KIA SEDONA 2002 Front End Suspension Was Tight when new. now the front end makes sounds as if something is loose and about to fall off
KIA AMANTI 2004 I Have Taken My Car to the dealership five times for the same issue. i'm currently using the lemon law procedure. on top
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 Car Purchased New, Nov 2000. now has 29k miles. has had brakes, pads & rotors replaced twice because of
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 Consumerwas Hearing Noise In the front of vehicle. was told by mechanic that she had to pay for the repairs because
KIA RIO 2001 Continuous Problems With Heavy Vibration in the front portion of the car while driving over 40 mph. also, insurance has sky rocketed,
KIA SPECTRA 2001 While Driving The Vehicle hesitated to accelerate and didn't change gears. the vehicle accelerated into full throttle. (two accidents had

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