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Jeep Service Brakes, Hydraulic Pedals And Linkages Reports

16 Mar

JEEP CHEROKEE 1988 Failure Of The Brake Pedal, brake pedal broke in half. tt
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 1994 Brake Pedal Connector Broke, resulting in no stopping distance. tt

JEEP CHEROKEE 1993 Vehicle Was Left Running While in park with hand brake engaged. suddenl vehicle started to roll backwards about 70feet before hitting a
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 1995 Vehicle Experienced Problem With Loss of brake fluid. taken to independent dealer, and replaced master cylinder and brake pedal. please
JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Consumer's Foot Slips Off the brake pedal when shoes are wet, has resulted in 3 accidents. this has never occurred with
JEEP WRANGLER 1997 Because The Brake Pedal And the gas pedal are within one inch of each other, when depressing the brake pedal, the brake pedal
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 1996 When The Brake Was Applied, the brake pedal went to the floor which caused the vehicle to experience extended stopping distance. dealer notified.
JEEP CHEROKEE 1993 Consumer States That When Trying to apply the brakes the brake pedal will go to the floor causing the vehicle to have extended stopping distance.
JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Consumer States Since 30,000 miles an on going problem with the brake pedal pursating when applied. vehicle been to the dealer
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2000 The Brake Pedal Vibrated Violently when applied. the dealer has been contacted. *ak scc
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 1994 Experiencing Problems With The Front end such as the stabilizer bar bushing, coil spring and disc brake pedal rattles. the air conditioner
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 1994 Experiencing Problems With The Front end such as the stabilizer bar bushing, coil spring and disc brake pedal rattles. the air conditioner
JEEP CHEROKEE 1990 Dealer Will Install Shift Interlock systemon automatic transmission due to misapplication of brake pedal which is situated near accelerator pedal. 97i-002.000
JEEP WRANGLER 1999 Vehicle In Question Was Fitted with an automatic transmission. when brakes were applied, brake pedal went below accelerator pedal. if one was
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 1995 Brake Pedal Retaining Clip Missing. *dsh
JEEP CHEROKEE 1995 Hand Brake Handle Thumb Release button failed. *ak
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2001 Consumer States That When Pressing the brake pedal hard it goes down below the level of the gas pedal, if his foot is not
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 1993 Dealer Refused To Do Recall 92v-181 on vehicle, instead of repairing brake pedal and linkages, dealer did the brake rotor recall 98v-005,
JEEP CHEROKEE 1998 Brake Pedal Pad Fell Off. *mjs
JEEP CHEROKEE 1993 Brake Pedal Is Located Too far from gas pedal. during an emergency/accident the gas pedal was pushed instead of the brake pedal, causing
JEEP CHEROKEE 1993 Brake Pedal Retaining Clip Never installed. *dsh
JEEP CHEROKEE 1991 Brake Pedal Is Too Close to emergency brake lever, causing driver's foot to slip off. *skd
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 jeep grand cherokee. while the contact's wife was driving the vehicle at an unknown speed, she approached
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2004 2004 Jeep With 42k Miles- the brake peddle has one inch of lateral movement. the dealer plans to replace the peddle assy.
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 grand cherokee. while driving 5 mph, the traction control system activated when he hit a bump.
JEEP LIBERTY 2003 Tl*-the Contact Has A 2003 jeep liberty that has been recalled due to problems with the ball joints. the dealership is informing her that
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated The motor to the adjustable pedals became inoperable causing the accelerator and brake pedals to be out of alignment.
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2005 Initially Thought Engine Accelerated When pressing on brake pedal. came to realize that i was pressing both the accelerator and brake together. poor
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2006 The Brake Pedal On My 2006 jeep grand cherokee is 3.25 inches higher than the accelerator pedal (almost 2 inches higher than my other
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2005 While Driving My 2005 Jeep grand cherokee i have experienced unwanted acceleration while braking on numerous occasions. this vehicle is equipped with
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2005 2005 Grand Cherokee Brake & accelerator pedal are at the same level. *ts *jb the consumer stated on several occasions when
JEEP WRANGLER 2004 On Two Occasions, I have rear-ended someone due to what i believe is a faulty design in the position of the brake pedal in
JEEP LIBERTY 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated the brake and accelerator pedal are too close together. this caused an accident, while backing the contact
JEEP WRANGLER 2005 I Was Involved In An accident on 9/11/05. i stepped on the brake in a hard manor, but since the brake is very
JEEP WRANGLER 2005 Gas Pedal And Brake Pedal to close to one another. while driving my vehicle this weekend. my shoe got stuck
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2005 Problem********wife And Myself Were Unaware we were stepping on the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time.********** i figured it out
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2004 While Applying The Brake On 5 separate occasions, the consumer applied the brake and the accelerator pedal simultaneously. this condition caused the vehicle
JEEP WRANGLER 2004 Got In Vehicle. Put right foot on brake, put car in drive, took my foot off brake and then immediately reapplied it
JEEP WRANGLER 2003 I Feel Brake And Gas pedal are too close together.i apply brakes but my foot sometimes hit gas pedal at the same time,and
JEEP CHEROKEE 2003 When Braking, The Pedal felt soft and intermittently the driver would simultaneously apply the accelerator pedal. this caused the vehicle to lurch
JEEP CHEROKEE 2002 Consumer Stated There Was Not enough space between the brake and gas pedal. the dealer was notified. *ph
JEEP WRANGLER 2003 I Was Involved In An accident on 7/31/03. i depressed the brake in a hard manor but since the gas pedal is so close
JEEP WRANGLER 1991 The Consumer Received A Recall notice (number b03) to replace the brake pedal assembly. a month past and the parts were still not

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