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Isuzu Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Disc Reports

14 Mar

ISUZU RODEO 1995 Brake System Failure, The disc brakes have been turned several times. tt
ISUZU TROOPER 1993 Four Wheel Disc Brakes Fail, soft upon pedal application or pedal goes to floor. please describe details. tt

ISUZU RODEO 1995 The Right Front Brakes Completely locked up while driving. *ak
ISUZU STYLUS 1992 Abs, Brake Failure, while driving vehicle makes a loud grinding noise, loss of brake fluid master cylinder, replace disc pads and
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Whenever Brakes Are Applied vehicle fails to stop properly. had taken vehicle to dealership and was informed that no problem existed with
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Brake Pads And Rotors Are wearing excessively, front and rear rotors have rusted prematurely. also, states when brakes are applied
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Abs System Prevents Stopping Vehicle after hitting any bump when applying brakes at about 40 mph. dealer says that everything is working properly.
ISUZU HOMBRE 1996 Brakes Make A Grinding Noise when applied and malfunction, causing vehicle to skid/slide. there have been many occurrences, one causing vehicle to
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Ea99008; Brake Pads Make a grinding/squeaky noise, and vehicle experienced extended stopping distanc,e which may result in a crash.
ISUZU HOMBRE 1998 It Is Diiffcult To Brake because because the front brakes are inoperable.*ak
ISUZU RODEO 1999 Consumer States When Brakes Were applied the brake pressured declined, upon release and re-application pressure returned.*jb
ISUZU RODEO 1997 Had Brakes Completely Replaced 3 times. makes weird train-like sound over 25 mph; overheats when stopped at a traffic light-no one can find
ISUZU HOMBRE 1998 The Brakes Suddenly Failed As i approached a stop sign. i was able to stop the vehicle and cross the intersection safely.
ISUZU TROOPER 1998 Brake Discs All Have Deep pitted surface rust - braking capacity is inadequate. *ak
ISUZU TROOPER 1997 While Accelerating Away From A stop sign i depressed the cluth to engage second gear. the clutch pedal dropped to the floor and i
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Vehicle Had A Routine Service about 3 months ago which cost about $400. when driving, for the past week or two,
ISUZU TROOPER 1995 Immediatly After Purchasing The Trooper in 1995 we noticed we had to stand on the brakes to stop when going down the driveway.
ISUZU RODEO 1998 All Of The Rotors On this car are pitted all the way around... they are all warped and this is not roght
ISUZU TROOPER 1996 Consumer Is Having Brake Problems.
ISUZU RODEO 1999 Vehicle Experiences Excessive Pulsation When applying pressure to brake due to corrosion on the discs. all four disc were replaced by the

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