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15 Mar

ISUZU TROOPER 1995 While Driving, Airbag Light comes on for no aparent reason, dealer has not been able to correct. tt
ISUZU RODEO 1998 While Traveling At Any speed heard a loud rattling noise was coming from under dashboard. *ak consumer states the rattling

ISUZU RODEO 1997 While Traveling, A Vehicle cut consumer off leaving consumer to swerve to the right into a sand barrier on the exit ramp, airbags
ISUZU RODEO 1997 Rpms Went Down And The brake pedal went to the floor, airbag light came on, that was the only light that came on,
ISUZU TROOPER 1997 Consumer Was Involved In A rear end collision traveling about 45 mph, impact 30 mph, damage to the front end. the
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Air Bag Failure. Also due to design horn has been defective. *ak
ISUZU OASIS 1997 While Driving Air Bag Light stays on. dealer notified.*ak
ISUZU RODEO 1995 Consumer Hit Another Car And the both air bags didn't deployed . consumer states airbags did not deploy with a front end collision.
ISUZU OASIS (VO) 1996 Airbag Light Came On 4/24/02 and the dealer reset it. it came back on 5/9/02 and the dealer has said that the supplemental
ISUZU AMIGO 2000 My Wife And Daughter Were involved in a crash with our 2000 isuzu amigo. my wife impacted a vehicle which had crashed into
ISUZU RODEO 1999 No Summary( Dot Number: tire size: p235/75r15 )
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Passenger Side Air Bag Assembly mounts have come loose which causes air bag assembly to move around behind dash. this rattle is very
ISUZU TROOPER 1995 Proposed Solution To Air Bags problems with children.
ISUZU AMIGO 1998 No Deployment Of Airbag During front end collision resulted in driver neck injury.
ISUZU HOMBRE 1996 Driver Side Airbag Deployed Without collision while vehicle was in motion.
ISUZU TROOPER 1996 No Deployment Of Airbags During collision.
ISUZU ASCENDER 2006 Was Struck By A Van starting at drivers door mirror all the way down drivers side. drivers door opened allowing driver to be ejected.
ISUZU RODEO 2001 I Was Turning Onto A street. the street was covered in oil or some type of slick element. i skidded and fell into
ISUZU RODEO 2002 While Traveling On A Road, a horse ran across and caused a collision. the front of the vehicle is damaged, as well
ISUZU ASCENDER 2005 My Daughter Was Pulling Out to turn left onto a 4 lane road. as she crossed the median she hit a large puddle and
ISUZU ASCENDER 2005 We Had A Car Accident and the airbags didn't activate...the impact was very hard that the insurance company decided to total the
ISUZU RODEO 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 isuzu rodeo. the contact was driving approximately 35 mph when the vehicle began to erroneously drift to
ISUZU RODEO 1996 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1996 isuzu rodeo. the vehicle was involved in a head-on collision traveling 35 mph. the air bags did not
ISUZU ASCENDER 2004 The Computer System Of The vehicle is broken down. the speedometer jumps from 0 mph to 120mph and never shows the correct speed.
ISUZU HOMBRE 2000 I Was In A Collision and struck another vehicle in the rear squarely with the front of my vehicle at approximately 45 mph. the
ISUZU AXIOM 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 isuzu axiom. while driving less than 20 mph, the contact rear-ended the preceding vehicle. the
ISUZU RODEO SPORT 2001 A Problem W/brakes During Rain only locking up leading to accidents. car was involved in 2 accidents after first accident was assured brakes
ISUZU OASIS 1996 Problems I Have Had With my 1996 isuzu oasis (same as honda odyssey). 1. the car stalls while driving. this problem
ISUZU OASIS 1996 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1996 isuzu oasis van. the air bag light is not illuminated. the contact is aware of the
ISUZU RODEO 1999 Tl*- The Contact Owns a 1999 isuzu rodeo, and stated that while driving on the road at 30 mph the vehicle in front
ISUZU RODEO 2002 Car Was Involved In An accident where it struck the back of another vehicle. the collision was enough to cause over $4000.00 in
ISUZU ASCENDER 2003 Dt: The Contact Stated While driving on the interstate during rush hour at 55 mph, a vehicle hit the wall and tail spinned in
ISUZU RODEO 2001 I Had A Blow Out on my 2001 isuzu rodeo, causing my vehicle to go off the road to the right running into another
ISUZU RODEO 1999 Dt: The Contact S owns a 1999 isuzu rodeo. he received a recall on 10-14-05 regarding the brakes on the vehicle.
ISUZU RODEO 1995 Dt: Caller Says The seat belts did not hold in a crash. the driver's seat belt and the one in the back seat
ISUZU AXIOM 2002 Dt: On July 3rd the consumer received a recall letter in reference to the passenger side air bag, recall # 03v113000.
ISUZU RODEO 1999 Fuel Gauge Is Intermittent After filling gas tank with fuel. fuel gauge is completely inoperative after 5-10 miles of driving after filling fuel tank.
ISUZU RODEO 2000 Vehicle Was Involved In An accident while traveling at 25 to 30 mph but the air bags did not deploy.*mr the
ISUZU RODEO 2000 Air Bags On 2000 Isuzu rodeo are defective.*mr the consumer was involved in a front end collision yet none of the air bags
ISUZU AXIOM 2002 While Driving At 25 Mph left front tire blew out, driver lost control and hit a guard rail. upon
ISUZU RODEO 1998 On 11/24 I Was Involved in an accident. i hit someone who lost control of their vehicle and pulled out in front of my
ISUZU ISUZU TRUCK 1999 While Driving 25 Mph The consumer lost control of vehicle and hit another car. none of the vehicles airbags deployed.
ISUZU ISUZU TRUCK 1999 While Driving 20 Mph The consumer lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. none of the vehicles airbags deployed.
ISUZU AMIGO 1998 The Consumer Loss Control Of vehicle, went over an embankment and landed noise first, and none of the air bags deployed, the
ISUZU AMIGO 1998 The Consumer Loss Control Vehicle, went over an embankment and landed noise first, and none of the air bags deployed, the consumer
ISUZU AMIGO 1998 The Consumer Loss Control Of vehicle, went over an embankment and landed noise first, and none of the air bags deployed,
ISUZU AMIGO 1998 The Consumer Loss Control Of vehicle, went over an embankment and landed noise first, and none of the air bags deployed, the
ISUZU RODEO 2001 Consumer Was Driving Between 65-67 miles per hour in light-rain conditions trying to exit into another lane when the 2001 isuzu rodeo began to hydroplane
ISUZU RODEO 1999 The Vehicle Went Airborne And landed on the front end and the air bags failed to deploy.*jb

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