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Hyundai Power Train Automatic Transmission Control Module (tcm, Pcm) Reports

22 Jan

HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2005 My 2005 Santa Fe (hyundai) was parked in my driveway. my 3 year old son got out of my sight for 2 seconds got
HYUNDAI SONATA 1995 I'm The Owner Of A 1995 hyundai sonata, 2.0l dohc, automatic. driving on a icy road in michigan the tranny downshifted

HYUNDAI SONATA 2006 Complaint Centers On A pattern of deceptive and misleading representations by hyundai dealership in las vegas, planet hyundai. car was brought
HYUNDAI XG300 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving at various speeds, the automatic transmission pcm condenser failed resulting in a hesitation while accelerating.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2001 Car Accelerated Beyond Control To ~90 mph before steering lock and car went into jersey barriers. according to tsb from hyundai this is
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2004 On 3/4/2005, While Driving on an interstate highway, the car stalled and wouldn't immediately start. it did start later. i was
HYUNDAI SONATA 2001 We Purchased A 2001 Sonata. we had it three weeks and the coolant system had to be replaced. now,just after the warranty
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1999 In March Of 2004 The transmission in my car, a 99 hyundai accent, started slipping. i took it into the dealership,
HYUNDAI SONATA 2001 The Consumer Was Going About 25 mph and the check engine light came on and vehicle just died. the vehicle jerked to a
HYUNDAI XG300 2001 Intermittently Will Either Stall Or launch forward while driving. dealership replaced the pcm as indicated in the power train recall 01v362000, although
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2004 I Would Like To First thank you for taking the time to review this letter. march of this year i purchased a 2004 hyundai
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1998 1998 Hyundai Tiburon, Automatic transaxles: car purchased new in 1998. experienced engine stumble referenced in tsb 98-36-008, but no one could

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I own a 2009 Hyundai genesis I've had it for only 4mos now and im already having trouble with the esc and check engine light coming on. And it is scary when you are going down interstate at 75-80miles per hr then start loosing power it has happene

The best piece of automobile, I've ever seen in my life! This car rocks the table! It is the most proportionate blend of performance, power and style a vehicle freak could ever get. I've been driving this vehicle from past 6 months and I am really

I have a 2003 Sonata, the problem is power windows not working. They will not go upnor down from drivers side buttons, nor will the passenger side button work, nor either of the back seat buttons. I have made sure child lock was off and tried al

2002 Elantra - discovered the low beam headlights had burned out-filiments open. Replaced bulbs and 3 days later the car lost all power - stalled and wouldn't start. Used a volt meter across the battery... measured 11.70 VDC with no load.  Used

2006 Azera 59k miles. At about 48k noticed headlamps dim or momentarily go off when on off ramp where speed goes from 65 down to 40. Once car downshifts at 40MPH the headlights dim/go off like clockwork. Lights do come back on. I've read the volta

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