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Hyundai Electrical System Starter Assembly Reports

Wednesday 8th of July 2015 04:26:21 PM

HYUNDAI ACCENT 1997 When Trying To Start Vehicle sometimes it makes a loud grinding noise or it will not start at all. consumer has had 2 starters
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1995 A Defective Generator/alternator Caused Battery to blow up, resulting in wiring harness melting. this could cause a fire.
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1997 When Turning The Key In the ignition engine does not turn over. dealer has replaced starter/ computer an d crankshaft, but
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1992 Would Smell Something Burning. vehicle was leaking oil. engine check light kept coming on. taking vehicle to dealer for problem. broken
HYUNDAI SONATA 1993 Transmission/radiator/starter Failed.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2001 The Car Was Making A grinding noise when i shifted from drive to park and reverse. i took it back to the dealership where
HYUNDAI SONATA 1999 Vehicle Repair Log States Car exhibits a no start condition. *tt
HYUNDAI SONATA 1993 Starter Failed Causing Driver To keep turning ignition key off and on to get vehicle to start. nlm
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1996 Starter Failed.
HYUNDAI SONATA 1991 Starter Failed Twice/replaced Due To a design flaw. *ak
HYUNDAI EXCEL 1988 Starter Failed.
HYUNDAI SONATA 1991 Starter Failed.
HYUNDAI SONATA 1993 Starter Failed. *sd
HYUNDAI EXCEL 1989 Starter Replaced Six Times.
HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 hyundai entourage. while parked, the vehicle failed to start. the vehicle was taken to a mechanic
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2002 Engine Stalled Suddenly On Several occasions while during low speed, at idling or at a constant speed as a result with full loss of
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 hyundai santa fe. the contact stated that while driving, the transmission began shipping in and out of gear.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 hyundai santa fe. the vehicle's crankshaft sensor has been replaced three times. the sensor was replaced
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 hyundai sante fe. the check engine lights illuminated and the vehicle will not shift properly.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 70 mph on the highway, the vehicle stalled without warning. it was maneuvered off the road
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2005 When 2005 Santa Fe Accelerator pedal is depressed it has a delayed reaction. *ts ***nar*** the consumer stated when the delayed acceleration occurred
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2001 Dt:the Contact Stated The Cps capacitor that is with the crank shaft position sensor is not working properly and as a result the vehicle stalled
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2002 On Cold Startup Car Stammers, hesitates and revs (sometimes shakes).loss of power while driving, engine runs loud,intermittently will not is
HYUNDAI TIBURON 2003 Vehicle Will Not Start And stalls when it does start. twice has been picked up by roadside service and towed to arrow hyundai
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1998 The Starter Was Replaced Six times, the transmission, front brakes, outer tie rods and the engine were all replaced. *ts

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