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Honda Service Brakes, Air Disc Rotor Reports

22 Mar

HONDA CR V 1998 Front Rotors Go Out Every 3500 miles. very bad vibration--i'm on forth set of rotors now. every set does same thing.
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Brake Rotors Failed.

HONDA ACCORD 1996 Rotors Warped Prematurely.
HONDA CIVIC 1995 Both Front Brake Rotors Warped at approximately 22,000 miles.
HONDA CIVIC 1992 Broken Rotor.
HONDA CIVIC 1997 Both Front Brake Rotors Warp and continually need replacing.
HONDA CR V 2005 The Brake Rotor On My honda crv 2005 is defective. it looks like steel is not carbonated evenly and there a some pieces that
HONDA ACCORD 2003 My Daughter Was Driving Her 2003 honda accord under sunny skies and good road conditions. as she slowed and made a slight right
HONDA HONDA 2003 The Rear Brake Rotors Required re-grounding after warping had occurred which caused a pulsating sensation when braking. the rotors were re-ground at 34k,
HONDA ACCORD 2004 A Grinding And Shaking When braking, was told by the dealer that i must not be used to the anti-lock braking system the roads
HONDA PILOT 2004 This Vehicle From Original Purchase has had a wheel vibration that seems to be incorrectable by dealer. i believe it is a defect
HONDA ACCORD 2003 The Brake Pads And Rotors on my 2003 honda accord ex-v6 have been continuously problematic. at approximately 500 miles, the brakes exhibited an
HONDA PILOT 2003 Front Disc Brake Rotors Warped from normal use, low mileage (21,000 miles) causing excessive vibration and potential loss of vechicle stability and control
HONDA ACCORD 2003 My 2003 Accord Had Warped rotors after only 6 months. then at 15k my brakes started squealing and grinding. i took
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Accident. No Details Listed. *ak

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