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Gmc Visibility Windshield Wiper/washer Switch/wiring Reports

Sunday 25th of October 2015 02:31:15 PM

GMC C1500 1997 While Driving Windshield Wipers malfunctioned which may caused visual difficulty, and could have resulted in a crash. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1994 While Driving Would Turn On windshield wipers. after a few minutes, they would quit working without a warning. then,
GMC SIERRA 1995 Upon Turning On The windshield wipers, they don't come on regularly, inadvertently. dealer indicated the problem is in
GMC JIMMY 1995 While Driving At 10 Mph vehicle dies out without prior warning. when consumer gets into the vehicle and shuts the door,
GMC JIMMY 1996 The Windshield Wipers Malfunctioned, causing the wiper to be inoperative. while in use the wipers will stop working ,but if
GMC SIERRA 1994 When The Windshield Wipers Are activated the wipers are inoperative, which won't help the occupant to see in the rain. may cause
GMC SONOMA 1995 Ea970233; Windshield Wiper, the windshield wipers stop while operating, the switch has to be turned off and on a couple times before
GMC JIMMY 1995 Ea97022, Windshield; After using the windshield wipers, the wipers just stopped for no reason after a few seconds. the switch has
GMC SIERRA 1996 Wiper Works Intermittenly Dealer Notified and informed that vehicle vin number was not cover. ts
GMC SAFARI 1996 Wiper Switch Disconnects When Turned "on". gmc service manager believes there were recalls for this defect but unable to find for gmc vehicle;
GMC GMC 9999 Consumer Took Vehicle To Dealer for recall regarding windshield wiper switch, the switch was replaced with the wrong part and the staff removed the
GMC SIERRA 1995 Windshield Wipers Failed During A rain storm, causing a near miss collision because vision was impaired.
GMC 1500 2003 Windsheild Wipers Won't Turn Off. ..possible wiper pulse module. *cn
GMC C/K PICKUP 1997 Sir Or Ma'am, i bought a 1997 gmc sierra c/k series 1500 pickup in 1999. recently while driving in
GMC SONOMA 1998 At First Instance Of Failure windshield wipers would intermitently stop working. it has now progressed to total failure. got under
GMC SIERRA 1500 2004 1 Speedometer Registering 120 Sitting still ( replaced cluster). 2 wipers would not shut off ( replaced wiper motor circuit board) 3. knock
GMC SIERRA 1500 1994 For Several Years, My wipers would intermittently stop. on more than one occasion it nearly caused a severe accident. lately
GMC C/K SERIES 1998 Windshield Wipers Stop Working While driving. had same problem before with a different truck same year 98. problem was windshield wiper
GMC SONOMA 1998 This Started As An Occasional failure in 2002 when the intermittent wipers would suddenly start wiping at full speed "on their own" and would only
GMC YUKON XL 2000 First Passenger Window Stopped Working, found out it was the window regulator. have been waiting for the part for months. i have
GMC PREVIEW 1994 Windshield Wipers Stop Unexpectedly In all positions on windshield. this occurred several times in heavy while my son was driving. he
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Consumer Disappointed With The Lack of recalls on the defective windshield wiper circuit board on his 1998 gmc suburban. *nm artemis down until
GMC SONOMA 1997 We Have A 1997 Gmc sonoma with a votrec 4.3 x. over 2 years ago, we started getting misfires. we
GMC SONOMA 1998 Windshield Wipers Run For A while (5 to 15 min) then just stop. after a variable period of time (1min-10 min) they will come
GMC PICKUP 1995 Gmc Sent A Recall Letter in february 2003 and stated wipers for gmc trucks would stop working intermittently. the letter also stated if
GMC SIERRA 1994 Nhtsa Recall 98v150001/ Concerning windshield wiper wiring. vehicle experienced windshield wiper problems. when the windshield wiper are on they will
GMC ENVOY 1998 On Dec. 7, 2004, it was a very rainy day and of course my windshield wipers were not working properly. they
GMC SIERRA 1996 My Windshield Wipers Only Work intermitedly and i found the recal for it on this site. 996 gmc sierra pickup..the dealorship is
GMC ENVOY 2004 Turn Signal Failed And Would freeze, or would activate the 4-way hazard lights. the dealership replaceed the relay switch. approximately one-two
GMC ENVOY 1998 Wiper Malfunction With Exact Symptoms that the newer gmc suv are having. mechanics are using the same part on all vehicles and it
GMC SONOMA 1998 My Windshield Wipers On My truck will work for a while and then lock up, today i was driving on the interstate and it
GMC C1500 1993 I Have Been Having Intermittent problems with the windshield wipers for the a couple of years. i finally decided to try and fix
GMC SIERRA 1998 Windshield Wipers Stopped And Then may start at a later time. the last incident was when it stopped august 20, 2004 in
GMC JIMMY 1998 1998 Gmc Jimmy, Windshield wipers stop working in the rain. extremely dangerous. this situation has happened before, they stop
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 While Driving A 1997 Gmc suburban at night in the rain the windshield wipers stopped working without notice. it resulted in a very urgent
GMC YUKON 2000 Within A 4 Month Time i have lost my driver-side window, front-passenger, and rear driver-side window all to failed window regulator or motors.
GMC YUKON 1997 Broken Wiper Motor, Will not be covered by gmc or dealer due to its a 1997 and has 110k miles. it happend
GMC JIMMY 1998 Windshield Wipers Quit Working While engaged. in some cases windshield wiper will restart within seconds. when this failure occurred it reduced the
GMC JIMMY 1998 On My Way To Work, my windshield wiper keeps failing. it's almost 100% guaranteed to fail during any rain. it
GMC SAFARI 1989 Random Failure Of The Windshield wipers when vehicle is in motion. very spooky when it happens at night. when questioned the dealership
GMC S15 1998 1998 Gmc Jimmy - Faulty windshield wipers (hazard switch) my vin # not under recall even though same problem on different vin # has
GMC YUKON 1997 Windshield Wipers Fail. Same part gmc uses in 1997 c/k series and 1997 surburbans have been recalled under gm recall number 03023. 1997
GMC YUKON 1994 I Own A 1994 Gmc yukon and the windshield wipers quit working without warning. sometimes they will start working on their own, sometimes
GMC PICKUP 1998 I Have A 1998 Gmc sierra p/u my wishield wipers have the following symptoms: wipers will not work or work intermittently; wipers stop
GMC YUKON 1998 Recently, My Daughter, tracye, a special education teacher for the dawson county georgia school system, called me for help with her
GMC JIMMY 1998 Windshield Washer Motor
GMC C1500 1997 Power Steering Assist Tends To pull the wheel to the right or left with too much assist after barely turning the wheel one way or
GMC PICKUP 1993 My Windshield Wipers Work Intermittantly. sometimes they don't work and sometimes they do work.
GMC SIERRA 1993 Failures In Electrical System. radio,dashboard light (speedometer, etc.),windshield wipers. *la
GMC JIMMY 1998 Windshield Wipers Would Stop During heavy rains. *la
GMC SONOMA 1994 My Winshield Wipers Stop Working and then start working again without warning. this is the same problem that the nhtsa had found and issued
GMC JIMMY 1998 The Windshield Wipers Sporatically Will not operate. if it should rain, the wiper may or may not operate. a recall on this
GMC SONOMA 1998 Wipers Broken - Work Occassionally when wiring harness "jiggled" - then stop again.
GMC ENVOY 2003 While Parked In My Garage w/ engine off. i came around the corner & heard water running. my gmc 2003 envoy's front
GMC YUKON 1998 Windshield Wipers Fail.*ak
GMC JIMMY 1998 My Son Was Driving His 1998 gmc jimmy. vin 1gkdt13wxw2568739 in a heavy rain when suddenly the wipers came to a complete stop
GMC JIMMY 1998 1992 Chevrolet C1500 Pickup And 1998 gmc jimmy. windshield wipers work intermittently. cause appear to be a faulty connector at wiper
GMC 1500 1994 Windshield Wipers Malfuntioned Stoped Working. has been unreliable since then.
GMC JIMMY 1998 My Windshield Wipers Just Stop in the middle of the windshield and start back when they feel like it. i was on my way
GMC PICK UP 1993 Consumer States That While Driving and no warning the windshield wiper will work intermittently and it will be hard for the consumer to see during

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