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Gmc Parking Brake Conventional Reports

22 Mar

GMC C1500 1992 Parked Slight Incline, Emergency parking brakes was set and vehicle was left idling, park released itself, making a noise impact 6:00,
GMC C2500 1994 The Emeregency Brake Pedal And tube fell to the floor while attempting to apply. tt

GMC SONOMA 2001 Vehicle Rolled Down The Driveway while parked, with emergency parking brake fully engaged, causing vehicle to crash into a parked vehicle.
GMC JIMMY 1994 When Brake Pedal Was applied it was hard, and would not move. emergency brake was applied, but did not respond.
GMC JIMMY 1998 While Driving The Vehicle On highway brakes locked up without application. also, dealer replaced the parking brake assembly. *ak
GMC SONOMA 1995 Left Hand Rear Brake Hose and parking brake cable are being chafed by the frame of car at the foward spring shackle, which
GMC JIMMY 2000 Consumer Is Unable To Use emergency brakes as a result of pedal not staying engaged or in place.*ak
GMC SIERRA 1999 While Parking On A Hill and without automatic transmission. applied parking brake, and it didn't hold. contacted dealer.*ak
GMC YUKON 2001 Emergency Brake Will Not hold when vehicle is on an incline. contacted dealer, and the dealer was not willing
GMC SIERRA 1999 Emergency Parking Brake Is Inoperative. dealer notified. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
GMC SIERRA 2001 When Parking Brake Is Applied on a slight incline, the vehicle will roll. dealer examined vehicle and found no problem with the parking
GMC YUKON 2000 Emergency Park Brake Failure. *ak
GMC YUKON 2000 Consumer Applied Emergency Brake and pedal went to the ground, resulting in emergency brake malfunctioning. *ak
GMC SIERRA 1999 I Have A 1999 New body style gmc sierra 3 door truck. i am the only owner and driver of the vehicle.
GMC JIMMY 1998 I Didn't Bring The Vehicle to the dealership because they told me it was out of warranty. went out
GMC YUKON 2001 The Vin Number Is 1gkfk16t81j166861 on february 12, 2002, at 9am i had an appointment at clyde revord to have my oil changed
GMC YUKON 2000 The Parking Brake System Is not designed to hold more than the weight of the vehicle on more than an eleven percent grade.
GMC K1500 1990 Truck Parking Brake Disengaged And truck rolled down embankment. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1995 Two Freeze Plugs Rusted Completely. antifreeze leaked.
GMC SIERRA 1993 While Vehicle Was Parked In driveway, parking brake malfunctioned, vehicle rolled backwards and it landed in a class room at school across the
GMC SAFARI 1996 Emergency Brake Pedal Is So high that it is impossible to engage with foot.
GMC GMC 1993 Emergency Brake Latch Failed, causing accident. *sd
GMC C SERIES(LIGHT) 1984 Parking Brake Failed. (attorney for client) *dh
GMC JIMMY 1985 Emergency Brake Failure. *dh
GMC MOTOR HOME 1990 Brake Light Comes On While driving, also emergency brake release locked up prior to recall. *aw
GMC YUKON DENALI 2002 While Parking The Truck The parking brake went to the floor and does not hold the truck from moving , even after parking in
GMC T UTILITY 1997 Dt*: The Contact States There is a nhtsa recall, campaign 96v120000 regarding the parking brake; conventional. the vehicle has the same
GMC SAVANA 2003 I Bought This Gmc Savana used (22,000 miles) and the parking brake did not work at that time. the dealer refused
GMC SIERRA 2001 Dt: The Parking Brake Has never operated properly. it goes all the way to the floor. owner has had the parking brake
GMC YUKON DENALI 2001 Consumer Noticed That The Parking brake was inoperative. vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection. the cause had not been determined.
GMC SIERRA 1999 I Own A 1999 Gmc sierra 3 door truck. i was driving home when my brakes for some reason failed. i tried to
GMC YUKON 2000 Parking Brake On My 2000 gmc yukon has never worked. vehicle will roll downhill if parking brake pedal pushed to the floor.
GMC SIERRA 2001 Purchased From Dealership With A 2-yr inspection sticker. after sticker expired, went to have vehicle inspected. failed due to vehicle will move

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