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Gmc Exterior Lighting Hazard Flashing Warning Lights Reports

22 Mar

GMC SONOMA 1995 Brake And Hazard Light Experiencing a short, resulting in fuse blow out and equipment inoperative, replace relay switch/flasher/common circuit. tt
GMC SUBURBAN 1996 Consumer Pulls A Trailer With vehicle and if using hazard lights, all lights will blowout, including brake lights. contacted gmc and truck

GMC C4500 2005 When Brakes Are Applied, the emergency lights stop working. had a flat tire and pushed the emergency lights and used brakes to
GMC JIMMY 2000 Dt: The Contact Stated there was gm recall 01073 on the exterior hazard lamp switch and the breaking light sensor.
GMC JIMMY 2001 The Multi-function Switch Developed an open circuit condition that resulted in the stop lamps and the rear hazard lamps becoming inoperative. this
GMC SAFARI 2001 Whenever I Press The Brake pedal while the hazard warning flashers are on, the fuse blows. i have replaced the fuse repeatedly
GMC JIMMY 2000 Pulled Over To Side Of highway (raining) and engaged the hazard signal briefly and disengaged and directional signal and brake lights failed to operate.
GMC JIMMY 1998 The Blinker Sound Comes On for no reason and stays on for random lengths of time. tapping on the brake will turn off the
GMC JIMMY 2001 I Was Pulled Over By a police and given a ticket for no brakes lights. i knew that i had checked my brake lights
GMC SIERRA 2004 I Own A 2004 Gmc sierra pickup with 6,700 miles. i am experienceing a imtermintent problem with the turn signal/hazard lights. when
GMC SIERRA 1995 #1, I Spent 1, 164.73 to have my anti-lock brakes repaired at a dealer. i found a safety recall of 1.4
GMC JIMMY 1999 Brake Lights And The Hazard lights were not operating properly. the problem was repaired once by the dealer, but it recurred.
GMC SONOMA 1997 I Have A 1997 Gmc sonoma s.n. 1gtcs1948v8501858. i have been having a lot of things wrong with it. air conditioner

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