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Geo Wheels Lugs/nuts/bolts Reports

22 Mar

GEO METRO 1994 While Removing Lug Nuts From vehicle one of them broke. tt
GEO METRO 1992 Wheel Lug Nuts Break Due to their size. tt

GEO TRACKER 1996 Consumer Took Car In for oil change, and mechanic said that only one nut: bolt was holding the fan shroud on,
GEO PRIZM 1991 While Driving Approximately 20mph heard a sound & was not able to steer vehicle. the wheels would not turn either left or right.
GEO TRACKER 1996 Vehicle Was Taken To The shop to get tires rotated. while consumer was driving on the road on her way home when
GEO TRACKER 1996 The Front Right Wheel Lugs: nuts sheared off, causing the hub to fall, almost resulting loss of vehicle control and accident.
GEO METRO 1994 When Rotating Tires Every 6000 miles several of the lug studs break off -
GEO METRO 9999 Bolt Missing/fell Off Wheel Causing wheel to fall off. (attorney for consumer)
GEO METRO 1995 Wheels And Lug Nuts Are rusting. (qc-aw)
GEO METRO 1994 Wheel Studs/bolts Break Off Every three months.. *sd
GEO METRO 1993 Lug Nuts/bolts Snapped. *dsh
GEO METRO 1992 Lugs Designed Too Small To be installed with power tool, caused threads to cross/lugs to fail. *skd

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