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Geo Visibility Windshield Reports

22 Mar

GEO PRIZM 1995 Front Windshield May Have Been improperly heat treated and now has a large crack in it which manufacturer refuses to fix with cost.
GEO TRACKER 1990 Plastic Windows On Passenger And driver side of vehicle causing vision problems. tt

GEO PRIZM 1994 Windshield Manufactured Incorrectely, When looking through wihdshield view is distorted. has not contacted dealership.*ak windshields were replaced twice but
GEO METRO 1997 Window On Driver's Side Failed to up & down properly. interferes with door regulator. door would jam. window tilts forward. has
GEO METRO 1998 While Driving About 20 Mph rear windshield shattered and broke off, dropping glass every where.*ak
GEO PRIZM 1992 Inside Door Handle Has Broken off. also, front windshield does not become clean in fog.*ak
GEO PRIZM 1993 Consumer Stated That Weird Things happened to her vehicle. she was parked inside of a parking lot. when she came
GEO TRACKER 1998 In Cold Weather Driver's And passenger's side windows will not defrost from the inside, even with heat and defroster on, causing the consumer
GEO METRO 1996 The Inside Of The Vehicle's windows fog up until one can't see out of them. have to run the air-conditioner and the
GEO PRIZM 1994 In August,1998 The Front passenger side window mechanism failed and had to be replaced and in november the driver side front window failed
GEO METRO 1997 The Driver's Side Window Has difficulty going up. *slc
GEO METRO 1991 The Mechanics Within Driver's/passenger Doors are causing the windows to be scratched and limited visibility. *ak
GEO METRO 1993 Windows Slipping Out Of Metal frame.
GEO TRACKER 1991 Poor Visibility Through Rear Windows when there is direct sun or inclement weather.
GEO METRO 1990 Front Passenger Window Stuck. *dh
GEO PRIZM 1990 Headlight Glare From Oncoming Traffic reflects in windshield, blinding driver. *sd
GEO TRACKER 1992 Problem With Rear/side Windows. *aw
GEO METRO 1994 Difficulty Opening Passenger's Side Window.
GEO METRO 9999 Windshield Reflects Image Of Cowling and dash,
GEO METRO 1995 Tl*- The Contact Owns A 1995 geo metro with an odometer reading of 108000 miles. the contact stated that had pitting in

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