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Geo Structure Body Hood Reports

22 Mar

GEO STORM 1991 Driving Down Hwy, Hood flew up, obstructed vision completely, pulled over to side of rd, hood still attached to frame,
GEO STORM 1993 While Driving The Hood Of the car fflew up hitting the windshield and cracking it. *ak

GEO METRO 1991 Consumer Was Driving And Hood came off and cracked the windshield receive recall after this happened . tt
GEO PRIZM 1994 Without Releasing The Latches The hood pops up when vehicle hit guard rail in accident. please describe details. tt
GEO PRIZM 1990 Vehicle's Hood Flew Open And damage the windshield and the hood itself, it happended twice. tt
GEO METRO 1989 The Hood Flew Open And smashed front windshield and bent the roof. tt
GEO TRACKER 1991 While Driving, At Approx. 60mph on hwy., suddenly the hood flew up, cracking windshield. tt
GEO METRO 1989 Consumer Was Driving And Front hood came open. tt
GEO METRO 1992 Hood Flew Up While Driving 55mph oh highway, causing block vision. please describe details. tt
GEO STORM 1991 Estimated Speed 50 Mph, hood flew open hitting windshield blind vision. please describe details. tt
GEO METRO 1993 Consumer Was Traveling About 65mph on highway and hood started lifting up. about three seconds later, hood came off,
GEO METRO 1993 While Driving 45mph And The hood flew off vehicle. without any warning. *ak
GEO METRO 1993 Recall #93v189, structure hood assembly: driving approximately 35mph and hood flew up on vehicle. vehicle has not been repaired. gm
GEO STORM 1990 The Vehicle Hood Flew Up while driving the vehicle. please describe.
GEO METRO 1989 Consumer Was Driving And The front hood came open, almost accident, couldn't see. please describe .*ak
GEO METRO 1991 We Were Not Aware That this problem had been subjected to recall earlier and our dealer refused to repair the latch or offer to replace
GEO METRO 1992 Hood Latch Separated From Body (still latched); suddenly flew open, smashed the windshield and mangled the hood. i notice,
GEO METRO 1993 Cracks In The Hood Inner panel.
GEO PRIZM 1995 Rust Under Hood.
GEO METRO 1990 Recall Repairs On Mislocated Hood striker assembly attachment is not to owner's satisfaction. *skd

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