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Thursday 23rd of April 2015 08:33:26 PM

GEO TRACKER 1996 Air Bag Light On instrument panel has been on, and horn has failed to operate. dealership informed consumer
GEO PRIZM 1999 While Driving On A Rainy day the front end of the vehicle struck another vehicle and driver airbag did not deploy.*jb
GEO PRIZM 1993 Air Bag Light Has come on and stayed on. consumer was informed there was recall 96v107000 on this for this make/model/year
GEO METRO 1996 Air Bag Light Remained On while driving. dealer notified, and informed consumer that vehicle was out of its warranty, and
GEO METRO 1996 Airbag Light Staying On in dash board. please provide any additional information/attachments.*ak
GEO PRIZM 1993 Airbag Light Stays On. there is a recall on airbags , but this vehicle not included due to vin. *ak
GEO PRIZM 1994 Airbag Light Will Not Go off, feels like airbag may deploy. *ak
GEO METRO 1998 Consumer Was Involved In A side impact, forced into into another vehicle head-on at speed of 40 mph. upon impact,
GEO PRIZM 1999 Air Bag Warning Light Remains illuminated, indicating a malfunction within the system. dealer replaced the air bag wiring and the module which
GEO PRIZM 1999 Air Bag Warning Light Flashes periodically. this has been an ongoing problem for the last six months. dealer was not able to
GEO PRIZM 1999 Air Bag Light Comes At any random time and will not cut off. dealer was contacted and part was replaced.
GEO PRIZM 1993 The Air Bag Light Came on, indicting defective air bag system. the vehicle is not included under recal, but is
GEO PRIZM 1993 When Driving 60mph The Air bag light stay illuminated. ts
GEO METRO 2000 Air Bag Light Stays On. air bags deactivated without warning. vehicle was not in a collision. contact dealer.*ak
GEO METRO 1996 Consumer Was Hit From Behind and pushed into a car in front of her, vehicle was totally wrecked and the air bag not did
GEO METRO 1996 Violent Deployment Of Airbag During side impact accident caused injury to passenger.*et
GEO PRIZM 1999 Airbag Light Started Blinking. dealer checked flash codes. flash code 44 confirmed. new abs harness on order.*ak
GEO PRIZM 1999 Airbag Light Indicating Defect/failure Of airbags illuminates. intermittent problem. dealer unable to duplicate. occurred 12 different times from 36,
GEO METRO 2000 Airbag Warning Light Stays On when starting car. *ak
GEO PRIZM 1994 The Air Bag Warning light stays on at all times dealer notified, and informed consumer that veheicle was not cover under manufacturer's recall
GEO METRO 1996 Passenger Airbag Deployed While Vehicle was in motion,driver possibly hit a piece of brick in the road only, no passengers were in car,
GEO STORM 1993 Each Incident Has Been Fixed at least four (4) times (struts on the left and right rear), with the exception of the air bag
GEO METRO 1992 Hood Latch Separated From Body (still latched); suddenly flew open, smashed the windshield and mangled the hood. i notice,
GEO PRIZM 1994 I Am Very Disapointed With gm. they have completely ignored me in this matter. i will be sending yu a copy
GEO PRIZM 1995 I Had A Car Accident in which my car rolled,and upon impact my seat belts,both driver and passenger popped,also my airbags did
GEO METRO 9999 While Driving The Consumer Rear ended another vehicle, although the vehice sustained frontal collision the air bags failed to deploy, the consumer sustained
GEO METRO 1996 While Driving, Airbag Light illuminated at times, dealer stated airbag system needed replaced, however after replacement the airbag light became illuminated again,
GEO PRIZM 1994 Violent Deployment Of Air Bag during collision resulted in death of consumer due to a broken neck sustained from deployment. (attorney for
GEO PRIZM 1999 Air Bag Light Illuminates Intermittently. nlm
GEO PRIZM 1994 False And Violent Deployment Of drivers side air bag caused injury to driver (dislocated jaw, eye infection from chemicals, hearing change in left
GEO STORM 1991 Violent Deployment Of Air Bag permanently injuring eye of consumer. (attorney for consumer).
GEO PRIZM 1994 During Collision No Deployment Of air bag.
GEO METRO 1996 Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Failed during impact resulting in head,neck,shoulder, hip and knee injury. not air bag complaint (e.g.,
GEO PRIZM 1993 Brakes Failed Resulting In Collision, violent deployment of air bag resulting in facial injuries.(ohio state police report).
GEO METRO 1995 Unspecified Air Bag Failure, causing bags not to deflate.
GEO PRIZM 1997 No Deployment Of Air Bag during collision.
GEO METRO 1996 I Have Already Sent In a form but have never been contacted since by neither yourselves nor the manufactures of the vehicle. i
GEO PRIZM 1996 Drivers Airbag Failed, No deployment.
GEO PRIZM 1993 Violent Deployment Of Airbag Caused the consumer left eye trauma which resulted in blindness.(attorney for consumer).
GEO PRIZM 1994 Violent Deployment Of Air Bag during collision resulted in burns to driver.
GEO PRIZM 1995 During Collision There Was No deployment of air bags
GEO STORM 1991 Vehicle Collision, No Deployment of air bag, seat backs collapsed.
GEO PRIZM 1993 Recall Repair Not Done On the air bag sensor because vin not part of recall. dup of 517339, added on 25-feb-98.
GEO PRIZM 1995 Consumer Complains That Airbags Are a safety hazard for short people.
GEO METRO 1995 No Deployment Of Airbag During collision, causing injury.
GEO PRIZM 1994 Brakes Failed, Causing Accident, also airbag deployment was violent, causing injury to eyes/nose.
GEO METRO 1995 Consumer Complains That Airbags Are unsafe for short driver's.
GEO METRO 1995 No Deployment Of Airbag During accident/headrest failed to secure neck, causing injury. *sd
GEO PRIZM 1994 No Deployment Of Airbag During head on collision, causing injury.(attorney for client)
GEO STORM 1991 Airbag Failed During Accident, causing injury, attorney for client. *aw
GEO STORM 1992 No Deployment Of Driver's Air bag during accident, resulting in injury. "dup: see 956482". *skd
GEO PRIZM 1994 Other: Leaking Air Bag replaced. *skd
GEO PRIZM 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 chevrolet prizm. the contact was driving 30 mph and became involved in a crash. the air bags
GEO METRO 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 55 mph on a rain slicked road, the vehicle hydroplaned into the rear of another vehicle and
GEO METRO 1995 I Had 95 Geo Metro, the day i wrecked it was raining. i was coming upon a curve, and i hit my
GEO PRIZM 1997 During An Accident The Air bags did not deploy and the seat belt equipment failed to lock.*mr everyone inside the vehicle sustained some
GEO PRIZM 1995 Reporting On Behalf Of Our insured. airbag deployed after hit pot hole. no frontal impact. injury to driver. air bags were
GEO PRIZM 1994 While Driving 45 Mph Driver side airbag deployed inadvertently. as a result, driver sustained head and neck lacerations, and temporary loss
GEO STORM 1990 Upon Finding Out That The is a recall call on my 1990 geo storm that affect the seat seat belts and air bag the manufacture
GEO METRO 1995 While Driving At 20 Mph vehicle was involved in a head on collision, and airbag did not deploy. *ak
GEO PRIZM 1994 Never Informed Of Recalls For air bag light and driver restraint system. found recalls on nhtsa website. notified gm, waiting
GEO PRIZM 1994 While Driving At 50 Mph vehicle was in a frontal collision. the air bag had a delay deployment upon impact.*ak
GEO METRO 1995 My Geo Metro Went down a hill flipped a couple of times and hit a tree. neither air bag ever came out.
GEO STORM 1993 Consumer States While Driving the vehicle was in a head on accident with another vehicle. consumer states drivers side air bag did not

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