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Dodge Visibility Defroster/defogger System Windshield Controls/wiring Reports

16 Mar

DODGE B350 1992 Replaced Terminal End Of A/c________________________________
DODGE CARAVAN 1990 While Driving, Noticed Smoke coming from left side panel, pulled to side vehicle caught fire, fire dept suspect electrical fire in rear

DODGE RAM 1994 Heater Blower Motor Is starting to slow down and gets hot due to defective wiring. this defective wiring has caused blower motor
DODGE RAM VAN 1995 Fan Motor Switch Stopped Working several months ago. the switch melted. independent mechanic pulled up a universal recall on
DODGE NEON 1997 Windshield Was Fogging Up. turned switch to put on defogger and switch blewout. *ak
DODGE TRADESMAN 1994 Blower Switch Has Been Changed 3 times, ignition switch went out and left consumer stranded on the raod.*ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1994 Horn/cigarette Lighter And The Booster in the radio do not work. also, when turning heater fan switch on high, liftgate opens.
DODGE RAM 1500 1996 The Motor Blower Fan Shorted out, causing damage to the fuse box under the hood.
DODGE B250 1991 Vehicle Experienced Two Incidents concerning heater switch overheating, and ingnition accessories burning out. manufacturer notified, and informed consumer
DODGE NEON 1995 Defroster Does Not Work Properly because it does not clear the windshield and the side windows, causing poor visibility. may result in
DODGE DYNASTY 1988 Heater Switch Under The Hood goes out vehicle overheats and burns out the heater cord. also, blew out a fuse to the
DODGE NEON 1996 Head Gasket Failure At 48750 miles, problem repaired. brakes are noisy and cause extended stopping distance. the air circulation switch malfunctions,
DODGE INTREPID 1993 Defective Fresh Air Defroster, causing air to gradually diminish until it becomes inoperative.this could result in a health hazard. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 The A/c Blower Fan Switch gets extremely hot when the a/c and fan are in use, the ignition has burned out four times and
DODGE INTREPID 1993 Was Driving Vehicle About 35-40mph, windows frosted up. turned defroster switch on & nothing happened. turned it off & then back on
DODGE RAM 3500 1999 While Replacing Negative Battery Cable to negative post a direct charge occurred. dealer notified. *ak the consumer stated that the battery cable
DODGE RAM 2500 1996 Ventilation Selector Fails When Defrost is selected regardless of the position of the selector knob. *slc
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 Blower Motor Resistor Rusted/connector Harness burnt -- burning smell in vehicle. *ak
DODGE RAM 1995 This Continues My Previous Complaint. checked circuits and found the a/c relay was arched together. replace the relay and recheck system.
DODGE STRATUS 1995 The Heater/a.c. Switch resistor has burned, resulting in an acrid smoke that could cause fire and/or lung damage. repeated requests
DODGE CARAVAN 1994 When Operating Vehicle At Night, headlights go out momentarily,(2-3sec),or after driving for 50 to 100 miles at night then stopping ,and starting
DODGE RAM 1500 1995 Air Conditioning/heater Control Switch Failed.
DODGE RAM 1996 Defrost Control Stuck.
DODGE DODGE TRUCK 1990 Blower Motor Switch Shorted/failed.
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 The Heater Fan Only Works on high intermittently. nlm
DODGE DAKOTA 2000 Relay Switch Failed Prematurely Causing the blower motor to continue to run when the truck was turned off. nlm
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 The A/c And Heat Valve stick. yh
DODGE INTREPID 1997 Temp Control Switch Button Broke. nlm
DODGE STRATUS 1995 A/c & Heater Vent Directional switch failed causing it to be stuck blowing all the air towards the windshield.
DODGE STRATUS 1995 A/c & Heater Vent Directional switch fails intermittently.
DODGE RAM 1500 1995 Climate Control Mode Selector Rotary knob split/failed causing poor visibility due to the inability to use front windshield defrost while driving.
DODGE DAKOTA 1996 When Switch Failed, The smell of melted plastic filled the cab of the truck. when i removed the componet the back of
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 A/c And Heater Control Button failed.
DODGE RAM 2500 1996 Heater And Air Conditioner Control failed.
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 Fluttering Noise In Hvac Selector box valv.
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 Horn Is Very Weak, sound is not loud enough.
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Air Conditioner Coil Failed.
DODGE RAM 3500 1996 Defrost Control Button Failed. mjs
DODGE COLT 1987 Rear Defroster Switch Broke.
DODGE B350 1992 Heater Switch Failed.
DODGE RAM 1994 Heater-defrost Control Knob Failed.
DODGE DODGE TRUCK 1991 Blower Switch Shorted.
DODGE RAM 1500 2003 No Heater Defrost Controls. *tr
DODGE RAM 2500 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 dodge ram 2500. the contact stated that his vehicle would not start and the fans for the air
DODGE DURANGO 2003 2003 Dodge Durango And 2003 dodge caravan. both vehicles have blower fan speed resistors that are burnt out. the vehicles have no heat
DODGE STRATUS 2000 Please Tell Me If There is an recall for the control that turns on the heat and the air? i had mine replaced and
DODGE RAM 1500 2002 Defective Blower Control On A dodge 2002 ram 1500 van. *ak
DODGE DURANGO 2001 I Have Had To Replace the rotors three times and also had them resurfaced 3 times in 3 years. now i have
DODGE DAKOTA 2003 Various Problems With 2003 Dodge dakota. *mr there were backfires at times, the pedal would barely move at stop signs,
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1996 Body Module For 96 Grand caravan part # 04686930 failed. *ak this module controls

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