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CHEVROLET CAPRICE 1992 The Vehicle Stalls While Driving and veers to the right when stalling at highway speeds. tt the brake and the steering
CHEVROLET CAPRICE 1992 Vehicle Stalls Out At Any speed, almost resulting in accident. tt dealer replaced ignition coil, vehicle still stalls, possible
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1992 Right Front Wheel Strut Snapped, resulting in control loss and wheel fell in. tt
CHEVROLET C35 1991 Replaced Shocks. Aligned. tt
CHEVROLET S10 1995 Bent Radius Arm, Causing poor driving conditions. *ak
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2000 Clunking Noise In Front End, feels loose. dealer checked and verified that snapping feeling in the steering wheel, remove intermediate shaft
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1992 Called Gm 8/6/01, Rear spindle arms bad, consumer was told vehicle is too old, they rust out, front end suspension is
CHEVROLET 1500 1999 Alignment Problem Ruined Left Front tire. the sidewalls were cracking on all the tires. dealer said the tires were not suitable
CHEVROLET CHEVROLET TRUCK 1999 Aligned And Rotate Tire, even tried 12 different tires, vibration still exist
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1999 Strays From Side To Side onf the road constantly turn the steering wheel, vehicle also bounced all over the road when going over bumps
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1999 Truck Pulls To One Side, brakes shoes found to be cracked, master cylinder leaks
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2000 Electrical Failure, Steering Rack and pinion failure, lower ball joint/lower control arm/lower ball joints/long shaft sleeve failure
CHEVROLET C15 1999 Truck Vibrates At Hwy Speed 65-70 since purchase. replace general tires with michelin tires to no avail.
CHEVROLET ASTRO 2001 Vehicle Vibrates When Acclerating at low or higher speeds. dealer checked engine/ front end, and computer. rotated
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2000 Consumer Has Contacted Dealership For various suspension problems, but was told that cavalier convertible was no longer being manufactured because it will buckle and
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 While Driving 20 Mph Or more steering wheel/vehicle would jerk to the right of the road. dealer/manufacturer were not notified at this time.
CHEVROLET CHEVY VAN 2001 When Traveling 40 Or More mph vehicle would sway/wander across the road severely. vehicle been taken to dealer's shop on four occasions,
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1988 Engine Is Defective And there is alot of smoke that comes out. engine will lose alot of oil. vehicle also vibrates
CHEVROLET EXPRESS 2001 While Driving At 55mph Van would drift back & forth into one lane, and then another. would be hard to maintain control when
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 While Driving And Accelrating Extreme vibration occurs within steering wheel, cause unknown. dealer cannot identify the problem. please give any
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1997 When Making A Left Turn vehicle will pull strongly to right, also hard to make a right hand turn, consumer was informed
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2001 Periodically The Vehicle Would Shift to right. dealer was unable to find defect. then, vehicle began to make loud
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2000 Steering Wheel Would Make Popping noise when turning. had take vehicle to dealership, mechanic replaced rack and pinion only.
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 Vehicle Was Going 50mph Around a wide right hand curve when vehicle suddenly started wobbling/ spinning/ went over embankment, and rolled backward into
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2000 Vehicle Experiencing Noise In steering wheel. dealer replaced rack and pinion,/cam and toe, and front suspension.
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1998 While Making Turns Or Accelerating from a stop a loud metallic noise will occur, coming from driver's side. dealer cannot determine
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 Vehicle Wanders Off Top The left and right. wheels turn left all the time. dealership is aware of
CHEVROLET TRACKER 2000 Wet Conditions Cause Vehicle To wander across the road. dealer notified, and informed consumer to contact nhtsa. seeking help from nhtsa in
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2001 When Making A Left Or right hand turn vehicle will steer to left or right erratically, and will stay there. dealer
CHEVROLET G20 1995 When Driving Differential Would Make grinding noise. noise was like it was straining when acclelrating and/or braking. *ak consumer had a
CHEVROLET CK 2500 1998 Excessive Wear Of All Tires, wearing inside on one side, and outside on other side. vehicle has been to dealer
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Whenever Turning A Corner Or hitting a bump or crack in road, steering would make clunking noise. have been to the
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2001 While Driving About 45 Mph would lose control of vehicle. will not keep direction, and wandering all over road, and
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1993 Suspension Strut Bar Snaped in two. contacted dealer, and dealer noted that it was a chronic problem with chevrolets.*ak
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 Consumer Heard Noise Coming from underneath vehicle. *ak the vehcile make noise when turning the wheel due to steering gear
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1996 Abs Light Is On, and when brakes are applied stopping distance is not normal. dealer has been contacted.*ak consumer
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1999 Vehicle Makes A Rattling Sound when driven. noise comes from underneath has been contacted.*ak
CHEVROLET S10 1986 While Driving Vehicle Sahke and vibrates.*ak
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1997 Suspension Makes A Poping And scrunching noise while making a turn at low speeds. there is a tsb on same
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1993 While Driving Vehicle Experiences rough vibration/ speedometer doesn't work anymore, abs light stays on. these things were working when test
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Intermittently When Making A Left or right hand turn vehicle will lose rpms and acceleration power which has caused crash. only way to
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2000 A Sumping Sound When Making a left turn vehicle been in dealer shop on five occasions, and was unable to locate cause.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 There Is A Knocking Noise in steering wheel. dealer has replaced rack and pinion steering and problem still exists.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 While Traveling At Low To high speed, consumer noticed vehicle vibrating, dealer dropped surame and tightened rack mounts, lower control arms rattle
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2000 At 850 Miles Steering Wheel starts to shimmy, has been in to dealer 3 or 4 could not find cause.
CHEVROLET 1500 2000 While Vehicle Is Being driven at any rate of speed vehicle severely pulls to right. driver continously has to keep
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1996 While Traveling At Any Speed vehicle make a loud noise. dealer has been contacted. please provide further informaton. *ak
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 While Driving About 55 Mph vehicle will vibrate highly. vibration will be felt on passenger's side as well as on
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 There Has Been Vibration Problems with the truck since may. now when hitting a bump or any irregularities in the road or depressing
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 Vehicle Was Leaking Coolant Out of the radiator. currently, vehicle was pulling to left and right and into oncoming traffic.
CHEVROLET C2500 2000 Balancing And Rotating Of the tires were wearing and tearing on the lugs: nuts. consumer thought tires were the problem.
CHEVROLET C3500 1999 While Driving At 50 Mph vehicle began to shake or shimmy in rear end. shimmying got worse at higher speeds. this
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1994 Intermittently Vehicle Has Been Experiencing a severe vibration when starting from a cold start; vehicle been in dealer shop on three occasions, and
CHEVROLET S10 1994 When Driving At Any Speed vibration was coming from truck. wheels have been replaced twice. all four
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 While Driving On Road Over 45mph vehicle will sway/won't stay in its lane. also, factory battery had started melting through
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1996 While Driving About 50 Mph it felt like vehicle had a flat tire. then, it lost control, rolled over three
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2000 The Consumer Was Traveling about 55mph on the highway. when stopping, vehicle would make a thumping noise.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1998 Rubbing Noise Would Occur when making a slow left hand turn. it sounded like it was coming from power steering,
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 Vehicle Severely Vibrated While Accelerating. vehicle has been in dealer's shop on several occasions, and dealer has performed various repairs/parts replacement,
CHEVROLET S10 1999 Consumer Was Traveling About 40-30mph and vehicle started vibrating. also, left front tire came completely off the rotor. dealer is currently
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 Consumer's Wife Was Driving and she was unable to steer vehicle. vehicle wandered from one lane to another lane, and
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1999 Intermittently, While Driving Vehicle pulls to the left and jerks to the right which may cause a crash. been to dealer several
CHEVROLET TRACKER 2000 Stability Of Vehicle Wa uncertain . consumer wasn't aware of this at the time of purchase. vehicle has tipped
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1995 Consumer Has Had Multiple Problems with vehicle. brakes have been replaced 4 times & the dealer couldn't remedy the situation or give
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1996 Upon Starting Vehicle shakes violently and makes horrible noises. also, this happens while vehicle is driven.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 When Applying Brakes at high speed heard loud and shaking noise and vibration throughout vehicle. please provide further information. *ak
CHEVROLET LUMINA APV 1991 Strut Rod On Front Passenger's side came loose from the top, resulting in an accident. please provide further nformation. *ak
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1998 Vehicle Constantly Pulls To The left, consumer feels this is a safety issue because sometimes there is traffic present. *ak
CHEVROLET 1500 1999 Wheels Cannot Be Aligned due to the washer which is welded on. replaced tires less than one year from purchase, vehicle
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 Vehicle Wanders Across The Road while traveling at highway speed. vehicle been inspected/repaired by two different dealers, and problem still occurring.*ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 While Traveling 60-65 Mph Vehicle started vibrating. dealer and manufacturer have been contacted. owner told that chevrolet is working on it and
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 While Making A Turn vehicle turned too far and too quickly. dealer has inspected vehicle. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 Vehicle Experiencing The Following Problem 1.) brake booster had to be replaced on two occasions; 2.) thottle sticking, unble to correct
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 Ea99011, Erratic Power Steering assist while driving. when taking off from a stop or making at right or left turn, there is
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1993 When Consumer Gets Into vehicle something inside makes a banging noise.- dealership states that there is a special grease in
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1999 Interior And Dash Lights Flicker over railroad tracks or a hard bump. also, engine check light came on twice, and vehicle shook
CHEVROLET C SERIES 1997 While Making A Left Or right turn there is a twitch or jerk in the steering wheel. the problem is more noticeable when driving
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1999 While Driving On Highway Above 55mph noticed vehicle vibrationg, which it got worse. took vehicle to the dealer. they kept
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2000 While Driving About 45 Mph he could hear a rumbling noise (like a flat tire), and felt vibration coming from the steering wheel.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1997 When Making A Slight Turn vehicle will jerk. also, dealer has replaced the electronic steering sensor. *ak
CHEVROLET 1500 1999 While Driving 45-65 Mph extreme vibration occurs, dealer has replaced the shocks and tires which has not corrected the problem. please
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 When Applying The Brakes At any rate of speed extreme vibration occurs within the steering wheel. dealer cannot identify the problem.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 On 3-jan-2000, While Making a u turn power steering shaft broke in half. had the vehicle towed to dealership. they
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1995 Vehicle Shimmies/vibrates Whenever Coming to a stop. dealer notified. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 While Driving There Is A lot of vibration & noise coming from steering wheel, mainly while turning or braking, speed was not a
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1999 After Engine Is Warmed Up and driving between 58-70 mph. vehicle will vibrate, possibly causing loss of vehicle control. dealer cannot determine
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1991 Consumer Noticed Corrosion And Rust on the fuel line/brake line, and suspension components, in both front and rear. if parts
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 While At 60mph Car Starts to shutter and it won't slow down properly. also, within 30, 000 miles had to
CHEVROLET 1500 1999 While Driving At 65mph Or above the steering wheel has a very hard vibration which may cause a loss of vehicle control and crash.
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1998 While Driving On The Highway noticed when going over bumps that the wheels would vibrate very badly. vehicle also pulled to the right.
CHEVROLET K2500 1990 Engine Is Making A Knocking/squealing noise . this makes the car shake, and it affects driving. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 While Driving Over 60 Mph vehicle has hard vibration which may result in loss of vehicle control. or over time may lose
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 Steering Wheel Jerks When Turning left or right. this causes the consumer to lose control and go into other lanes. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 While Driving Vehicle Approximately 65mph vehicle would start to shake violently. if driving at lower speed, shaking would not be noticeable. have
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Vehicle Shakes Excessively At 60mph. dealer has not seen vehicle. *ak
CHEVROLET 1500 1998 On Cement Roads, And driving between 50-70 mph ,a shimmy will occur in the steering wheel which could cause a loss of vehicle
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1998 Vehicle Would Wander At Any speed. appointment has been made for dealer inspection. do nhtsa have any other information on this problem.
CHEVROLET S10 1998 While Travelling At Any Speed vehicle wandered across the road. consumer believed that this could cause of a collision if not
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1997 The Vehicle Is Experiencing Erratic steering problems. when changing lanes and or turning corners , the steering wheel will jump sideways .
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 When Making A Left Or right turn vehicle pulls to the right drasticly, causing driver to nearly lose control. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 While Driving And Pulling A trailer vehicle vibrates hard which may cause a loss of vehicle control. please provide further information.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Intermittently While Driving Vehicle vibrates at any speeds which may cause a loss of vehicle control and crash. please provide further information
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1997 When Driving At Any Speed the steering wheel will go from different lanes, and there is vibration wihtin the steering wheel. glove
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1998 Consumer Bought A Boa., but when he puts it on truck it makes the truck vibrate. also, when not carrying
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 While Driving A T45mph A lot of vibrations occurs on passenger's side. the side view mirror would shake. had vehicle in shop 9
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 While Driving Above 60 Mph steering wheel shakes and shimmies. the road surface does not matter. truck has been seen by
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1998 The Steering Wheel Would Jerk. it feels like steering went out. the problem is intermittent, but an every day occurrence.
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1999 Driving Between 60-70 Mph vehicle will begin to shimmy. dealer claims has no solution, and is aware of defect.
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 While Driving At Highway Speeds around 50 to 60 mph vehicle wanders and drifts to left or right. dealer has been contacted.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 When Reaching Speeds Of 60 to 70 mph, vehicle experiences excessive vibration. dealer has seen vehicle twice, and still no solution.
CHEVROLET C/K PICKUPS 1991 While Driving 40mph & Vehicle would drift while moving, would try to correct steering & the wheel would jerk in hand. its an
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Vibration While Driving At 0-25 mph, and magnified more after pulling off from a stop position. vehicle been in/out off dealer shop
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1997 Vehicle Pulling To The Right whenever vehicle reaches 30 mph or more. vehicle been inspected on four occasions, and problem still occurs.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1997 When Driving Vehicle And picking up speed, the vehicle seems to wander to the right. dealer has not seen vehicle.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 While Driving At Any Speed there is alot of vibration within the vehicle. the steering wheel moves to the left / right.
CHEVROLET K1500 1998 Vehicle Pulls To The Right at highway speeds. vehicle has benn inspected by the dealer. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Vehicle Vibrates While Driving At 20mph. no repairs have been made yet. *ak *ml
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1998 Ea99-011, When Traveling 50-70 mph consumer felt a shimmy within the steering column, also, when making a left hand
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1997 Vehicle Would Wander While Driving at 50 mph or more and oversteering would occur whenever changing lanes or making turns. vehicle been in dealer
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 While Driving At Any Spee and , making a turn, there is some a grinding noise coming from the steering.
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1995 Consumer Was Driving And He felt vibration inside of the car. the driver's side rear wheel was passing along the road due to
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 While Driving At Any Speed vehicle won't go straight. it veers to the left, and then to the right.
CHEVROLET 1500 1999 While Driving At 40 Mph there is some noise within the steering. also, when going over a bump, there is
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 While Driving Next To A big truck trailer, vehicle wanders to right and to the left. this could resulrt in
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1997 The Steering Has "too Much play in it" which causes steering difficulty. while driving vehicle will go to the right which may cause crash.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 The Stepped On brakes which disenguaged the cruise control from 40 mph to 70 mph. consumer had to hold on tight
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Driving At Approximately 50 Mph and above the vehicle will vibrate violently, causing loss of vehicle control. dealer claims there is no
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 While Driving Approximately 50mph Vehicle started to vibrate. had been to dealer at least 6 times for problem. mechanic could not locate
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 When Vehicle Stops At a light or stop sign it vibrates, cause unknown. dealer cannot identify problem. please
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 Ea99011-erratic Power Steering Assist. while driiving vehicle goes down a straight road, hits a slight bump, causing the tension in the
CHEVROLET 1500 1999 While Driving Vehicle On Any speed, vehicle vibrates, and consumer loses control, almost getting off the road. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Consumer Took Vehicle To Dealership four times for shaking in the steering wheel and column area, also when applying the brakes the pedal goes
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1996 Whenever Driving Approximately 45-65mph vehicle would vibrate excessively. would have control of vehicle. have taken vehicle to dealer on numerous times
CHEVROLET C1500 1997 Driving At Any Speed Vehicle will pull to the right. also, when driving at 55 mph or higher vehicle vibrates,causing the
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1997 When Driving At Any Speed and driving straight ahead the steering wheel will turn in different direction, and will keep turning in
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1998 When Driving At Any Speed and making any type of turn the tires are rubbing against the rearwheel wells. when driving seven passengers in
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 When Driving 50mph Or Above the vehicle vibrates as if the tires are not balanced,cause unknown. dealer cannot idenitfy the problem.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1998 Vehicle Experiencing Excessive Vibration When being driven at 40 mph. dealer says it's normal. *ak
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1999 Vehicle Drifted Hard To The right. after repairs drifted to the left, the vehicle wandered on the road. also, there
CHEVROLET G20 1992 The Consumer Has Been Experiencing problems with automatic transmission. vehicle bounces and sways side to side during any speed. in addition
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1996 While Driving 55 Mph or above the vehicle vibrates in the steering column area cause unknown. dealer cannot identify the problem.
CHEVROLET CHEVY VAN G20 1992 Consumer Experiencing Steering Problems Whenever vehicle is used for towing or without towing. vehicle been in/out of dealer shop and condition cannot be corrected.
CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 1987 Suspension Which Is Attached to body mount and which is made from sheet metal is rusting away, causing suspension to drop steering
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 They're Having Trouble Keeping The truck under control. when stepping on the brake pedal the truck tends to swerve. also if taking
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 Vehicle Has An Unknown Jiggle sound coming from it. has been in/out of dealer's shop more then six occasions, and the
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1998 Vehicle Wanders Back And Fourth while driving at speeds 30 to 40 mph. dealer noted problem as manufacturing defect. *ak
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 Consumer Drove Vehicle Home, and put vehicle in the park position. about 15 minutes later the vehicle had rolled into the neighbor's
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1993 While Driving Vehicle Was Struck broadside at a low speed ,causing vehicle to flip over several times. *ak
CHEVROLET PICKUP 1998 While Driving Vehicle Around Sharp turns at any speed vehicle pulls to the right. vehicle is hard to control. *ak
CHEVROLET K1500 1998 When Driving Vehicle At Various speeds, vehicle would shake. driving at 60mph or above vehicle shakes/vibrates uncontrollably. driver still had control.
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1997 Vehicle Wanders When Speed Exceeds 35 or more mph. vehicle been in/out of dealer shop more then three times. condition still unresolved.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1995 While Driving About 42 mph and on the left line vehicle wandered and pulled to the right side, causing consumer to lose control,
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1997 Consumer While Driving Vehicle,its steering wheel suddenly started to shake/vibrate and swerve for unknown reason, causing the vehicle to go out of control.
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 Recall 97v05800; Mrs. justice has spoken with flanniagen chevrolet 3 times since june of 1997, and they continue to tell
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 Experiencing Problems With The Vehicle vibrating at all speeds, and vehicle has been taken in to be serviced, the problem has not been
CHEVROLET S10 1996 While Driving Experiences Vibration And shimmy in front and rear suspension, causing malfunctioning of idler/arm pitman and rear axel, upon braking vehicle pulls
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2001 Consumer Stated That While Driving at any speed and without warning the back end would lean to the left causing a distraction to the consumer.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2001 While Applying The Brakes There is a pulsating through out the brake pedal. please provide additional information dealer is aware of the problem.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2001 While Traveling On The Highway there is a loud cracking noise coming from underneath the vehicle. please provide additional information. dealer
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2001 Consumer States He Heard Noise coming from the front end of vehicle. dealer determined the front tires are out of round and the tires
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2001 Vehicle Was Stalling Without warning and could not be restarted until a minimum of 30minutes had elapsed. vehicle checked by dealer who
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2001 Consumer States That When Braking they can hear a loud noise coming from the rear. dealer notified ts
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2001 Consumer States That The Two front bolts that hold the front end will come loose and the front end will start to rattle. contacted
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2000 While Traveling On The highway there was vibration through out the vehicle. the dealership was aware of the problem.
CHEVROLET C3500 2002 Consumer States While Driving Vehicle will shimmey,vibrates and sways at any speed.contacted dealer. the dealer has made several attempts to
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1996 While Driving At Normal Speed two front wheels suddenly went to right, and consumer hit a stone wall. please provide any
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 While Driving At Any Speed and with no warning, while making a turn, can hear a loud clicking noise in steering column.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2002 When Driving At Highway Speeds there is a strong vibration, and a rattle noise in the rear of vehicle. took vehicle to
CHEVROLET S10 2000 Vehicle Would Wobble / Vibrate when driving 30 or more mph. dealer was not notified at this time. feel free to provide any
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 While Driving At 68mph And with no warning vehicle started to vibrate, causing it to rollover. dealer notified.*ak *dt
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 The Rotors Warp Every 10, 000- 15,000 miles. also, the stopping distance has increased. the dealer has repaired this
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2002 When Driving In Wet Road conditions tires will spin at take off. vehicle was taken to dealer 3 times, cannot find cause
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 The Consumer States That When applying the brakes, the vehicle will vibrate. the consumer takes the vehicle to the dealer every 4000
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2000 During Routine Service Dealer's Technician informed consumer that right spindle and strut were bent and needed to be replaced. feel free to
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2002 When Pressing On The Brakes front end will go to the right and back will go to the left. this could cause an
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2002 Vehicle Would Wander Across The road while driving at multiple speeds and got more severe at higher speed. vehicle been to the dealer on
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2002 While Driving And/or Braking, steering wheel will pull to the left. when braking, steering pullled sharply to the left, resulting
CHEVROLET LUMINA 2001 There Is A Constant Knocking in front end when driving. dealer replaced the front struts, did not remedy problem.*ak
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2002 When Vehicle Is Started E engine check light will flash ,and vehicle will vibrate severely. dealer has inspected vehicle several times;
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1992 Passenger Rear Wheel Turned Sideways/inward of vehicle and was held on by brake system. vehicle was pulling into a driveway at 15mph and had
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2000 A Loud Noise Was Coming from under right side of the vehicle. contacted dealer, problem due to strut mount and isolator going
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 While Driving Had Problem Controling vehicle, it pulls to the right.*ak
CHEVROLET C3500 2001 While Driving At Any Speed and when applyng brakes, vehicle will pull to the left and will shimmy. vehicle was serviced 6
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 Front And Rear Suspension Make loud squeaky noises. the noise is consistant while driving over rough and bumpy roads. dealer confirms that
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1999 While Turning There Was A knocking and clunking noise coming from underneath of vehicle. dealership was aware of problem.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 When Making Turns Abs Light comes on intermittently, consumer will then shut off engine and restart. abs light will then be off.
CHEVROLET Z71 2002 While Driving Entire Vehicle shakes. *ak
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2000 While Traveling On Highway Vehicle has a knocking noise. when turning the wheel and if hitting a bump noise gets
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1992 While Driving Bushing That Are assembled to the frame of vehicle snapped and sheared off which caused the frame of vehicle to disengage from body.
CHEVROLET S10 2002 Consumer States When Driving Above 50 mph the truck shakes violently. took to chevrolet and they stated this condition is normal.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2002 Consumer States That The Steering wheel will not steer itself straight. the dealer has been notified. nlm dealer was
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2001 Spare Tire Restraint Failed To remain locked while driving over bumps or holes. arm would swing open and out into incoming traffic with tire
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1996 While Driving, Vehicle Veers to the left, as if out of alignment. upon putting foot on brakes to slow down,
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1999 Consumer Reporting Excessive Wear Of brake pads and rotors, from 17,614 to 35,500 miles there were three sets of brake rotors and
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1999 While Pulling Into Driveway Lost control of vehicle due to the rocker arm breaking underneath vehicle. dealer contact. nlm
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 While Driving The Vehicle Pulls to the right or left, the manufacturer has been contacted. nlm
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2001 While Traveling Vehicle Wanders Without prior warning. there is a noise underneath the hood. dealership is aware of problem.
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 Both Sides Of Vehicle Shake. it raggles while driving. also, mechanic said that vehicle was unsafe to
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1998 When Turning To Right vehicle will make a sharper turn, like steering wheel is being jerked in that direction. took
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1999 Vehicle Is Locking Up And sliding all over the highway. can be riding along, and all of a sudden

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