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Chevrolet Structure Body Hatchback/liftgate Support Device Reports

27 Jun

CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 Hatchback Hydraulic Lifters Have Failed twice. dealer has inspected vehicle. please provide additional information.*ak
CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 1984 Had Parked Vehicle & Went around back of vehicle & lifted rear door (station wagon). the gas cylinder bracket gave way & fell on
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 The Hydraulic Cylinders On The back window are broken, and cause the window to slam down. dealer says the vehicle needs
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1995 Hydraulic Cylinders That Hold The hatchback up tend to drop down automatically when its cold outside. dealer has not seen. *ak
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1996 The Hydraulic Air Shock On the back hatch of the van does not hold pressure. the hatch door slammed down shut with no warning.
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1995 The Rear Hatchback Hydraulic Rods are completely inoperative and the hatch fell on the head of the driver suddenly. *ak
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 Rear Hatch Support Rod Failed. *yc
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 Rear Door Shocks Failed. mjs
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1998 Lift Gate/rod Lock/latch Failed. yh
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 Rear Hatch Strut Rod Failed resulting in hatch falling on consumers head.
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 Hatchback Falls Down Due To failure of the support rod.
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1983 Hatch Back Shocks Failed, allowing hatch back to fall.
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1994 Rear Hatchback Strut Came Off. also, lower door hinge became loose.
CHEVROLET S 10 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 chevrolet s10. the galvanized steel tailgate support cables that retain the tailgate in the full open (horizontal) position
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 chevrolet tahoe. the contact stated that the automatic lift gate closed while standing at the rear of the
CHEVROLET EQUINOX 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 chevrolet equinox. ever since the vehicle was purchased, the contact heard a ticking sound in the engine
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER EXT 2006 My 2006 Chevy Trailblazer Ext is junk! we purchased it used in november of 06 it had around 20,000 miles it now has 70,
CHEVROLET S10 1998 Dt: The Contact Stated the emergency release for the tailgate hatchback/liftgate opening failed to operate. he contacted the dealership,
CHEVROLET S 10 2003 Went To Open The Tailgate of my 2003 chevrolet s-10 pick-up, and both tailgate support cables broke. no injuries and no damage.
CHEVROLET S10 2000 Tailgate Cable On Model Year 2000 s-10 pickup truck broke
CHEVROLET EQUINOX 2005 The Liftgate Support Rod Detached while in the up position allowing the liftgate to fall freely on my head and neck. if i
CHEVROLET 1500 1998 The Cables On The Liftgate broke, causing it to fall, and not being able to stand up. manufacturer was contacted by consumer.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2003 Recall For Support Cables Fixed on 2003 chevrolet 2500 silverado. reference consumer letter 10109434 regarding the other 2003 chevrolet 2500 also owned by
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1998 The Driver's Seat Overheated While driving. the driver sustained injuries to both legs. the driver went to the hospital the next day.
CHEVROLET S10 2001 Hauling My 1935 Chevrolet Engine block and unloading it from my 2001 s-10 pickup. the tailgate cables on both side separated dropping the gate
CHEVROLET S10 2000 I Own A 2000 S-10 pickup i had the tailgate open and i sat on it and the tailgate straps broke and i feel to
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2001 2001 Chevrolet Silverado Has Broken tailgate straps and i was informed by gm to call my local dealer immediately and have them replaced. kool
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1998 Consumer Indicated That The Straps on tailgate were stretched out on one side. as a result, one side was longer than the other
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2001 The Rear Hatch Was Made of plastic material,and was falling off. dealer replaced hatchback at owner's expense. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 I Have A 2000 Model chevy truck, and my tailgate straps have broken without warning on 2 occasions. my father has had

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