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Chevrolet Structure Body Hatchback/liftgate Hinge And Attachments Reports

27 Jun

CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1992 Rear Hatch Door Lift Gate hinges welding separated, holding on by support beams. *ak
CHEVROLET ASTRO 2000 Sliding Door Would Close whenever parked on a decline, there is nothing to lock door in that situation. dealer notified,
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1996 Two Cables That Support Tailgate broke while loading lawn mower onto truck, caused by corrosion. *ak
CHEVROLET VENTURE 2002 The Rear Handle On The rear hatch broke, the plastic housing that holds the handle broke, like if the plastic is not strong
CHEVROLET VENTURE 2002 The Vehicle Is A Rental vehicle. cusotmer rented the van and went out to the lot to put his belongins in the vehicle.
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1997 The Back Hatch Glass Keeps coming open. the latch has come loose.
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1986 Hood And Hatch Dampers Were not holding up the hood or hatch in the up position, consumer replaced.
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1993 Rear Hatch Door Hinge Failed. *sd
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2004 Leaving To Go On Vacation and putting things in the rear of car when we noticed that the hinge on the right side of the
CHEVROLET TRAVERSE 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 chevrolet traverse. the contact stated that she opened the power lift-gate to retrieve luggage from the rear and
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2006 I Have A 2006 Chevy suburban z71 with just over 95,500 miles. the rear hatchback/liftgate locking mechanism appears to have failed.
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2004 The Hinge That Holds The rear lift gate window onto the vehicle has broken/separated from the glass due to stress or improper installation.
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2005 The Hinge On The Rear hatch glass came unbonded from the glass. this can probably cause glass movement and shattering at highway speeds.
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1500 2003 Rear Window Hinge Broken Passenger side. *kb
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 chevrolet tahoe c1500. she noticed that the rear lift gate glass was loose and made a noise whenever it
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1500 2004 I Own A 2004 Chevrolet suburban. the right hinge for the liftgate window has cracked and there is a possibility that when driving,
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2004 I Have A 2004 Tahoe with less than 50k miles on it. it has never been wrecked, driven sporadically as the mileage
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2009 chevrolet tahoe. while the contact was driving the vehicle 10 mph without warning the rear window and hinges
CHEVROLET S10 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 chevrolet s10. while driving approximately 10 mph and exiting a parking lot, the contact heard a loud
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2003 Like Many Others... ..the passenger side of the lift gate glass has come unbonded on my 2003 suburban. *tr
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 2002 My 2002 Chevy Suburban Rear lift glass has separated at both hinges. it is currently being held in place with 100 mile an
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER EXT 370 2005 The Rear Liftgate Window Of my 2005 chevrolet trailblazer ext shattered for no apparent reason at all. my wife was closing the liftgate (the
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1500 2003 Lift Gate Glass Hinges Broke; catastrophic failure would have occurred if i had not noticed a gap in the back as i was pulling
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2003 One Of The Plastic Hinges to the rear lift gate/rear window of my 2003 chevrolet tahoe separated, and now the rear window does not
CHEVROLET CHEVROLET 2003 I Purchased A 2003 Chevrolet tahoe lt and the back glass hinge has came unglued from the glass and fallen on one side. i
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1500 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 chevrolet suburban 1500. while the vehicle was parked in the driveway, the liftgate glass separated from the
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER 2005 The Part Above The Back hatch (right above window) blew off while i was driving down the interstate. after taking it to the
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1500 2002 The Plastic Hinge On The left side of the rear window glass on the suburban tailgate has separated where it was originally joined and the
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. the contact stated that the adhesive that held the rear glass lift gate on the hinge
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER EXT 2003 My 2003 Chevy Trailblazer Has a third brake light across the top hatch .while driving down a busy highway it was flying like a
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 chevrolet suburban. the contact attempted to close the window on the hatchback, but it would not close.
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER EXT 2003 About Two Years Ago While i was trying to close the glass rear hatch on my 2003 chevrolet trailblazer it exploded in my face.
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2000 My Wife Was Driving Our 2000 suburban on the interstate when she heard a loud sound which sounded like something hit the vehicle.
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER EXT 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 chevrolet trailblazer ext. the contact opened the rear hatch and heard a cracking noise coming from the top.
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2000 I Have A 2000 Chevy tahoe. recently the rear window glass hinge in the liftgate failed. the glue that connects the glass
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2002 To Whom It May Concern: i have a 2002 chevrolet tahoe lt 4x4. i recently noticed a popping sound each time i lifted
CHEVROLET S10 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated That the galvanized steel tailgate support cables that retain the tailgate were rusted and weaken. there is a nhtsa
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated while lowering the tailgate, it was noticed the driver side tailgate cable was broken. there is a
CHEVROLET S10 2002 My Son-in-law Sat Down On the tailgate of my 2002 chevrolet s-10 and both tailgate cables broke. he fell to the
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER 2003 Hatch Back/lift Gate hatch back binds and back window explodes in the mechanics face knocking him to the ground. this
CHEVROLET S10 2000 My Family And I Were packing to go camping and while loading the bed of my s-10 pickup i placed a 40 pound tent on
CHEVROLET VENTURE 2000 Dt: The Contact Stated The liftgate glass shattered while the vehicle stopped. there was no contact or impact with the rear glass that could
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1996 On My 1996 Silverado, the tailgate straps are starting to rust and break. i think that the recall should be extended because the
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 Dt: The Contact Owns A 2000 chevrolet silverado z71. there was nhtsa recall 04v129000 concerning tailgate hinge and attachment. the contact
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2003 2003 Chevy Suburban 1500 (52, 000 miles) with rear hatch. recently one of the sides of the wind rear hatch snapped in half.
CHEVROLET S10 2001 Cables Holding Up Tailgate When its open both failed at same time and at same place. *jb
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2002 Rear Window Hatch Frame Broke away from hinges on the body frame. when opening the rear hatch window the hatch separated from the body
CHEVROLET S10 2000 My Tailgate Supports Both Snapped at the same time my son was crawling out of the back of the truck and tumbled to the ground.
CHEVROLET T UTILITY 2002 During The Recent High Temperature weather we have this week, the rear glass hinge of our tahoe separated away from the window.
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2001 Contact States This Past Wednesday while his wife was shopping, she opened up the glass portion of the liftgate. then she almost shut
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2002 I Received Two New Tailgate cable supports from a dealer in arcadia, florida this past winter. i installed them myself on my
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 Recall Campaign: One Of the consumer's tailgate cable broke on his 2000 chevrolet silverado prior to recall notification. *nm
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER 2002 The Bond That Attach My rear glass to my hatch door have loosen due to default dealer claim unable to fix need replacing with
CHEVROLET S10 1994 Both Tailgate Cables Have Broken. the first has been broken for a years, the second snapped as i was unloading a heavy
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2001 The Rear Hatchback Window Will not close tightly. this would allow water to leak into the rear window of the vehicle. dealership was
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 The Consumer Heard A Loud noise from the rear of the vehicle at 40 miles per hour. the consumer looked back and noticed
CHEVROLET PICK UP 1998 Liftgate Cables Broke Twice. consumer took vehicle to dealer for repairs both times , but the problem recurred. manufacturer was
CHEVROLET S PICKUP 2002 Me And My Wife Were sitting on my tailgate of my 2002 chevy s10 and all of a sudden the cables snapped. and my
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2001 Upon Opening The Liftgate Glass on my 2001 chevrolet tahoe the passenger side body-to-glass hinge separated from the glass. the glass will latch but
CHEVROLET 1500 2001 Received Recall Replace Galvanized Support cables with stainless steel cables, dealer refuse to repair under warranty. *bf *tc
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1996 Whenever The Vehicle Was Shifted into drive from a start position or from reverse to drive, the hatchback popped open. *jb
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Tail Gate Cable Failure. *bf the right side cable snapped and broke while loading the truck. *sc
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 When The Consumer Let The tailgate down, the cable broke. the consumer went to the dealer to check to see if his
CHEVROLET 2500 HD 2001 When Loading Equipment In The back of the vehicle both tailgate cables failed. this caused the consumer to fall off the back of the
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER EXT 2003 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer - Purchased in may of 2003 off of the sales floor - around 5 miles on it - truck began squeaking -
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 2000 Chevy Silverado - tail gate collapse. both support cables broke, while in transit. i looked real close
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2002 Tailgate Strap Broke. tailgate would not latch. *jb
CHEVROLET TRACKER 1995 When The Consumer Attempted To close the back door, it did not latch completely and when the consumer drove over the slightest bump the
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 A Person Weighing Approximately 200 pounds was sitting on the tailgate when the cables broke, and caused the tailgate to detach from the vehicle.
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2001 Back Glass Lift Gate Hing came unglued/unattached and when we opened the window, it sprung way out of wack and wouldn't close properly.
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2001 Liftate Glass Separates From Hinges. local dealer and local glass shops say this is common problem. chevrolet denies ever hearing of this trouble.