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Buick Steering Hydraulic Power Assist Hose, Piping, And Connections Reports

15 Mar

BUICK LESABRE 1992 Power Steering Hose Came Loose/broke, causing fluid to seep, resulting in a fire while driving. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 2000 Fuel Tank And Sending Lines need to be replaced due to o-rings improperly fitted on fuel pump. in july 2000,

BUICK LESABRE 2000 When Making A Rght or left turn extreme vibration occurs in front end of vehicle. dealer replaced power steering hose
BUICK LESABRE 2001 While Making A Sudden Stop, consumer noticed driver's seat moved forward while turning corners. consumer heard a popping noise, seat moving side
BUICK LESABRE 2000 When Making A Turn While driving a grinding sound would occur. dealer notified, and infomred connsumer that problem was due to
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 Factory Replacement Of Defective Seat belt retractor sept 1998 same as before. this dangerous problem persists; service manager told me that buick
BUICK ROADMASTER 1996 Power Steering Hose Coupling Failed twice.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 Power Steering Hoses Malfunctioned. yh
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 Hose Clamp Failed Resulting In leakage. nlm
BUICK SKYLARK 1995 High Pressure Power Steering Hose design allowed for chaffing due to location of line lying over two tabs on the fuel injector, resulting in
BUICK ELECTRA 1990 Power Steering Hose Failed.
BUICK REGAL 1997 Loose Torsion Nut On The power steering hose caused the power steering fluid to leak out completely.
BUICK LESABRE 1992 Power Steering Oil Return Line rusted through and sprayed oil on exhaust pipe.
BUICK SKYLARK 1984 Power Steering Hose Replaced.
BUICK REGAL 1995 Power Steering Hose Leaks.
BUICK LUCERNE 2007 Been Having A Clunk/bump Type sound in the steering when the car is sitting still or at low speed, had a local dealer look
BUICK LUCERNE 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 buick lucerne. the contact stated that while driving at any speed, she heard a grinding noise coming
BUICK LACROSSE 2005 2005 Buick Lacrosse With Defective brakes under recall. customer stated that her vehicle had defective brakes and the pedal was pressed the brakes would
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 buick rendezvous. the contact stated that he is experienced total power steering failure as it pertains to the
BUICK PARK AVENUE 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 5-10 mph and making turns the vehicle shuttered in motion and sound. there was also difficulty in steering.
BUICK CENTURY 1996 The Vehicle Suddenly Lost Power steering when making a left turn. as a result, the steering became difficult. there was
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 When Turning In Either Direction, the vehicle shuddered. the dealer replaced the pressure hoses in the power steering. *ak when the
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 There Is A Chatter, noise, vibration when i turn the steering wheel to either the left or the right
BUICK REGAL 2000 *** This Is A Copy of what i submitted to buick. they have yet to respond. ***i have a 2000 buick regal.

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