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Buick Parking Brake Conventional Reports

30 Mar

BUICK LESABRE 1992 Parking Brake Will Not Hold, dealer has had vehicle 3 times to correct the problem.please describe details. tt
BUICK RIVIERA 1991 Parking Brake Is Not Working properly. please describe. tt

BUICK LESABRE 1985 While Driving, Jammed On brakes; no braking effect; jammed on emergency brakes, received no response. tt
BUICK REGAL 1990 Emergency Brake Ratchet Assembly Failed. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1990 Emergency Brakes Did Not Work. tt
BUICK REGAL 1989 Emergency Parking Brake Does Not always engage. *ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1991 Emergency Lever Failed To Disengage properly, vehicle was unable to slow down when applying brakes until coasting to a stop. ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1992 When Applying The Emergency Brake, it pops loose and will not stay down. dealer has not seen vehicle. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1991 When Applying The Brakes, there was hardly any brake pedal. pedal went to the floor, and the vehicle would not stop.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 When Emergency Brake Is released on an incline the vehicle rolls backward. the dealer has not been able to correct the problem.
BUICK LESABRE 1992 When The Vehicle Is Parked on a hill and the parking brake is applied, the vehicle won't stay parked, but would roll.
BUICK REGAL 1989 Intermittently, The Defective Emergency parking brake malfunctions, causing the emergency brake to be inoperative also, causes the rear abs brakes to
BUICK LESABRE 1991 Mostly On A Grade facing upward or downward the emergency parking brake releases without warning. this happens on level ground also.
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Emergency Brake Does Not Remain locked, has been replaced twice without remedy. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1991 Emergency Brake Assembly Is "pump type". it requires 2-3 pumps to activate emergency brake. the ratchet pall on the brake assembly
BUICK LESABRE 1992 Dealer Will Not Honor hhtsa campaign id no. 91v167000. *ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1992 I Bought My 1992 Buick park avenue on 09/29/1991 (from don snell buick, dallas). each year i only used the emergency parking
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1996 Parking Brake Failed To Lock.
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Parking Brakes Are Hard To engage and hard to release.
BUICK SKYLARK 1996 Parking Brake Inoperative.
BUICK LESABRE 1992 Emergency Brake Spring Broke, scoring brake drum and causing brake failure.
BUICK REGAL 1989 Emergency Brake Failure.
BUICK SKYLARK 1984 Emergency Brake Adjusted. *sd
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1991 Emergency Brake Failed. *sd
BUICK REGAL 1989 Emergency Brake Is Too Weak to properly adjust rear brakes as required. *skd

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