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Bmw Steering Wheel And Handle Bar Reports

01 Jul

BMW 325 1995 When Applying The Brakes There is excessive brake pedal travel possibly caused by heater valve hiting brake booster. *ak
BMW 320 1995 Steering Wheel Vibrating Which Worsens as time progresses. tt

BMW 320 1979 The Steering Wheel Locked Up and caused the vehicle to go into a ditch. please describe. tt
BMW Z3 1998 While Making A Left Turn the steering locked up, causing vehicle to spin out of control, resulting in a collision.
BMW R100RT 1988 After Coming Out Of A curve in the road, the driver and passenger of the motorcycle shifted their weight by sitting up straight,
BMW 318 1995 When Making A Turn, the steering wheel locks up, causing the consumer to lose control of the vehicle and crash. *ak
BMW 750 1991 During A Lane Change, from right lane to left lane, at about 45 mph. the steering felt hard, and locked up.
BMW 325 2002 The Steering Column Is Kinked an inch to the left. i do not mean the wheel is turned to one o'clock, i mean
BMW 325 1994 Unable To Unlock Steering Wheel and gear shift lever with key unless steering wheel is violently pulled. dealer was notified of this problem many
BMW 540I 1998 Steering Wheel Column Adjustment Fails. making adjustment of steering wheel and vehicle safe to operate. steering wheel and front seat adjuments fail to
BMW 528I 1998 Auto Steering Wheel Column Failed. *yc
BMW X5 2001 Consumer States A Problem Existed where the seal on the steering column was defective and had to be replaced. *tt
BMW M ROADSTER 2000 There Is A Vibration In the steering wheel and also makes a noise when making turns.*jb
BMW R1200C 1999 Leather Handgrips Are Slippery, consumer rides motorcycle with rubber bands wrapped around the throttle, so his hands don't slip. *slc
BMW R1100 S 1999 Front Wheel Rim Is Made of aluminum which is too soft and not properly designed for road stress and was bent by mild impact with
BMW 525 1995 Noisy When Turning Steering Wheel.
BMW 525I 1990 Lock In Steering Wheel Broke.
BMW Z4 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 bmw z4. while driving 40 mph, the steering wheel locked without warning. the steering became
BMW X5 2003 2003 X5 Bmw Three Spoke steering wheel has a one-inch gap in one of the spokes. i got my finger caught in there
BMW 528I 1999 The Tilt Function On The steering wheel ramdonly activates which results in the steering wheel moving up and down which is a surprise to the
BMW 325I 2002 The Steering Wheel Has Locked during operation of the vehicle on three separate occasions. the car becomes completely inoperable. my vehicle,

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