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Bmw Engine And Engine Cooling Cooling System Fan Reports

30 Jun

BMW 525 2001 Engine Compartment Started Smoking. consumer pulled into a parking lot and shut vehicle off. service manager had vehicle towed to dealership.
BMW 525I 2002 While Driving Smelled Rubber burning. then consumer noticed smoke coming from under the hood. she pulled over and shut off engine.

BMW 325I 2001 Recall 01 V 206 002/auxiliary cooling fan : cooling fan had to be replaced on two occasions due to failure. problem reoccurred ,
BMW X5 2001 Recall 01 V 206 003/engine auxiliary cooling fan: unable to get dealer ; global import; atlanta, ga; phone# 770/951-9382 to honor
BMW 325 2001 Day After Purchasing Vehicle engine cooling fan failed, allowing engine to overheat. this resulted in a fire, 8" flame
BMW X5 2001 Consumer Had Just Gotten Out of vehicle when front end was smoking/sparks flying, and ashes coming from engine. dealer diagnosed
BMW 530 2001 While Driving At 50-55 mph consumer smelled smoke. she pulled over and saw flames coming from under the hood. fire was
BMW 530IA 2001 Consumer Claims That After engine fan was replaced engine caught on fire. *ak auxiliary cooling fan caught fire two weeks after
BMW 325I 2001 Recall 01v206000; Vehicle Was stopped in traffic at a light, and it overheated, heavy steam was coming off engine and temperature gauge
BMW X5 2001 Cooling Fan Comes On and off when engine gets to a certain temperature. also, if temperature gets
BMW 330I 2001 Vehicle Overheated 2 Days Before it caughton fire. vehicle was going 30 mph when consumer smelled smoke pulling into
BMW 325I 2001 Consumer Parked Vehicle In Garage at work. 5 minutes later, consumer was called downstairs, and told engine vehicle on fire.
BMW 325 2001 After Driving 15 Miles And parking vehicle in garage, she smelled an electrical/burning smell. consumer restarted vehicle and backed it
BMW X5 2001 Recall On Engine Cooling Fan was done. vehicle has been taken back to dealer 4 times because of stalling and smoking.
BMW 325I 2001 Recall 01 V 206 002/engine auxilary cooling fan: vehicle overheated on four occasions. vehicle had been to dealer, but problem still occurring.
BMW 330CI 2001 Auxiliary Fan Caught On Fire afteril failure; this car was not part of the existing recall / recall needed to be expanded / this
BMW 325 2001 I Had Been Driving My car for about 2 hours on the interstate with the coolant temperature gauge "dead center" as it always is.
BMW Z8 2001 After Driving 7 Miles, with no warning indicator lights or high temperature registering on a gauge, a fire started in the fan area
BMW 325 2001 This Is The Third Cooling fan to fail in this car. when the fan fails the car becomes inoperable and boils over quickly.the
BMW 530IA 2001 No Notification From Manufacturer. from reading the automotive press i suspected that there may be a fan problem. upon taking my
BMW 318 2001 New Bmw Combusted -- Electrical fire due to defect in fan assembly already known to bmw. had i been driving the car at
BMW 325 2001 Overheated In Its First Encounter with light stop & go traffic. no recall notice from bmw, supposedly because of a shortage of replacement
BMW BMW 2001 One Month After Delivery Of brand new bmw 325 xi, it overheated and was towed due to a defective cooling fan. new
BMW 325 2001 Defective Coolant Fan Caused Overheating at less than 1000 miles and while sitting in a parking lot. dealer said bmw was aware that there
BMW X5 2001 My Aux Fan Is Not part of bmw's current recall due to fires however, i do have the "bad" fan and it is schedlued
BMW 530IA 2001 Auxilliary Cooling Fan Motor Caught fire after vehicle engine turned off.
BMW 320 2001 Cooling Fan Failure Caused Rapid overheating and coolant loss, disabling vehicle. *ak
BMW 325 2001 The Car Has Overheated Twice. it was not driveable and was towed to dealer where i purchased it. they claim it was a
BMW 320 2001 I Complained To Bmw Na of reported failures of the fan. they agreed that they have had problems with siemens manufactured fans. they
BMW 325 2001 Auxiliary Fan Stopped And Engine overheated during regular driving.*ak
BMW 325 2001 Auxiliary Cooling Fan Problem Caused engine overheating. overheating broke engine thermostat & thermostat housing. *ak
BMW 320 2001 Vehicle Cooling Fan Failed, many other bmw owners have experienced the same problem. the fan, made by siemens is defective and
BMW 318 2001 Multiple Complaints Of Overheating For same model due to failure of auxiliary cooling fan as noted on internet bulletin board in recent
BMW 325 2001 Electric Cooling System Fans On bmw 325 series are failing with regularity. replacement fan alleged to be upgraded version. recently all
BMW 318I 2001 Cooling Fan Failed, Causing vehicle to overheat and strand passengers at side of road in stop and go traffic. *ak
BMW 318IC 2001 Manufacturer Is Installing Bad Cooling fans that allow the engine to overheat possibly causing fire. the car is undriveable and could place occupants
BMW 318 2001 Cooling Fan Failure Caused Engine to overheat - vehicle undriveable. *ak
BMW 530 2001 Consumer Brought Vehicle In For service and had the recall for the auxillary fan worked on. the fan is extrememly noisy and whines
BMW 325CI 2001 Consumer States Upon Parking Vehicle, he noticed smoke emitting from the bottom of the motor, vehicle caught on fire and was shortly put
BMW 325CI 2001 Consumer States Upon Parking Vehicle, he noticed smoke emitting from the bottom of the motor, the fire department was called and the fire
BMW 325IX 2001 While On The Highway, consumer states vehicle overheated, vehicle was towed to dealership and consumer was told that manufacturer was aware of the
BMW 335I 2008 Vehicle Is Not Allowed Recall since vin# does not apply however all things wrong with vehicle are exactly what can be found under recalls: nhtsa
BMW 740IL 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 bmw 740il. while stopped at a traffic stop, the contact heard a rattling noise coming from the
BMW 330XI 2001 The Secondary Cooling Fan Failed causing the expansion tank on our 2001 bmw 330xi split causing the engine to overheat. we replaced
BMW 325I 2001 2001 Bmw 325i. Attorney writes on behalf of clients regarding vehicle recall repairs *tgw when the vehicle reached 140,000 miles it began
BMW 540I 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 bmw 540i. while the contact was driving approximately 1 mph in the driveway, there was a loud roaring
BMW 325I 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 bmw 325i. while driving at 45 mph, the fans began running unusually loud. the contact
BMW X5 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 bmw x5. the contact was driving approximately 35 mph on normal road conditions with the air conditioning system in
BMW X3 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 bmw x3. while idling at a traffic light the engine stalled; followed by smoke coming from underneath
BMW 325 2001 Recall Date: 09-28-2001 units potentially affected: 1,550 nhtsa campaign number: 02v138000 defective
BMW 530I 1994 1994 Bmw 530i Engine's fan clutch seized causing the fan to shatter violently. *nj the failure of the fan clutch caused
BMW 330I 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 bmw 330i. the contact stated that the coolant fan was not working and the engine would not cool
BMW 325IX 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 bmw 330xi. the contact stated that the engine fan does not shut off and has drained the battery.
BMW 540IA 1997 1. Brought My car to firestone automotive repair in los angeles california and had the thermostat replaced - work completed by firestone
BMW 540IA 2000 Failure: Engine Cooling Fan Clutch seized and the fan turned at water pump rpm. the fan flew apart, flinging all blades off the
BMW X5 2001 The Cooling Fan Began Turning on and blow at maximum power by itself. this happened several times. i was not until
BMW 740IL 1995 Radiator Fan Exploded While Driving on freeway. pieces of fan flew throughout engine bay (hood dented upwards 2 inches) broken pieces of
BMW 325I 2001 Consumer States That While Driving car would overheat.engine fan fell off vehicle. dealer notified.*ak
BMW 530IA 2003 My 4 Month Old 2003 bmw 530ia spontaneously caught on fire starting in the engine compartment while sitting out on my driveway next to my

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