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Acura Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Master Cylinder Reports

29 Jun

ACURA LEGEND 1989 Abs Brake System Losing Fluid, master cylinder malfunctioning need to pump pedal in order to stop. *ak the problem was
ACURA LEGEND 1990 Had Brake Failure Because Master cylinder had to be replaced. no warning. *ak
ACURA LEGEND 1991 Pedal Went To The Floor, had previous brake performed and pedal still goes to the floor. tt consumer stated that he
ACURA LEGEND 1990 Brake System Failure, Total loss of braking. tt consumer states as she puleed into a parking lot, she depressed the
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 They Did Not Activate When applied due to the master cylinder did not work and the pedal went to the floor. please describe.
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 During Replacement Of Master Cylinder inadequate brake pressure due to defective anti lock brake modulator. tt
ACURA TL 2000 Vehicle Would Accelerate Due To gas & brake pedals too close when one or the other is in use. if foot not on brake
ACURA LEGEND 1992 Abs Braking System Does Not work. abs light stays on all the time. also, the a/c unit failed, transmission failed,
ACURA LEGEND 1991 When Driving Vehicle At approx 45 mph, goes to apply brakes ,will not stop on time. takes about 2 car lenghts
ACURA TL 2000 Brakes Felt Spongy, Pedal would sink to floor. master cylinder found defective and replaced under warrenty.
ACURA MDX 2001 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
ACURA ACURA 2000 When Car Is Not Driven for several days, the brakes may initially fail, but catch when pumped. the master cylinder has been
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 Abs Master Cylinder Leaks. loose hydraulic pressure when stopping. must pump pedal to stop and keep car from rolling. pedal will move
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 Brakes - I Have Had to replace all 4 calipers. each caliper failure required me also to replace that pair of rotors. i
ACURA LEGEND 1992 Abs High Pressure Hose Was replaced. master cylinder was leaking and was replaced. *yh
ACURA LEGEND 1992 The Front And Rear Brake pads were low and the master cylinder was leaking causing the brake light to illuminate. nlm
ACURA LEGEND 1989 Abs Brakes Failed Due To corrosion. also replaced master cylinder.
ACURA LEGEND 1991 Abs Brake Failure. Also master cylinder failed/replaced. *ak
ACURA LEGEND 1990 Brakes Failed Twice, Both times brakes returned after pumping. *dsh
ACURA LEGEND 1989 Master Brake Cylinder Failed, causing brakes to feel spongy. *dh
ACURA RL 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 acura rl. the contact stated that while attempting to turn right at 20 mph, she attempted to
ACURA TL 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 acura tl. while driving approximately 55 mph on normal road conditions, the brake pedal extended to the
ACURA TL 2002 While Driving On Interstate 95 in maryland, on a smooth stretch of road, the screw holding the master cylinder bracket onto the rotor
ACURA LEGEND 1991 While Applying The Brakes Pedal went to the floor brakes failed. however, consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle,
ACURA MDX 2001 Brake Master Cylinder Malfunctioned. as a result, brakes failed. no impact reported. *ak
ACURA LEGEND 1991 I Recently Came Across This website, i have a 1991 acura legend, purchased brand-new. to date i have had to replace the

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