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Volvo Unknown Or Other Reports

15 Mar

VOLVO S70 1999 Emission System Continued To Fail. at stop vehicle would jerk forward. engine check light would come on and
VOLVO S40 2000 Instrument Panel Was Defective. warning lights kept coming on. also, engine check light comes on along with windshield

VOLVO V70 2001 Consumer Put Coffee Into Cup holder and it leaked though holder into computer, beneath it. airbag light came on reading "urgent srs
VOLVO S80 2000 Vehicle Shuts Down While Driving and engine check light illuminates. volvo has been contacted. *ak
VOLVO S70 1999 Engine Will Run Like It's flooded. resulting in loss of power. prior to vehicle shutting down, check engine light
VOLVO V70 1998 Vehicle Does Not Have An indicator light warning driver that passenger's door is open or ajar. *ak
VOLVO S70 1998 Transmission Assembly Has A Crack, and engine check light comes on while driving. cause unknown. dealer notified.*ak
VOLVO 960 1996 Consumer Was Traveling About 40mph on higway in rush hour traffic and engine check light came on dashboard panel.
VOLVO 850 1995 Owner Reqests Information On Recall number 95v108, interior.
VOLVO S70 1998 Abs System Intermittently Activates Upon braking, engine light comes on but dealer and other service organization unable to locate cause despite error code.
VOLVO 960 1995 5/14 - Vehicle Stalls As crossing intersection, check engine light now on. able to restart vehicle and had 2 more stalls before
VOLVO 960 1997 With No Indication Of Overheating the engine overheated and was destroyed. the only idiot light to come on was the check engine light
VOLVO 960 1995 No Summary Listed For
VOLVO 850 1996 We Have Contacted Volvo Directly on informing them of problems and concerns with our car. their response has been inadequate. we would be
VOLVO V70 2001 The Reflection Of The Dashboard in sunlight on the windshield is virtually blinding. the color of the interior of our car is a
VOLVO S40 2000 In Bright Sunlight The Dashboard instruments are invisible, red speed indicator invisible to partially colorblind drivers
VOLVO C70 1999 Engine Check Light Came On and we were told that nothing was wrong and it was reset. the second time the check engine
VOLVO V40 2000 Brakes Not Depressing, Happened on our car and on the loaner we have from volvo twice in the last week. the engine:
VOLVO V70 1998 No Summary
VOLVO V70 1998 While Driving At About 40, the speedometer went to 0 and stayed there for about 1/2 mile and the odometer stopped working.
VOLVO S70 1999 The Enhgine Will Begin To run roughly (as though it is flooded) loses, power and will not accelerate. when this happens,
VOLVO 850 1997 Check Engine Light Failed. yh
VOLVO S90 1998 Brake Pedal Travel Makes Fast braking inconvenient/fading. yh
VOLVO S90 1998 Check Engine Light Came On for no reason. *yc
VOLVO VN 1996 Vehicle Has Problems With The dash, one panel had to be replaced. *jg
VOLVO VN 1996 Vehicle Is Experiencing Dash Problems, one panel has been replaced. *jg
VOLVO VN 1998 Consumer States That The Dash bounces around, *slc
VOLVO VN 1998 Vehicle Experienced A Problem With the dash. *slc
VOLVO V90 1998 Air Ventiliation Temperature Control Is not working. yh
VOLVO V90 1998 No Warning Light Or Sounds for door ajar. yh
VOLVO 850 1995 A Piece From The Dash was broken off causing the dash to be loose. nlm
VOLVO S70 1998 Due To The Design, dashboard causes excessive glare on windshield which strains driver's eyes.
VOLVO V50 2009 Failure To Notify Owners Of a potentially deadly, known defective part that results in massive corrosion of electronics and cem causing engine to quit
VOLVO S60 2007 My Daughter Was Sitting In the back seat of the car and when we stopped to get out her door would not open. i
VOLVO V70 2003 The Turn Signal Is Somehow not connected properly to the vehicle. every time the driver uses the turn signal, the brights to the
VOLVO XC60 2014 While Driving My 2014 Volvo xc60, i stopped at a red light and started to feel a vibration in the car. when
VOLVO XC90 2004 The Ignition Turns To The accessory position if the key is bumped, while the vehicle is in gear. the vehicle loses power steering
VOLVO XC90 2004 While Driving, Car Stopped accelerating and urgent transmission required light came on. took it to dealership today and was told a new
VOLVO VNL 2013 There Is Fabric Cover To cover up an overhead window towards the top interior of cab compartment. it is only held in place by
VOLVO VNL 2013 The West Coast Mirrors Don't extend far enough from the sides of the truck. a driver can't adjust these mirror arms to sufficiently observe
VOLVO S60 2012 Car Stalled (2 Times ) while driving it. could not steer or operate any part of the car. once i almost got
VOLVO XC60 2010 While Driving The Low Tire press warning came on after pulling into service station, approx 2 blocks pressure in tire was 25# when attempting
VOLVO S60 2005 Car Cut Out And Stalled while driving on a busy highway. the car had more than a quarter tank of fuel at the time.
VOLVO XC90 2005 I Bought This Car At 12/12/2013 when i test drove the car the dealer had the radio on and i never suspected any noise at
VOLVO VN 2007 While Driving On Interstate 85 truck started making noise and coolant light came on. after opening hood notice fan dislodged and coolant completly
VOLVO XC90 2005 Volvo Is Aware Of The balancer shaft defect that causing a very pricey and serious problem. the fix was to drill a hole but
VOLVO S40 2006 While Driving At Night Without warning: •interior lights, wipers on •all gauges went to zero •all warning lights, airbag,
VOLVO V70 2009 I Have A Windshield Problem: the seal that secures the windshield to the roof of the car has failed along the entire length of
VOLVO S80 2000 As I Was Driving I heard a bang and saw smoke coming from underneath and behind the passenger seat and quickly fire spreading throughout the
VOLVO S60 2001 Fixes
VOLVO V70 2010 Safety Issue With Tire Pressure monitoring system (tpms). sudden loss of air in tire at high speed. pressure monitoring valve had disintegrated
VOLVO V50 2005 Driving On Highway 880 'urgent electrical service ! with battery emblem light in red' came on in the center of the driver side dash gages;
VOLVO XC90 2005 Just Purchased This Car And found that there were recalls. i would like to find out if my car has had them fixed.
VOLVO XC90 2005 Volvo Knows The V8 Engine on the 2005 xc90 is faulty. specifically, the counterbalance shaft bearing failing due to water intrusion.
VOLVO XC60 2012 Blind Spot Information System Does not function during inclement weather. system provides incorrect information to the driver about the presence of another vehicle
VOLVO XC90 2004 While Driving On The Highway at night, all electrical indicators on dashboard including the turn signals stop working then the vehicle started slowing down.
VOLVO S40 2000 While Driving The Vehicle The rear of the vehicle swayed & there was a clunking sound that was heard. upon inspection the rear
VOLVO XC70 2011 On November 8, 2011, ms. janice cervelli sustained minor personal injuries and severe damage to her vehicle as the result of an
VOLVO V70 2002 The Door Cannot Be Opened from the inside of the car. the mechanism to open the car door from the inside compartment is
VOLVO S60 2002 My Climate Control Module Computer turns off my a/c for no reason when i turn on the a/c it happens when it is very hot
VOLVO V70 1998 Ignition Key Cylinder Malfunctioning. insert key to start car, key rotates 360 degrees without engaging. takes several attempts to get the key
VOLVO XC90 2003 2003 Volvo Xc90 Engine Cut off suddenly while driving ~70mph on the highway. was lucky i was able to make it to the
VOLVO S60 2002 The Car Suddenly Lost Power and began to slow down. the check engine light came on. i was unable to drive it and
VOLVO C70 2007 The Head Liner In My 2007 volvo c70 fell just as i pulled into my driveway. the liner is held in place with
VOLVO S70 1999 The Emt Light Came On and there was no power to the accelerator. this was quite frightening and then the power returned and
VOLVO XC90 2004 I Have Had Two Incidents in which the car cycles off and on after approximate three hours of highway driving a few times, and
VOLVO S40 2001 2001 Volvo S40 Suddenly Starts accelerating on its own regardless of the speed i am travelling. it can happen at slow speeds or
VOLVO S60 2002 I Was Stopped At Stop light waiting to turn left. upon light turning green, i accelerated to turn left. car,
VOLVO XC90 2004 All Dashlights Went Completely Black, and the power steering went out with it while driving down the freeway (at night). this happened
VOLVO XC60 2010 Although The Car Was A new car, within three weeks of purchase, the air-conditioner did not work. when we brought it
VOLVO VN 2003 2003 Volvo 660, Unit 1 struck the rear of unit 2. unit 1 then went off the right side of the roadway and
VOLVO S40 2003 I Was Driving When The car start to accelerated by itself, accel pedal went to the floor. i could not keep a
VOLVO XC90 2004 After Driving 125 Miles Without incident, we left our 2004 volvo xc 90 t6 awd parked for 4 hours before driving again.
VOLVO S60 2002 Two Malfunctions Exist With The 2002 volvo s60. the first one is a faulty driver's information module defect that causes a total malfunction
VOLVO V70 1999 Car Repeatedly Stalls With No explanation. volvo dealership has worked on car 8 times. throttle parts have been replaced, etm,
VOLVO S40 2005 I Have Been Waiting For over 1 month for a new alternator for my 2005 s40 volvo. i cannot get an answer from
VOLVO V70XC 2005 My Wife Was In Reverse, backing up in her 2005 volvo xc70 with her foot solidly on the brake. car accelerated and braking
VOLVO XC90 2004 1. Since Day 1, the transmission on my 2004 volvo-xc90 has always given me trouble, it doesn't engage trough gear as quickly
VOLVO S80 2004 While Driving Down The Road, my 2004 volvo s80 2.5t will suddenly lose power, surge forward or enter 'limp mode" with
VOLVO S80 2001 Most Recent Is An Upper idler arm went causing the timing belt to skip damaging the motor: cost 4k to fix or 5k to install
VOLVO S60 2003 On 12 Dec, 2008, my 2003 volvo s60 stalled with no warning while traveling on a busy highway at 60 mph. i
VOLVO XC90 2005 While Driving My 2005 Volvo xc90 (54,414 miles) on a busy california freeway (the 405), the engine stopped suddenly with no warning or
VOLVO S80 2000 Last Year My S80 Volvo stalled on the highway due to an etm defect. two days, i experienced another
VOLVO S80 1999 Twin Turbo Had To Be replaced in february 2008. not cheap. but ever since then, there has been a lack
VOLVO 660 2005 M Relocation, Inc Was moving an individual with an 18 wheeler onto the apartment community that i manage. while driving on my
VOLVO XC90 2008 My 4 Year Old Son was in an accident with our brand new volvo xc90. i got out of car to take a
VOLVO VN 2007 2007 Volvo Conventional Was Struck by a tire while driving on the ohio turnpike. consumer states that the tire came off another vehicle and
VOLVO S80 2001 Re: Volvo S80 T6 2001 have had engine surging for a while. now the transmission failed with a major meltdown and damage.
VOLVO S80 2000 Problems With 2000 S80 T6. *mr *sc
VOLVO V70XC 2000 Approaching A Red Light On slight incline, car stalled and ets light and check engine lights came on. advised my service
VOLVO V70 2000 My Entiire Transmission Failed And had to be replaced by the manufacturer. my turbo has now failed and warranty recently expired. the current
VOLVO 850 1997 Integrated Booster Seat Broke Apart at hinge linking seat to seat-back (seat belt functioned, but only to hold the integrated booster seat in
VOLVO 850 1996 1996 Volvo 850's Are Plagued with rear main seal failures which cause oil to leak onto clutches as well as on to the exhaust systems,
VOLVO 850 1995 The Front Seats Have Broken three times. the band that keeps the backs in position either fails and the seat will not return
VOLVO S80 1999 After The Defective Dip Stick was repaired, consumer noticed oil on the garage floor. *ph during a 65k maintenance,
VOLVO S80 2000 Consumer Was Dissatisfied With The numerous repairs done to her vehicle within a year. (nar) *ph *cb
VOLVO S80 1999 Complaint About Volvo's Attitude And refusal to issue a recall for a faulty dipstick and the refusal to reimburse the $50.00 dollars deductible for
VOLVO 960 1996 Odometer Fraud From Dealership - vehicle was sold with an odometer reading of 21,812. a few weeks after the purchase the car
VOLVO XC70 2002 Car Rpm Races An Additional 2-3000rpm out of no where while driving. when this happens, the car goes into a mode
VOLVO S40 2000 Recently Purchased Used 2000 Volvo s40 sedan. the horn is very difficult to operate, which i consider to be a dangerous safety
VOLVO S80 2002 About Two Weeks Ago, i attempted to install a child safety seat in my 2002 volvo s-80. in order to do the
VOLVO S70 1998 Engine Light Stay On Regardless numerous repairs. neither dealer nor the repair shop be able to identify the problem.
VOLVO V70 1998 1998 Volvo V70. *ph *nlm **dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut over to artemis**767770
VOLVO S70 1998 1998 S70 Volvo. *jb ***dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut-over to
VOLVO S40 2002 Consumer Requested All Complaints, recalls, concerns and accidents listed for a 2002 volvo s40. *dt *jb

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