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15 Mar

VOLVO 850 1996 At Low Speed And Applied brake, it made noise and vibrated. please describe . *ak
VOLVO 940 1993 Auto-tran: Shifted From Drive To park, with foot still on brake, engine accelerated forward/backward; unusually high acceleration; vehicle hit wall/other cars.

VOLVO 740 1989 Started Vehicle, Put It in drive with foot on the brakes and vehicle suddenly accelerated. tt
VOLVO 240 1983 Vehicle Stalls At Low Speeds and there are no brakes when this happens. tt
VOLVO 740 1990 Started Vehicle While In Park, it went in reverse, had no brakes. tt
VOLVO 740 1991 When Driving Coming To A stop and start back up car accelerated there is no brake. tt
VOLVO S40 2000 Crunching Noises On Applying The brakes while driving. clanking noise on backing up. dragging and tugging feeling while driving. all 4 brake
VOLVO V40 2000 Brakes Had Or Have A problem, brakes freeze and it is like putting you foot on a board with no give.
VOLVO S40 2000 Both Headlights Almost Simutaneously Went out while driving. dealer notified, and made repairs. *ak the dealer replaced both bulbs,at 16766
VOLVO S40 2000 Rear Brakes Needed To Be replaced at 16,000 miles of wear. dealer was notified and repairs were made. *ak
VOLVO S40 2001 Brakes Went Out On vehicle going down a hill at 35mph. when applying brakes consumer heard a snap.
VOLVO S90 1998 Brake Pads Are Burning Out. consumer has taken the vehicle to dealership 13 times for replacement of brakes and pads.*ak
VOLVO 850 1997 When Consumer Applied brakes there was a loud sound when she made a left or right turn. dealership
VOLVO S40 2000 After Vehicle Has Been Parked over night or parked for 6-8 hours brakes will not engage. brake pedal becomes extremely hard and
VOLVO S70 1998 Electrical Problems Since Shortly After purchase of vehicle, to dealer 25 times. dashboard light would come on, indicating that headlights were not
VOLVO 850 1996 Left Front Caliper Broke In january 1999, roght front caliper broke at this time. parts were on back order. consumer was told
VOLVO 740 1990 While Driving At A Low rate of speed and when attemtping to turn around a curve vehicle suddenly accelerated, causing unwanted and unexpected
VOLVO 960 1997 While Driving At Any speed vehicle will not stop. had to pull emergency brake to stop vehicle. dealer
VOLVO 960 1996 Thermostat Was Sticking, Causing vehicle to overheat, when consumer got vehicle back, he had to take it back because the coolant cap
VOLVO S40 2000 Brake Indicator Light Flashed On. dealer stated brakes were leaking, and consumer lost brake power. *ak the vehicle was sold
VOLVO VN 2000 Braking System Malfunctioned, Causing a grinding noise and extended stopping distance which may result in a crash. dealer was aware of
VOLVO S70 1999 Vehicle Has Electrical/brake And Engine problems. brake pedal has a clicking noise, and after the third click, brake pedal
VOLVO 740 1990 While Driving At 30 Mph, coming to make stop, driver attempted to make a normal braking stop when brake pedal went to floor
VOLVO 850 1997 In Rainy Conditions Braking System malfunctioned, causing no braking ability at all, and resulting in two crashes. dealer could not determine
VOLVO 760 1990 While Driving At10 Mph And applying the brakes, pedal went straight to the floorboard, and consumer hit a tree. upon impact,
VOLVO S70 1998 Consumer Has Been Expericing Problems with brakes. when applying the brakes the steering starts to shake and the pedal virbrates. also, the
VOLVO 960 1996 When Driving At 50 Mph the vehicle started to stall and the alternator went out. also, the consumer was having problems with
VOLVO S70 1998 While Driving At 60 Mph and applying the brakes there was very loud noise coming from the brakes, and everytime the consumer applied
VOLVO V70 1998 The Brakes Failed To Work on an incline when the vehicle stalled. emergency brakes had to be used to stop. dealer says it's
VOLVO 240 1988 When The Car Is Cool and the brakes are applied the vehicle makes a loud howling noise. dealer has not seen. *ak
VOLVO V40 2000 Vehicle Continuously Is In Need of new brake pads. vehicle currently has 35,000 miles on it. *ak. consumer states previously
VOLVO 850 1995 Had To Replace And Service brake system 5 times, mechanic has not found solution for malfunction. *ak
VOLVO S40 2000 When Applying Brakes Vehicle Would slow down, but would not stop, causing to loss of control. *ak
VOLVO S40 2000 When Applying Brakes They Would make a grinding noise. took vehicle to dealer, and had to have brakes repaired. this was
VOLVO 855 1995 The Anti-lock Braking System Activates too early or too quickly. not able to stop vehicle correctly in slippery or wet road conditions.
VOLVO S90 1998 Brakes And Rotors Failed. nlm
VOLVO 850 1993 Vehicle Has Experienced Continued Failures with the brake system, which drags and causes excessive wear. *mjs
VOLVO V40 2000 This Is An Ongoing Problem with the brake system in this vehicle, which began in the first weeks of ownership and has continued to
VOLVO S80 2000 While Backing After The Car has been sitting for awhile (cold engine), the brakes fail to stop the car for several seconds (feet).
VOLVO S90 1998 Brake Pedal Travel Makes Fast braking inconvenient/fading. yh
VOLVO 850 1996 Abs Sensor Failed.
VOLVO S80 1999 Front Disc Brakes Were Replaced, the dealer also found abs breakout box and power brake booster inoperative. nlm
VOLVO S40 2000 The Consumer Applied The Brakes abruptly and geared the transmission down to low, the brake pedal was hard indicating a loss of vacuum,
VOLVO S80 1999 The Brake System Is Experiencing continued fading when applying the brake pedal, dealership states that it is a design problem. *mjs
VOLVO S40 2000 Defective Brakes. *slc
VOLVO 770 2000 Vehicle Vibrates While Braking, consumer has had an alignment, yet the problem still exist. nlm
VOLVO VN660 2000 The Brakes Squeal, Scrap and scrub when loaded. the transmission causes the entire truck cab to vibrate severely when applying 6th gear.
VOLVO 960 1996 Brakes Failed And Rotors Warped. nlm
VOLVO 850 1995 Brake System Vibrates.
VOLVO S70 1998 Gas Pedal Lost Responsiveness And suddenly accelerated. at the same time, brakes locked up. *ak
VOLVO 960 1997 Brakes Failed.
VOLVO 740 1985 Problem With Brakes. *aw
VOLVO 940 1994 Braking System Does Not Activate until brake pedal is half way down or fully depressed. *skd
VOLVO S40 2004 My 2004 Volvo S40 Occasionally does not seem to have any hydraulic brake assistance when it is first started in the morning. this
VOLVO S40 2001 Rear Brakes Worn Out At 20,000 miles and 5 headlight bulbs already replaced. 2 brake shops told me i was lucky to

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We keep getting "tire pressure system service required" warnings on our 2007 volvo V70 2.5t.

There was a recall on this is for the 2007-2010 v80.
Anyone else seeing this?

Sorry about the Volvo issues Brandon,, Check out my last message (Mark Cia) Lots of electrical problems with these vehicles. I had to replace a PEM unit Module 700. $ This module is located near the gas Tank where it is subjected to the outer

Volvo S60 won't start. Fuel Delivery problems (PEM Fuel Control Unit Part # 30769225)This is Part of the letter which I sent Volvo Canada. They do not Care for you the consumer/customers. Once the warranty is up you are on your own. I can tell y

On 16 Dec 2011, a loud noise from the rear of my 2003 S60 T5 was heard as I pulled away from parking. I stopped to check for any issues, but could see nothing and continued.
Several minutes later a second noise was heard, accompanied by rattlli

Volvo S80 SE/A 2.4 Diesel First reg'd March 2008.
Vehicle parked IN GARAGE for 7 days whilst on vacation. Returned started OK but the electronic handbrake failed to release. All attempts and following the manual failed to extinguish the H/ Br

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