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Volvo Power Train Driveline Reports

15 Mar

VOLVO VN770 2001 The Truck Had Severe Driveline vibration. consumer states that the truck has been to the dealer seven times for the same problem without any
VOLVO VNL64T 2000 Consumer Stated The Drive Line vibrates. *yh

VOLVO VNL64T 2000 The Truck Had Difficulty Scaling under 12,000 on steer axle. also front shocks failed. consumer stated the truck needed an alignment at
VOLVO VN660 2000 While In Motion Vehicle Is experiencing drive line noise and vibration which can be felt and heard through the shift lever. *jg
VOLVO WAH 2000 Consumer Stated That The Drivline failed. *yh
VOLVO VN610 1998 Consumer Stated The Driveline Was aligned. *slc
VOLVO VN610 2000 Consumer States That The Transmission has failed three times, dealers have continually adjusted ride height valve, also dealer kept trying to change driveline
VOLVO XC70 2004 Noticed A Severe Change For the worse in the handling characteristics of my volvo xc 70 awd vehicle. lost awd capability, confirmed
VOLVO V70 1999 While Driving 1999 Volvo V70, the car rolled to a stop. vehicle had to be towed. front drive axle was
VOLVO XC70 2004 Angle Gear Failed While Driving 15 mph on side street. car had to be towed and angle gear in transmission replaced.
VOLVO S80 2004 Volvo 2004 Awd S80, angle gear failure at 69712 miles. cost 2555.18 an email to volvo resulted in a $200 rebate.
VOLVO XC90 2004 Vehicle Has Already Had The transmission replaced at least once by previous owner. it went out again on us at about 70,000 miles.
VOLVO C70 2010 Unintended Sudden Acceleration 2010 Volvo c70 convertible. accelerator stuck down under full acceleration. popped up on own after 10 seconds.
VOLVO VNL 2009 I Bought A New 780 volvo truck june 23 08 since then i have over 78 service claims warranty at volvo truck north america usa
VOLVO S80 2000 Own A 2000 Volvo S80, i began to experience an uneven ideling when driving either low or high speed, whether on cruise control
VOLVO S80 2000 Own A 2000 Volvo S80, i began to experience an uneven idling when driving either low or high speed, whether on cruise control
VOLVO XC90 2005 I Have The Ill Fated xc90 clockwork at 53000 miles the dreaded transmission service urgent light comes on....
VOLVO S80 2001 Upper Strut Bushings Cracked Front lower control arm bushings front link rods rear link rods flame trap box leaking oil this 2001 s80
VOLVO XC90 2004 Transmission Replaced Two Times, at approx. 38,000 and at about 48,000 miles. units start slipping when shifting to second gear
VOLVO V70XC 1998 The Complaint That I Have with my 98 v70 xc awd is with a recent tire rotation with my oil change a week after it
VOLVO XC90 2003 Right Wheel Axel Bearing failed. vehicle miles 61,000. *tr
VOLVO S70 1998 Front Axle On Driver's Side split in two through the cross-section. *tr
VOLVO XC90 2004 I Have My 2004 Xc90 t6. at about 34k miles a noticeable 'thrum' began somewhere in the drivetrain. original diagnosis was
VOLVO V70XC 2000 Drive Line Angle Gear Failed, causing a braking effect on car as well as "sticking" wheels a low was very difficult to
VOLVO VOLVO TRUCK 2001 Severe Vibration Driveline. *jb

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