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Volvo Engine And Engine Cooling Exhaust System Reports

15 Mar

VOLVO 850 1997 Exhaust Fumes Leaking Into vehicle. vehicle been to dealer shop, and at independent repair shop on one occasion each. but,
VOLVO S70 1999 Emission System Continued To Fail. at stop vehicle would jerk forward. engine check light would come on and

VOLVO V70XC 1998 There Is A Toxic Sulfur dioxide smell coming from exhaust, causing consumer to become sick. dealer is not able to fix
VOLVO 850 1996 While Driving Consumer Can Smell strong odor of sulphur. this causes nausea. consumer feels this is unsafe.
VOLVO V70 1998 The Defective Exhaust System Leaks into the cabin. cause unknown. please provide further information. *ak
VOLVO VOLVO 1997 A Piece Of Plastic Foil dropped off and flew back at 75mph from the bottom of vehicle with no indication, the air handling system
VOLVO V70 1998 Consumers Vehicle Is Emmiting A foul exhaust(rotten egg) odor which enters the vehicle when the driver's side window is down 2", the catalytic converter
VOLVO 240 1986 Cruise Control/speedometer And Odometer/air Intake sensor/glove box door hinge heater/air conditioner indoor fan/ radio antenna/inside rear view mirror/dome light, tail light lense/catalitic converter/water pump/timing
VOLVO S80 2000 Air Intake Tube Protrudes Below the bottom of the engine and comes in contact with high spot in the road. leads to abrasion
VOLVO S70 1998 I Am Reporting This Incident, since the repair shop told me that it is third such failure that they have repaired on volvo s70's
VOLVO 850 1997 Air Pump Was Initially Replaced under warranty on 02/18/1999 (mileage 47462) and failed again 14 mos. latter (the car is now out of warranty).
VOLVO S70 1998 Intake Vent Port Blew Out, also, lost braking.
VOLVO V70 1998 Strong Odor (sulphur?) On An intermittent basis. driver and passengers/children have become nauseous and pulled over to exit the vehicle. volvo
VOLVO 850 1993 In 2/96 I Had The engine replace/rebulit because of the belt broke. now 3 years later the engine need to be replace again
VOLVO V70 1998 Daily Exhaust Odor Inside Car when driver or passenger window is opened a little. this is a health hazard. it happens
VOLVO V70 1998 The Catalitic Converter Smells Inside the car while driving. this is a problem that i had with a previous v70. after numerus
VOLVO V70 1998 My 5 Year Old Daughter suffered a second degree burn on her leg by coming into contact with the exhaust pipe tip at the rear
VOLVO VN770 1998 Consumer Stated The Exhaust Fell off the first day of purchase.*jb
VOLVO 660 2001 Consumer States Exhaust Fell Out from under cab. *tt
VOLVO WIA 1996 Consumer Stated The Exhaust Clamps and muffler were replaced due to leaking.*jb
VOLVO 850 1996 Since The Vehicle Was Purchased owners have experienced problems with the exhaust smell/fumes entering the vehicle, not able to remedy fume smell.
VOLVO WIA64TES 1997 Fuel Ecm's Failed. nlm
VOLVO VN770 1999 Ecm Froze Causing The Vehicle to continue runnig after key was removed from the ignition. nlm
VOLVO 960 1995 Fuel Cooling Exhaust Replaced.
VOLVO 960 1995 Short In Electrical Wiring Resulted in a fire; also alarm/ emission control/devices/fuel system failures. *ak
VOLVO S60 2004 When I Drive My Manual transmission s60r volvo, and i shift i hear a loud thud in the back of the car, i
VOLVO S80 2002 2002 Volvo S80 Transmission Failed at 63,000 miles, replaced with new volvo transmission, lasted 2 years 1 month, volvo states 2
VOLVO VHD 2007 2007 Volvo Vhd Heavy Truck. volvo ved12 engine. egr cooler failure resulting in heavy truck disabled on highway.
VOLVO XC70 2002 Hello, I Own A 2002 volvo xc70 wagon and am in the process of having my transmission replaced. my coolant constantly needs to
VOLVO S60 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 volvo s60. the contact stated that while driving in wet conditions at approximately 50 mph, with all wheel
VOLVO XC90 2003 My 2003 Volvo Xc90 Has been to the dealer several times including over 3 times for same problem when i purchased the vehicle in 2006.
VOLVO 940 1994 I Was Sold A Volvo 1994 940 series from east lake auto in issaquah, wa. a check engine light was displayed and the
VOLVO VNL 2009 I Bought A New 780 volvo truck june 23 08 since then i have over 78 service claims warranty at volvo truck north america usa
VOLVO S70 1999 My 1999 Volvo S-70 Received software upgrade code #155 in 2006 subject to recall and in august 2009 started to experience random throttle surging and
VOLVO S80 2000 The Vehicle Sporadically Surge/hesitate And stalls at low revs. this started maybe about half a year ago and has gotten worse with the problems
VOLVO S40 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 volvo s40. while driving at an unknown speed, the contact heard a loud noise coming from the
VOLVO S40 2006 When I Signed A Purchase order on 5/10/08, the odometer disclosure statement was 6225 miles. jackson volvo service at hilo did not give
VOLVO 780 2006 Facsimile From Senator On Behalf of constituent, regarding problems they experienced with their 2006 volvo 780 truck. *kb after leaving the
VOLVO XC90 2003 Following A Loud "bang", the engine started making a very loud and suspicious noise. mooers volvo in richmond, virginia claimed that
VOLVO S80 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving various speeds (15-75 mph) on normal road conditions with the cruise control engaged and after an extended ride from
VOLVO V70 2002 Volvo 2002 V70 Wagon Stalled while in drive on i-5. fortunately i was able to get to the shoulder despite losing steering.
VOLVO S60 2005 Dt: The Contact Stated while vehicle was having routine maintenance performed the dealer found a bend in the exhaust system. this
VOLVO V70 1999 11/12/04 Mass Air Flow Sensor replaced 12/16/04 map sensor & shut off valve replaced 3/15/05 shut off valve replaced again! 1/18
VOLVO S80 2000 Over The Course Of Ownership of a 2000 volvo s80 (i.e., four years), i have the transmission overhauled at 67,000
VOLVO V70 1998 The Consumer's Vehicle Was Tested and found to have high levels of carbon monoxide. *nm black smoke was belching out
VOLVO VNL430 2004 Exhaust Fumes Were Leaking Into the driver's compartment, which could cause serious safety issues. two different dealerships inspected vehicle several times.
VOLVO S80 2000 Continuous Air Bag Warning Light. car dies on road. get fixed, then air bag light comes on again.
VOLVO 850 1996 Exhaust: Catalytic Convertewr Failed/plugged up. transmission: shift lock release button on shifter locked up.
VOLVO S70 1998 While Braking, The Vehicle vibrated. took vehicle to dealership and the mechanic indicated there was a crack in the brake master cylinder.
VOLVO S80 2001 As The Consumer Was Pulling away from curb at 3 mph vehicle suddenly accelerated without touching the gas. brakes were not
VOLVO S60 2002 Fumes Entered The Passenger Compartment of the vehicle, the consumer was told the odor was thought to be a cosmolene like substance, that
VOLVO V70 1999 The Vehicle Experienced Mass Air flow sensor failure. *ak

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