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Volvo Electrical System Wiring Front Underhood Reports

Wednesday 9th of September 2015 12:15:09 AM

VOLVO 740 1989 Car Was Sitting For Over two hours and car caught on fire. electrical fire under the hood. vehicle was totalled. please
VOLVO 740 1989 Car Was Sitting For Over two hours and car caught on fire. electrical fire under the hood. vehicle was totalled. *ak consumer
VOLVO 740 1988 Pe96-019 Active, Electrical Short, under the hood fire,after parking the vehicle for 1/2 hour.*ak the fire completely destroyed the
VOLVO 960 1996 Upon Starting Up Vehicle engine would not start. a neighbor started yelling for her husband to get out of vehicle.
VOLVO 740 1988 Vehicle Was Parked For Over two hours smoke was noticed coming from hood area. fire department came, opened the hood,
VOLVO 240 1987 Engine Wiring Harness Is Deteriorating exposing bare wires. the manufacturer has been notified.
VOLVO 240 1986 Wiring Harness Has Deteriorated. manufacturer has been notified. *ak
VOLVO 740 1990 Wiring Harness Under The hood caught fire . the manufacturer was contacted. please provide further detailes.
VOLVO 240 1989 Electrical: Driving Home And vehicle filled with smoke, got home dicsonnected the battery. wiring from dash to back lights had burned out.
VOLVO 740 1987 Left Emission Station & Radio died; pulled over & looked under hood & noticed smoke & air conditioner lines were hot; took to
VOLVO 960 1994 Electric Short Caused Under Hood engine compartment fire, while driving saw smoke, vehicle stalled and then caught on fire. *ak
VOLVO DL 1984 Consumer States That When Starting the vehicle smoke came from the hood and lasted for three minutes.*ak
VOLVO 240 1983 The Installation Of The Wire harness is crumbling into dust and the wires are exposed underneath the engine compartment. the dealership is aware
VOLVO GLE 1985 Protective Rubber Thats Covers Wires under hood is flaking off. consumer is concerned that wires may touch and spark a underhood fire.
VOLVO 760 1986 Recall 87 V 064 000/electrical system wiring harness, front underhood:electrical system have various shortages in instrument panel/ radio, etc; dealer
VOLVO V70 1998 Abs & Trac Off Light are displayed randomly, obd scan says sensor failed, have installed two sets of sensors to no avail,
VOLVO 740 1987 The Insulation On The Wiring harness in the engine compartment has totally degraded, causing multiple failures of the engine electrical system, the worst
VOLVO S80 1999 Underhood Wiring Harness Is Protected from heat/elements by a convoluted tubing. the convoluted tubing has become very brittle, turned to powder and
VOLVO S70 1998 Over Maximum "30" Second Period, vehicle bucked, then interior lights came on and began blinking, then throttle stuck in "full" position,
VOLVO V70 1998 There Have Been Numerous Electrical failures with the car on a routine basis. there have also been oil leaks, gasoline leaks,
VOLVO S40 2001 Driving We Smelled An Electrical type of smell, then bell owing smoke and then we stopped and tried to open hood fire came gushing
VOLVO 850 1995 My Car Burned Completely Within 15-20 minutes after leaving a certified volvo dealership due to a fire. *ak
VOLVO 240 1986 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLVO 850 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLVO 850 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLVO 850 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLVO S80 1999 Car Was Parked. Fire started under hood. appears to be an electrical short. car was considered a "total" by the insurance co.
VOLVO 740 1985 After Driving From The Grocery store, i stopped at a store and let my granddaughter run in for a coke. while she was
VOLVO DL 1984 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
VOLVO 960 1995 The Car Was Parked For 8 hrs when the fire started in the location of the battery/fuel pump. car was engulfed in flames
VOLVO 960 1992 After Turning The Key Smoke came up from under the front hood. in spite of taking the key out the engine continued to
VOLVO 850 1995 At 70 Mph, On cruise control, having been on the highway continuously for 60+ miles, the cruise control cut out, throttle
VOLVO 240 1986 Wiring Is Failing Both Inside and out,lights motor ect!!!!
VOLVO S80 2001 Vehicle Caught Fire Under The hood, possible electrical system wiring failure. nlm
VOLVO 760 1987 Wiring Harness Shorts Out.
VOLVO DL 1983 Engine Wiring Harness Failed. insulation crumbled off of wires causing wires to short out. effects included starter engaging at road speed causing
VOLVO 760 1987 Then Engine Dies And Will occasionally restarts.
VOLVO 740 1987 Front Underhood Harness Recall Repairs refused due to model year of vehicle (87v-064). *ak
VOLVO XC90 2003 We Had Traveled About 200 miles in the morning with no problems with the car. we started out after lunch, went about
VOLVO XC90 2004 Vehicle Fire In The Front passenger side of the engine compartment - looking for any problems noted with this make / model - only the
VOLVO S80 1999 Transmission Problems Causing Dangerous Driving conditions. the transmission slips when going between 2nd and 3rd. also had issues with the engine going to
VOLVO S80 2000 2000 Volvo S80 T6 on numerous occasions the vehicle would stall, even when driving at highway speeds. on several occasions while
VOLVO VNM 2001 An Electrical Fire Occurred In the engine compartment.*ak
VOLVO S80 2000 Subject: Engine Compartment Fire, result: total loss, ehicle: 2000, volvo, s80 2.9, vin:
VOLVO 850 1996 A Fire Started Under The hood while driving at 25 mph. *ak
VOLVO 240 1985 Following Multiple Breakdowns Failed Insulation on exposed electrical wires in close proximity to the fuel injection system and alternator were found. i believe this
VOLVO 850 1996 Consumer Noticed An Odd Smell inside of vehicle while traveling. consumer pulled vehicle over and noticed smoke coming from under hood and a
VOLVO VOLVO 1981 Since The Early 80's, and as far as i can tell trough 1989, volvo's have a continuos problem with the engine wiring harness,
VOLVO V70XC 2001 I Was Recently Told My 2001 v79xc needed ball joints, then sway bars and someone else said struts! also:
VOLVO 850 1996 The Entire Alternator Wiring Harness was melted and destroyed before the fuseable link opened the circuit. this clearly is not an acceptable electrical design.

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